6 Reasons Why Some People Never Become Rich


Have you ever wondered why some people never become rich?

They went to school like every other person, got good grades, then look for a high paying, that is if he sees one. They work from 9am-5pm from Monday to Saturday from January to December. They are just the same, except that they have the latest smartphone. They ask, what’s wrong? Am i under some kind of spell?

Ok let’s see what’s wrong..

  1. It never occurs to them:

There are people who think that become rich is not for them or it’s for the ambitious and greedy guys. He grows up in an average family, went to an average school, had average friends and lived an average life. So, for such people all they want out of life is just eat, drink, sleep, marry and have children.

2. They Never Decide to:

Some people will read all the get-rich-quick books, attend seminars,, watch videos and listen to audio tapes but nothing changes because they never decide to try something new and different. They are waiting for their friends or relatives to give them the permission to start.

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

3. “I will Start Tomorrow”:

They always have a very good reason not to start today. They wait for the perfect time or the big break. They will never start until that big investor gives them some funds. Today is never right for them or they’re waiting for the right tools to start. They go through life waiting for tomorrow to come not knowing that tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools.

4. Fear of Failure:

“What will people say if i fail”? “They will laugh at me if it doesn’t work”. “I am not talented like that guy”. “I am not a professional yet”. Ah. You care too much about what people will say. Such fear will take you no where because at the end of your life, you’ll realize that actually nobody cared about what you did right or wrong.

The earlier you realized that, failure is a stepping stone to success the better for you.

Know this, that no successful entrepreneur or self made millionaire¬† who didn’t fail at least once in his life.

5. Lack of Long-term Perspective:

In this digital age, everybody wants it now or never. How can you ever be rich when all the money you have is spent on things of little or no value? If you must be rich, you should start now! It is very important that you save for the future because the NGN100 saved today can turn into N1 million tomorrow.

6. Lack of Financial Intelligence:

It is quite sad that our school does not teach us anything about money. They keep loading us with rehearsed and very outdated and impractical information. That they didn’t teach you does not mean that you should be like that. The amount of knowledge you have about money acquisition and management will determine your financial success or failure.

Go learn how money is managed, you will need this through out your life. You know it’s not really how much you earn but how much you save and invest.

Self-made millionaires are continuous learners. They make conscious effort to be rich and make the right decision. They do not wait for tomorrow because they know that the future is now.

You say Nigeria is corrupt, the economy is bad and all those lazy excuses you make. But do you know that many foreign investors are flocking to Nigeria to invest? People like you and me are earning fat amount of money everyday.

Common my friend, keep trying, keep searching for ways, keep fighting for change, keep dreaming and believing. For all i know dreams do come true


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