20 Thought-Provoking Behavior Wealthy People Exhibit that Makes them Richer

As far as  money is concerned, we each have a kind of, “financial blueprint”, which is created over a lifetime of our exposure to money messages which either makes us poorer or richer. Because of this die-hard messages we so much hold on to, we involuntarily think or behave in a particular manner which leads us to poverty or abundant wealth.

Now, this is my top 20 list of thought-provoking behavior wealthy people exhibit that makes them richer and the poor taking a different thought pattern which leaves them poor.

1.  Wealthy people manage their money well. No wonder many people call them stingy or greedy men. But poor people mismanage their money VERY WELL.

2.  Wealthy people are COMMITTED to being rich. Poor people WISHED they were rich. Take note that commitment and wishes are two different things.

3.  Wealthy people ADMIRE other rich and successful people. But Poor people curse and hate the rich. How can you have what you hate.

4.  Wealthy people think big of their future, dreams and goals. But poor people think of now, food and drink.

5.  Wealthy people are excellent PROMOTERS(marketers) of their immense value. But poor people think that it is WRONG and BOASTFUL to do that.

6.  Wealthy people look for  CONNECTIONS and NETWORKS ([eafl id=119 name=”B4PSads” text=”Best Ad network for internet Entrepreneurs”]. Poor people look for a safe and secure job which they hardly find.

7.  Wealthy people know the VALUE OF TIME. They believe that time is money. But poor people have all the time on earth to DRINK BEER.

8.  Wealthy people constantly LEARN AND GROW. But poor people think they know it all.

9.   Wealthy people ACT in spite of fear and future uncertainty. But poor people are loyal slaves to all sorts of fear.

10.  Wealthy people have their MONEY WORK HARD for them. Poor people work very hard  for every penny they have.

11.  Wealthy people are excellent  givers. Poor people are cute (∧_∧) receivers.

12.  Wealthy people use government policy to their financial advantage. Call them opportunist, who cares? But poor people think the government is their problem.

13.  Wealthy people focus on the opportunities in their obstacles. But poor people focus on obstacles and look for who to blame.

14.  Wealthy people believe they are in control of their life. But poor people believe that life happens to them, hence, anything can happen to them.

15.  Wealthy people invest in assets which makes them richer. But poor people invest in liability which only help to make them…….poorer.

16.  Wealthy people know the difference between asset and liability and when to utilize to their profit. Poor people only know about Mr. Liability.

17.  Wealthy people Network with positive and successful folks. But poor people find solace in men of outstanding foolishness and certified drunkards.

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18.  Wealthy people are solutionists who only think of solving problems. But poor people create problems for themselves and blame the rich for it.

19.  Wealthy people receive rebuke and advice with a smile knowing that they are not always right. But poor people hate correction and resent anyone who tries to offer one.

  1.   Wealthy people like Bill Gate, Mark Zukerberg, Dangote Alinko and YOU will read this with a smile with a great motivation to be wealthier and also share it with all their friends But poor people will read this with resentment and rather listen to jokes from a mad man and laugh their way to poverty.

Share this with all your friends to inspire them to pursue their goals in life  and take the path of wealthy people.

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