4 Easy Ways To Find Affiliate Marketing Programs and Products Faster

affiliate programs

Lucrative affiliate programs contribute to the success of any affiliate marketer and finding those profitable products to promote can be challenging for beginner affiliates.

But what makes an affiliate program better than the next one?

This is judged by a combination of many factors, but most importantly, affiliate programs that offer their affiliates the most help and the highest profits are the ones that have the advantage.

There is no one single way to find a profitable affiliate program, because affiliate marketing itself has many faces and sub-models.

But I will give you tips on how to find the most suitable affiliate program for your affiliate website.

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Your Niche is a Deciding Factor

The niche of your affiliate website will decide which affiliate programs are good fit for you.

You should only promote products that are highly relevant to your niche and more importantly that are relevant to your niche segment.

For example, if your affiliate website is targeting the “losing body fat” niche, then promoting products about “weight loss pills” will be less relevant to your website’s visitors and could limit the amount of affiliate sales you make.

That leads us to the importance of niche segmentation.

When you divide your main niche into smaller niches you will end up with less competition from other affiliates on your products.

Also your affiliate website will be very relevant to the customers in this niche segment, which will in turn allow you to bring in more affiliate sales.

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What Type of Affiliate Program You Want

There are many types of affiliate programs that give you commissions in different ways, like:

  • Pay per Sale
  • Pay per Acquisition
  • Recurring Commissions

Pay per sale affiliate programs are the most widely used one; they reward affiliates with commissions only when they successfully land a sale.

The commission percentage varies from one product to another, as some will give you commissions that start at 4% and other will be more generous and offer a whopping 75% of the product price to the affiliate.

Beginner affiliate marketers are advised to sign up to the PPS affiliate programs because there are so many products that implement this model. So you will have more affiliate products to choose from in any niche.

Pay per Acquisition (known as CPA affiliate program) is a lucrative and profitable type of affiliate program.

It will offer affiliate marketers commission not because they made a sale, but for easier goals being reached.

  • Generating signups on forms
  • Getting people to download games and apps
  • Getting people to fill out survey forms

All of these are the type of goals that if reached will earn affiliates generous commissions.

CPA affiliate programs are known to have high affiliate commissions that can easily reach $500 per acquisition (goal being achieved).

Recurring Commissions are very rare among affiliate programs and they exist only in certain niches and for certain products.

Being able to earn money each month from just making 1 customer buy a product is certainly a dream for any affiliate marketer, and it is a reality not a dream.

This compensation model is very popular among products that actually charge monthly fee for people using their product.

You will find these types of affiliate programs in niches like:

  • Web hosting
  • SaaS products (short for Software as a Service)
  • Paid subscription plans

You can target any of those niches and find a good affiliate program that satisfies your financial aspirations.

In the end, you need to figure out which type of affiliate program you want to build your affiliate website around, and after that start looking for products to promote in your niche.

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Find Affiliate Programs on Popular Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon, ShareASale and others, do offer a wide range of products that affiliate marketers can choose from.

Those affiliate networks will be handling your payments and transferring them to you, not the product owner.

This way you can sleep well knowing that your payments are handled by dedicated staff and a professional company.

This means that you need to sign up for an account on these affiliate networks, which is in most cases are free to sign up for.

Every product has its own affiliate network handling its affiliate program and generating affiliate links for the affiliates.

And most product owners will tell you exactly which affiliate network they have running their affiliate program.

On the affiliate network’s website you will find a marketplace of products that you can freely access and start browsing through the products they are listing.

For example, Clickbank offers a dedicated marketplace just for showing their products and provide affiliates with values that help them tell high and less performing products apart.

No matter what your niche is, you will find tons of affiliate products to browse through:

affiliate programs

Another affiliate network like Amazon offers you an easy access to their products by doing a simple search on Amazon.com for your niche keyword

Affiliate programsin nigeria

Find Affiliate Programs Using Google

If you don’t want to limit your products search to one or two affiliate networks.

Or you just want to find profitable products no matter which company runs their affiliate program; well then Google comes to the rescue.

Using search Google for “NICHE site:.com/affiliates”


Google will then start brining you pages of various affiliate programs in your niche.

You can then access the affiliate program page of the product you are interested in and find out how much commission they are willing to pay you, and how much the product costs.

This is one of my favorite methods to find affiliate programs.

One important thing to mention here is that there are niches which are known to have high paying affiliate programs.

Due to the nature that these niches, they sell products that can reach $1000s of dollars, any affiliate commission in those niches will be also high.

  • Luxury items
  • Travel niche
  • Gaming niche
  • Insurance niche

All these are niches that can be very profitable for you, and using the techniques discussed above, you can easily find many products to promote.

There are many affiliate marketing tools that speed up the process of finding profitable niches.

You can find those tools in any affiliate marketing course or training (like http://affset.com/) and some are even provided for free by top affiliate marketing gurus.

But you need to know the basics and the techniques used to find them, and I hope my article have helped you understand that better.

This is Guest Post by: Ibrahim Dahy

Ibrahim Dahy
Ibrahim Dahy

After 9 years of experience working in multiple internet marketing projects with top gurus in the market, Ibrahim Dahy cultivated a wealth of knowledge and he would like to share that with you.

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