7 Real Reasons Why People Choose Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs take crazy financial risks, work for really long hours, skip meals, wear dirty clothes, keep bushy hairs and in most case they don’t socialize with friends as usual. If you think about it, why will anybody go through all these just to start and build a business?

It’s because despite the ups and downs, the hardship and pains, there are some driving forces, some unquenchable thirst, some inward passions that moves people to choose entrepreneurship over working for somebody.

These reasons are different from everybody but if you look closely, we all want to become entrepreneurs for one or more of these reasons.

1. The Money:

Aha! There i go again. Whether you agree to it or not, most entrepreneurs embrace this lifestyle with the hope to make lots and lots of money.

I guess stories of successful entrepreneurs gives you this goose bumps and you feel like starting your business right away and start making money. And perhaps become the billionaire next door.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing the money, who wants to be poor? No one! Now, be warned, if your ultimate goal and only driving force is to make money, be ready for frustration and disappointment if the money doesn’t start coming immediately.

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2. Freedom From the Job Grind:

Some entrepreneurs start their own business because they are tired of the 9-5 job grind. In big companies and organizations the demands are really high – from working long hours to pleasing your boss and clients and being stuck in the old routine like forever .

Being your own boss frees you from all this office drama. You can now work when, where and how you want. That does not mean you don’t have a boss. You do, but, you are now Your Own Boss.

Just know that starting own business can really be demanding, especially in the early stage. So becoming your own boss does not mean that you’ll be working fewer hours and with less stress.

BUT if things works out fine despite the hard work, you’ll be at the rewarding end.

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3. To Be In Control:

Have you ever been in an organization where your boss appears to know it all? Your ideas and contributions are flushed down the drain? It’s really hard staying in such place for a long time.

People who have been treated this way in their place of work are usually motivated to start their own business. Now they can have total control over their business like who gets hired or fired, what advertising campaigns to use and other strategic business decisions to take.

Of course, you are responsible for every decisions you take.

4. Dissatisfaction From a Product/Service:

This is in fact one of the core reasons people choose entrepreneurship. People get so used to a product that has been around like forever that they even forget the downside of those products or are just tired of complaining. Hence, the settle for the status quo.

Instead of just keeping mute and secretly murmur, real entrepreneurs seek for ways to improve on a product or service that does not give maximum satisfaction.

If this is you, be careful not to out-rightly despise a company that has worked so hard to get to where they are. It is better you try to strike a partnership deal with them first but if they refuse then you can go ahead and create the product.

Enough of the complain. Nobody wants to listen. Start making a change now.

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5. The Fame, The Glory, The Glamour:

Whether you agree or not, people like attention and so do entrepreneurs. Many people choose entrepreneurship because of the fame and exposure it gives to them. They want to be the talk of the town. They want to be featured on Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, New York Times, BBC and so on.

Who doesn’t want the whole of these? Everybody does. If your main reason to become an entrepreneur is to become famous and popular, you will be disappointed if you don’t get the attention at first.

Of course, a light cannot be hidden. If your business is really changing the lives of people, you will definitely get the attentions. Note that, though your business may not be getting the attention or buzz it deserves, still do the underground work. Focus on growing your business and when the right times comes, the light of your business will shine for all to see.

6. To Solve a Problem:

Obviously, this is one of the greatest reasons why people choose entrepreneurship. Now, tell me, if everybody starts looking for a job who will create the job opportunities? Look around and you’ll see that africa needs entrepreneurs more than in anytime in history.

We seem to be limited by a whole lot of things. The restrictions from the online world itself is embarrassing. From Paypal to International domain name registrars and Web Hosting Companies. The restrictions are too much.

Who can help us all? Only entrepreneurs who are ready to break the norm, challenge the status quo and change the world. I mean entrepreneurs who are ready to take great risks to solve real problems.

If your reason of choosing entrepreneurship is to solve real problems, then go on. Don’t stop. And Don’t look back. The road can be hard and lonely but don’t relent because the world celebrates people like you.

7. To Give Immense Value to the Society:

Some entrepreneurs are not in for the money, fame, glory and glamour. Their ultimate goal is to create a service or product that will give immense value to a larger community and leave a lasting legacy.

They want to create something that appreciates. Or something meaningful that they can pass on to a future generation. You see it is not always about the money or quick bucks but the smile you put on people’s face.

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Whatever is your reason for choosing entrepreneurship let it be for a good course and a greater glory.

Before you dive into the world of entrepreneurship, think carefully about what it is, exactly, that you want out of the experience. Understand your own motivations before you get involved; you’ll find yourself more satisfied in the long run.


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