Are You MAD?

are you mad?


They say that the world will give way for any man who knows where he is going in life but I’ll say that the world will not only give way but will flee for any man who is MAD.

WARNING: this is a MAD post written by a MAD man to MAD people. If you think you’re sane, please note that reading this post can make you MAD.

I am pretty sure that I scared you with that word but let’s see the meaning of MAD.

In my opinion:

MAD (noun):

1.This is a strong desire to change an unfavorable condition in an environment or make a difference. 2. This is a person with a strong desire to change an unfavorable condition in his environment or make a difference.

In simple terms: MAD is make(ing) a difference.

About four years ago when I was in high school (secondary school) I was just like every other person with the job-seeking-employee mindset. My dream was to go to the best university around, study medicine and surgery, graduate with good grades and look for a high paying job in any hospital around.


Something happened that changed my life forever.

I was angry with my present situation. I detested the situation I was in. I challenged the status quo and so, I asked many questions which my parents, Friends or teachers couldn’t answer until I like Peter the Apostle (in the Holy Bible) decided to launch my “net” into the deep.

I asked questions that my mates wouldn’t even dare ask:

Why are the poor getting poorer and the rich richer?

Why are those who work the hardest get the least reward but the big men always go home with the lion share?

Is there no life outside a university degree?

Why is everybody looking for a job and not creating one?

Why are all the laws of the land favoring the rich only but seems to be against the poor?

Asking those questions alone didn’t change anything until I became MAD. I was angry at my situation and desperately needed a change.

After so much searching did I find answers. Though some were not clear to me and still not clear till now but I have decided to keep an open mind and learn on the way.

I tell you that until you’re MAD at your situation, you will never find solution. The world is already filled with nay-Sayers and complainers. Those people who do not like the mess they are in but never do anything to change it. They blame the government, their parents, their pasts or worst still, witches and wizard.

The battle of life is not for such people. Those who are faint in heart or with cold feet.

The world needs people who are MAD and fearless. Those people who are ready to take the bull by the horns and fight with every pint of blood in them.

MAD people are those who make history.

Until Bill Gates was MAD enough to dropout from school there was no Microsoft Inc. Until Mark Zuckerberg was MAD enough to leave the comfort of the university, there was no facebook.

Martin Luther was MAD enough to challenge the Pope of Rome for the first time ever and became the Hammer of Reformation.

Too much intelligent people fill the street with high and mighty university degrees but there are only few MAD people.

Until someone was MAD at the internet paying systems there was no Paypal. Until someone became MAD at how and where things were bought there were no amazon, ebay and aliexpress.

Now look at Africa. Everybody is careful. People are playing safe. Nobody wants to be wrong. All that young people want is to go to school to become civil servants (modern slaves).

How pathetic!

I weep for my beloved continent because we are trained to become professional job seekers.” Go to school, graduate with good grades and find a secure high paying job” is the song of every parent.

School=Degree=Job is the magic formula for success.

Every child on the street wants to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer.

Oh my Africa!

Where are the MAD people? Where are the MAD entrepreneurs who are hell bent to make a difference?

Are you?

I am.

This attitude or state of mind is not for the skeptics and cynics.

It is for those who are ready to cause a crack in a system, rebel traditions and break the rules. It is for those who are ready to walk alone(of course MAD men are lonely men) in the park without fear of their shadows. For those who are not afraid to be wrong or be the stain on a white linen.

You don’t have to sound smart. Dare to look stupid in front of everyone. That’s what MAD people do.

Dear Entrepreneur,

I know you’re smart, fabulous and awesome…


Go out there and disrupt an entire system. Until you erupt you’ll never disrupt.

Be MAD. It is only when you’re mad that you can become part of something massive and historic. Something higher and bigger than you.

Dear to Make a difference

Are you Making A Difference?

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