5 Really Bad Habits That Delays Your Success as an Entrepreneur


You want to be successful? You want to make a million within the shortest period of time? You want to be the C.E.O of a very successful business? You want to be this, you want to do that…

To achieve all these, you have read books, attend all the seminars, buy all the courses but success seems to be very far.

What’s the problem? You’ve practically copied and religiously followed what the really successful people tell you and yet no results.

You know what?

Sometimes our biggest problem is not in doing the right things but in undoing the wrong things we’ve learned and stopping this wrong things could be the turning point of our life.

1. Bad morning habit:

When you wake up in the morning what do you do first? You check your phone right? You run to facebook, twitter, instagram, g+, whatsapp and all of that.

That’s just the problem. You are putting other people’s opinion and agendas ahead of your own. Their texts, their opinions, their ads, their bad news. And trust me; you are sure to read about another bomb blast, another subsidy removal, another kidnapping and so many terrible stories. That alone puts you in the wrong state of mind.

Why not put your life, your goals and your tasks first in the morning? After all it’s your life and no one should run it for you.

Helpful Tips:

  • Instead of reading an email, read one chapter of a book. If you’re a Christian the bible will be the best option.
  • You can pray. Yes pray to God to bless your daily hustle. Hello! Somebody. I hope I’m making sense?
  • Listen to a cool music or a motivational talk or preaching from your favorite speaker or pastor as the case may be.
  • Drink a cup of water and consciously smile and feel happy

All of these will wake up your mind and get you ready to face life. After that you can now start making plans of how your day will be like.

Remember we’re talking about really bad habit that delays your success as an entrepreneur. So we move to….

2. Lack of Focus:

Entrepreneurs are easily distracted by a noisy and activity-ful world. The distractions from television, smartphone, social media, family, friends, parents, bad health condition, phone calls and even failure. I must confess that my biggest distraction is the social media and my smartphone. As an introvert [yes, I’m an introvert but not shy] I prefer chatting with people from my phone rather than talk to them face to face. My bad!

Don’t forget the distractions from lovers [yes o, your boyfriend/girlfriend] and the get-rich-quick-schemes.

Helpful Tips:

  • Have a daily ‘to do’ list
  • Write a list of 3 most important tasks you can do in a day, not 8 not 10
  • Set realistic goal daily and weekly
  • Don’t allow anything or anybody to come between you and achieving your goals
  • Take every task one after another
  • Try not touching your smartphone every time and focus on your daily task

3. Doing non-money-making activities:

Of course, one of your dreams as an entrepreneur is to make money in your business right? Don’t assume that because you’re doing something that you’re productive. You need to prioritize and focus on tasks that will bring money, create new business relationship and get new clients.

Helpful Tips:

  • don’t be too comfortable with the status quo, think of better ways you can improve your product/service.
  • Don’t wait too much time on social media unless you’re building a business relationship. Ok, I’m guilty of that. But let’s try and be focused on our goals.
  • Don’t try to do it all on your own. You can always delegate/outsource some tasks. That’s call leveraging.
  • If it’s not an asset, watch it, it’s a liability.

4. Neglecting personal health:

OMG! I’m guilty of this one again. You know the saying “nobody is perfect”. I usually stay awake far into the night writing, studying or making research on my next blog post.

Many times we think that we can neglect everything else like food, fun, family and friends (hmmm fantastic four) but we can never neglect our personal health.

To live a successful and productive life as an entrepreneur, you have to pay attention to your health. You know they say, “A living dog is better than a dead lion” right?

Helpful Tips:

  • work out right after getting out of bed to get the blood flowing
  • simple thing like stretching, push-ups and body squats will go along way
  • Visit your doctor for a routine check and pay attention to little symptoms like headache.
  • And finally eat, exercise, relax and sleep

5. Negative Influence from others:

Negative influence has a way of making anyone super-unproductive or unsuccessful. It can come from the radio, television or social media (aha! The social media again? Yes. That’s the status quo (the mess we are in). Sadly, the worst of the social media is the one from our friends and families. It really hard to avoid it.

Helpful Tips:

  • choose to watch/listen to at least two of your favorite TV/radio programs and the news hour(especially business news)
  • Avoid spending your precious time with negative people. Friends or families.
  • Read good motivational books (well, there are bad ones) or listen to your favorite audio tape.
  • Surround yourself with only positive people.
  • Be your own hero. Sometimes nobody will understand you, clap for you or believe in what you do.

BUT you have to keep keeping on.

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