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♦ WordPress Mastery: How to Design Professional Websites and Blogs Without Writing a Line of Code

Building websites just got easier


You can start building websites without writing a line of code.



Just a computer, an internet connection and a willing heart to learn is all you need.

If you have a a great idea, you need a great website to showcase that idea to the world.

There’s no time to spend days or weeks writing confusing codes and at the same time spending more days or weeks debugging the codes.

Aaaargh too much stress.

But with WordPress, you can have your website up and running in a matter of hours.

Knowing how to design websites with WordPress ensures that you save time and cost.

You don’t need to wait for your web developer to come make a few changes to your website anymore.

You can make your own changes without the help of anyone.

WordPress is so flexible that a ten year old child can use it to build a powerful site.

You don’t need to have a previous knowledge of web design or programming.

As long as you know how to operate your computer, you are good to go.

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♦ Social Media Influence Blueprint: How To position yourself on social media to create influence, establish authority in your industry And motivate people to take action – spend money with you

It’s True: You Really Can Learn How To position yourself on social media to create influence and establish authority in your industry And Here’s How…

Dear Friend;

Are you wasting your time on social media?

Do you want to learn how to use the social media as a tool to grow your influence and impact the lives of millions of people from the comfort of your house?

Do you want to build a tribe of dedicated community who are addicted to your message?

DO you wish to build a dedicated following around your message, passion or gift?

What if you could use the social media to monetize your gift, experience, expertise or knowledge?

This course is designed to explain the importance of and strategies behind becoming influential using social media for your niche or industry.

Why is this important?

Social media matters in reaching your ideal audience:

  • Nearly 2.1 Billion people have a social media account

-1.7 Billion of those people are currently active

-3.65 Billion people have access to social media through smartphones

-47% of all people are on Facebook

-Twitter has over 284 Million active users

-53% of people aged 18-29 have an Instagram account

Don’t Waste Time on Social Media again!

Social media is no longer a place to post selfies and catch up with friends and colleagues.

A lot of people now use social media to make cool cash on a daily basis.

You really don’t have to do anything stressful or techy.

By just showing up and being awesome, you can attract a huge following, make a huge impact and make huge income from the comfort of your home.

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♦ Make a Living Writing: How To Make A 6 Figure Income Monthly From Freelance Writing

Would you like to make a living writing?

Would you like to work from home doing what you love without worrying about road traffic, retrenchment or a nagging boss?

Are you a smart, persuasive and creative writer?

Do you have a magical way of playing with words that hold people spellbound?

Have you been praised by families and friends for your exceptional writing skills?

Do you usually make posts on facebook and your friends are enthralled by the way you put words together?

Or perhaps you have the passion and determination to become a remarkable writer but have no knowledge or direction on where to start?

Have you been receiving “peanuts” as a writer even when you know you deserve better?

Worry no more.

You are in luck.

Do you know you could be paid to do what you love? – Writing.

What you think is natural and less significant to you is highly in demand and could make you smile to the bank weekly and monthly.

If you can write a well-structured sentence that can be understood by anyone, then you can make money writing,

Every second, millions of articles are published in blogs, magazines and social media.

Everyday people consume content voraciously in search of information to solve their problems.

Hence, the need for content creators (writers) has also increased proportionally.

It is rightly said that content rules the world because of course, content is king.

People now dance to the tune of those who can feed them quality content.

Since, companies, organizations and personal brands are busy people, there’s high demand for writers who will create quality contents for them daily.

Will you be the one to help them out and get paid to do so?

Have you been told that you can’t make a dime from your writing?

Forget about those people.

If you listen to them, you’d be leaving money on the table.

It is rightly said that the fastest and easiest way to make money online is through writing.

It doesn’t require certificates or many years of experience.

It requires zero capital.

You don’t need to learn how to use any fancy software.

You just need to have the interest, the determination and the right information to succeed as a writer.

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♦ Guestpost Your Way To Online Visibility and Influence

 Let’s admit it, we all want attention.

We want to be noticed, seen and heard.

Why do you think babies cry when nobody is around to look after them?

They crave attention too!

Why do you think big companies and brands use women to advertise their products and services?


It is the asset of the 21st century.

The more attention you’re able to pull, the more money you’re able to make.

That’s why bloggers and every online business will do anything to be on the front page of Google search.

Whether you like it or not, you want some attention. You want people to talk about your business and brand.

Do you know how musicians make money from their songs?

No, it is not from the sale of their albums.

They are heavily paid for the attention they pull.

You’ve put in so many hours researching, writing and designing your website, the least you want is for people to notice your hard labour.

Don’t you think you deserve some buzz around your brand, after so much hard work you’ve put into it?

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