10 Awful Lies Nigerian Buyers Tell

10 Awful Lies Nigerian Buyers Tell

Call it emotional or commercial blackmail (Lol)…durrrh….who cares?

Grammar na for dictionary (in P-square’s voice).

This is more or less a custom that almost every Nigerian is guilty of. Sometimes, we say it without realizing that we’ve told a lie.

This is not to say that my beloved brethren are liars but just to show the world that weird part of us that’s difficult for outsiders to comprehend.

100% of the time, this is usually not a lie but to some extent some buyers use this phrases anytime they want something at a cheap price.

Here are 10 awful lies Nigerian buyers will tell just to get what they want at a dead cheap price…

You better don’t go and deliberately say this if you don’t want sustain a swollen face or broken legs…Lol

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1, “I’m broke”

Many buyers who go to a place and say they’re broke are saying that to get away with your products at a cheap price.

2, “I’m not paid”

This one usually comes from the salary earners who will always tell you that things will be better at the end of the month. So, for now, they can’t afford the goods at that price.

3, “I’m a bachelor”

If a young guy cannot afford the price of a product, he’ll jokingly say to the seller, “madam I’m a bachelor o”….Lol

4, “it has spoilt”

A Nigerian woman will tell you that that your goods-especially food items like tomatoes, vegetables or okro are spoilt just to get them at a cheap price.

5, “I just relocated to this neighborhood”

These are the people they call, JJC (Johnny Just Come).Some may claim they’re new to a place like forever just to buy things cheap.

6, “That’s all I have”

I have said this one before…Lol…who hasn’t?

Assuming a seller tells you that an item is worth #200, you’ll skillfully and gently (Lol….naija I hail o) bring out #150 and tell the seller, “that’s all I have”.

7, “The other lady sells it cheap”

The logical response will be, “if it’s cheaper there, why are you here?”

8, “I bought it cheap Yesterday”


That was yesterday…

Welcome to today…Lol

9, “it’s my first time here”

You’ll often hear this one from the ajebo children (rich kids).

It’s your first time?


Should I give it to you for free?

Nigerians eeh….Lol

10, “I’m a student”

Young guys are good in saying this just to get the sympathy of older women.

Even a man of 40 years will tell you he’s a student….haba!

Naija I hail o…we no dey carry last for anything.

We’ll do anything just to get what we want at a dead cheap price.

I love thee great country and awesome people.

Now tell me in the comment box below, what’s the lie you’ve told just to get something done your own way

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