8 Major Myths Business Organizations Believe When It Comes To Business Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is generally considered to be a two way process that involves two way video and audio transmission, and is something where people have grown in fear. Why? Because it is generally believed that video conferencing turns out to be the most expensive one, along with being difficult to use and difficult to set up. Most believe it to be it a waste of money. Given below are the 7 major myths business organizations generally believe when it comes to business video conferencing.

Video systems are generally difficult to install: This was generally said to be true a few years ago but not now. Video conferencing is not just simple but even easy to set up. For instance, innovation like WebRTC enables you to make the video calls right from your web browser. You would not even require a computer here.

They are very expensive enough: Again this is something that is no longer true. Even by having a smaller budget you could here hold out for high quality, business class equipment that does not require a resident Einstein to make it work. Standard based multi-point video conferencing, content sharing and security is made available at less than $1,000 per room via some of the newest and all in one system that have been introduced in the last few minutes.

Only the larger business organizations could use video conferencing: Video conferencing is no longer considered to be a sole prerogative of larger business organizations with big pockets and conference rooms. Many business organizations to these offer products and services that cater to the needs and requirements of the customers you have been dealing with. Today video conferencing is simple and affordable, and most important it is essential collaboration tool for all the businesses today.

Deciding among the cloud based and on premise options: Cloud based is something that turns to work out the best for these. Cloud based and on premise options are made available on the same appliance based solutions. You need to mix match these options in different conference room within the same business organization.

Video conferencing solutions are generally believed to be the same: The message here is very clear. If you as a business man are serious about getting the most out of video conferencing, then avoid makingĀ  to do so especially with solutions that are just not geared with the needs and requirements of any business. So do make sure you know what you are trying to achieve and will the platform that you are planning to make an investment help you reach there.

Video is not something that clients are generally said to be comfortable with: Connecting via business video has stopped from a longer period of time as it is considered to be a niche activity. This is something that your clients have already been using socially and as a part of their work. So raising up the possibilities of using it instead of in persons meeting is generally likely to be viewed negatively.

Video adds a strain on the network: Though this is something that is said to be true, video traffic can be difficult as it requires low latency, low jitter, and low packet loss with non-deterministic packet length. If you could do video calls over the lousy network like 4G/LTE on the cell phone, you should then be able to do a video conference over WAN or landline.

Special Infrastructure is required: Not true. As a business man you could use virtualized server or even video over the web like WebRTC. There are a few business organizations who have been offering video collaboration through the cloud like Blue jeans or high five, so you do not have worry much about expensive infrastructure if you do not want too. However there is definitely a point where having your own pattern would turn out to be more effective.

Adopting video conferencing is the best thing you could ever do for your business. So what other myths would you like to add when it comes to enterprise video conferencing. And how have you been dealing with them. Do leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them to the list above.

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