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My name is Promise Excel. I am a freelance writer, professional blogger and the founder of, a blog dedicated to aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs across Africa (with focus in Nigeria) to develop the right capacity, skill, competence, focus, and motivation to start, manage, and grow successful businesses.

I am very passionate about Africa – a passion firmly rooted on my personal conviction that Africa is the new voice of for today’s and tomorrow’s world. Hence, I believe that young entrepreneurs across Africa are the ones that hold the key to unlocking the vast opportunities that will transform our continent and launch it to greater heights.


It is no longer news that unemployment is hitting Africa hard. Every year, over 25 million African youths enter the Labor market.

There are very few jobs available, resulting in very stiff competition for these jobs.

At Maverick Excel, we are concerned about this trend. We believe that Entrepreneurship and building Entrepreneurial skills hold the key and the answer to Africa’s unemployment woes.

That is why we set out to share informative, educative and engaging contents via articles, interviews, videos, case studies and podcasts to help young entrepreneurs to grow and become successful in their different endeavors.


We want to be at the forefront of improving the mindset, attitude, capacity, and culture of Africa’s aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs through providing an exciting business learning and support ecosystems that educate, inspire, mentor, and support them to build successful enterprises that make a positive difference.

We believe that for Africa as a continent to grow and stand tall, young African entrepreneurs need to start learning and connecting more, accessing more supports, forging new partnerships, changing their thinking and approach and challenging themselves to build enterprises and leveraging on each other to address local problems and meet global standards.

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