16 Unusual Ways to Create Brand Awareness That Literally Forces People to Notice Your Brand

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16 Unusual Ways to Create Brand Awareness That Literally Forces People to Notice Your brand

A few weeks ago the internet hell was let loosed when the Nigerian Queen of blogging – Linda Ikeji and Nigerian prince of music – Wizkid had a conflict over the news Linda Ikeji published about wizkid.

This post is not about who was right or wrong. I’m also not here to confirm if what was said about wizkid was true or not. I’m practically sitting on the fence in this matter because I don’t want some Linda Ikeji’s faithful or Wizkid’s freaks to rain down fire and brimstone on me.

Not that I’m afraid of anyone. I just don’t want to raise the dust as there may be some asthmatic people around (pun intended).

You know what they say, “there’s always a sense In every nonsense.” I want us to look at the other side of the coin.

When the heat of Linda vs wizkid was going on, I was following the trend on social media like three blind mice (well, with open eyes…Lol).  It was so unlike me.

There were times that I would rather read comments than the actual blog posts. You know how Nigerians can practically crack your ribs with their hilarious comments.

I saw a comment that was short and reasonable. Immediately, I was struck.

“Linda Ikeji answers wizkid on her blog, she gets the traffic and makes more money….”

That’s to say that whatever happens, is to the ultimate benefit of Linda.

We should appreciate the fact that a Nigerian female entrepreneur took a mere hobby into a billion naira company. She’s the reason 80% of the bloggers in Nigeria started blogging in the first place. Hence, the craze for entertainment blog in Nigeria.

I want us to focus on how Linda literally compelled every blogger and media house to talk about her. To the extent that Linda Ikeji vs Wizkid is  trending in Google Nigeria. Can you beat that? It’s not everybody who can do it.

Oh there’s someone. I.

I want to show you how you can create the kind of brand awareness that gets thought leaders and experts in your industry talking about you like it’s their job.

Linda Ikeji is controversial right? Perhaps, that is what is putting food on her table – can you blame her for that?

Whatever reservations you have towards her is your opinion. And you’re entitled to it. Let’s learn how we can effectively create brand awareness around our businesses.

In this piece, I’ll be revealing 16 unusual ways to create brand awareness that literally forces people to notice your brand.

So you want people talking about you?

You want your content go viral?

You want almost every website on planet earth linking to yours?

You want people scream in excitement when they hear about your name?

Or you just want to be noticed in a noisy world?

Look no further because I’m about to make you an overnight celebrity.

  #1. Be Controversial:


As an online entrepreneur, there’s always that struggle to be seen and heard and attract some attention. That’s why we crave traffic and comments on our blogs. We put in our blood and sweat just to create an epic content that begs to be read and shared. Isn’t it right after all that we should get all the attention we so deserve (or pine for)?

If you just say what every other person is saying, trying to play safe so you don’t offend anyone, you’ll just be like the guy next door- unnoticed and frustrated.

You want to be noticed? Be controversial! Do I now mean that you should become Linda Ikeji, Tonto Dikeh or TB Joshua? By no means. You don’t have to get involved in a scandal. No. That’s bad for business. I mean taking a shocking opinion in a conversation or debate related to your industry that gets people talking.

People who either agree or disagree with your opinion will share the content and engage in conversation about YOU!

It’s vital that you support your controversial position with facts. Don’t say rubbish because of some one minute fame and expect people to clap for you. You’ll be seen as a fool. Let your position be relevant to your business.

At the end of the day, the idea is to get your online business noticed and get people talking about it. Whether they agree or not, they will certainly notice you and think highly of you. Just try not to willfully offend people. Well, sometimes, you can’t control who is offended or not but ensure that your view is backed up with undeniable fact.

#2. Refute a Popular Belief

Is the earth round? Is the sky blue? Is coal black? Ok those may be extreme examples but I hope you get my point. Just pick up a popular belief that has been hovering around your industry and bluntly refute it. Trust me, you’ll cause an earthquake. Friends and enemies will talk about you. People who never knew you from Adam ( as my aunt would have said) will start telling their friends about you.

Do I still need to remind you that your points must be valid and supported with facts? I think I just did. Just don’t sound foolish, so you don’t lose people’s trust and confidence in you.

#3. Disagree with an Expert


This one is not something to be joked with. You are actually playing with fire for trying to challenge the intelligence and expertise of an expert in your industry. So, you must be careful with this one. Find someone in your industry who is highly respected by everyone. Look for any of his articles, videos or podcasts where he said something that does not go down well with you.

Then, intelligently and logically disagree with his opinion without sounding disrespectful. This is very important because this is someone whose opinion is highly trusted and you coming out from the blue to disapprove his thought is a serious case. If this is done right, you will gain more fans and customers and eventually gain the respect of the expert.

Ensure that you acknowledge his authority and wisdom and respectfully present your contrary view. The idea is to be noticed but don’t do it at the expense of your reputation.

#4. Say Something Really Silly

“We hear with our eyes”. “Africa is a beautiful country” or “I rather kill myself than commit suicide”. What could be more silly than these? Those may be extreme examples but I hope you get my point. Say something really silly that makes people wonder if you’ve got a brain. You know how people like silly jokes right? Take advantage of that.

After a long and strenuous day, many people will want to hear one of your silly jokes that will make them relax. This does not mean that you’ve turn into a comedian. in fact this may not work for some people. Hey! Loosen up a bit and let people see the playful part of you. If you can make a soul to smile or laugh to your silly jokes, then he/she will gladly tell others about you and before you know it, everybody is talking about you.

#5. Be Crazy


Just as Google has become another word for search, Denrele Edun is the synonym of craze. He is the craziest guy alive. The male version of Lady Gaga. He writes on his instagram page, “Born without a STOP button, I stalk into a room and your jaw literally drops! Epileptic dancer. Eccentric host (won 51 awards), Psychedelic writer and Channel O VJ.”

Now, can you beat that?

This guy never attends a party without creating a buzz. He never goes unnoticed in a social gathering. His fashion makes the headlines and front pages. He’s the kind of guy who wears black to an all-white party. He enters a room and everybody is blown away. He’s a misfit. A maverick. A weirdo. He gets people talking about him for free without paying them a kobo.

If you want to be noticed in this noisy world, then you must be ready to go against the norm, challenge the status quo, break the rules and detain the lawmakers. This is all about embracing your personality without giving an efff about what the next guy thinks. This is not the time to be Mr. Nice Guy. Trying so hard to be cool with everyone. The truth is, no matter what you do, not everyone that will like you.

So, it won’t hurt to be quirky, crazy and out of place. Somehow, there are people who will truly love your sincerity. Be ready to cause a disruption if you want to be noticed. Make the sun stand still until everyone  notices your presence. If all you want is to play it safe – you’re likely to be noticed – by your cat.

#6. Be Everywhere


No! You’re definitely not playing omnipresent here – unless you’re God. I mean stick around where you’re likely to see your potential fans and customers. Just be available to them. You can only do that effectively with the leverage of the social media. It is a must-have when it comes to making your brand noticed and appear everywhere.

To do this successfully you must know the right platform to use which will all depend on your target audience. Apart from the social media, you can choose to take your brand awareness a step further. You can have your brand name printed on shirts, trousers, mugs, cars, keke (tricycle in Nigeria), school toilet, street walls, your house, just about everything and everywhere. When discussing with your friends or at a social gathering don’t fail to mention about your business.

People can’t possibly ignore something they’ve been seeing everywhere like MTN or Facebook – it’s really hard – well, unless they are blind and deaf.

As you already know, Facebook, Coca cola, MTN and Amazon are already giants among brands. Yet, they continue to splash millions of dollars on ads, commercials, event sponsorship and endorsements.


It’s because they know their brand identities in the market place, so they must stay relevant or be knocked out by the startup next door.

The point is, the more eyeballs you get on your business the more brand awareness you create and the more sales you’re likely to make.

#7. Give immense value for FREE


Who does not like FREE thing? And who can possibly say NO to a FREE thing?

Provide such massive value to people that they’ll feel guilty about it if they don’t tell their friends and family about your brand. It’s not every time you ask your customers to buy buy buy, sometimes you give give give.

When people realize the value of what you gave to them for FREE, they’ll take the promotion of your brand personal. Just make sure that your name is strategically printed on whatever you are giving out for free. It could be anything like eBook, video – whatever you think your customers or fans will be grateful to have.

#8. Pee on your Industry


When the mouse pees on your food, you better leave it. You dare not leave your food open in the kitchen or else you lose it to some starving rat. A rat cannot stay in a room for a week without being noticed. Either you’re blown away by the stench of its urine or its poop.

In fact nobody wants to have a rat around for long or even a day!

“Johnny is doing fine in that business, I think I should join him. I might just get lucky.”

“With the way Emeka is succeeding in his business, I think he is using juju (African black magic)”.

As a Nigerian or African, I can guess that you’re familiar with those speculations. Only someone who has literally peed on his industry that those can be said about.

Stop the complacency game. The monkey-see-monkey-do attitude.

To be noticed in this world you must be infectious – affect and contaminate. To be infectious is to start something that goes places. I mean doing something that people can not ignore – with their human conscience intact. Infectious works create radical movement that eventually changes the whole world

Don’t just update your facebook page with the last fight you had with your girlfriend or how bad you think the economy is. Leave your page with infectious words that keep people talking about you for weeks and months.

Tweet with some contagious words that carry power and wisdom that even experts can’t stop talking about you. Don’t just copy and paste some random and (sometimes) impracticable quotes, send a tweet that keeps people wondering if you’re Aristotle incarnate.

Hey Mr Nice guy, are you being infectious or you’re just a “sweet little something that leaves no bite”? My dear, pee on that industry that people can smell it from afar.

#9. Be open to new Opportunities


“We’ve never done it before”.

“I don’t know how it works”.

“This is not my thing”.

Those excuses are lame and invalid. If you must be heard and noticed in a noisy world then you must be open to new opportunities. Take them as they come. Don’t sit for hours analyzing and scrutinizing, with the thought “what if it doesn’t work”?

Darwin said, “only the creatures that adapts in the circle of life truly survives”. That means you either adapt or perish.

Things are randomly changing around us everyday and you don’t sit around crying , wishing and blaming an incompetent staff for not performing well, hence, the failure of your business. Grab every opportunity that comes your way while learning how it works on the way. That way people will notice your work here and there.

#10. Treat your customers like Queens


Treat your customers like queens and they will treat you like oxygen. There’s nothing as terrible as a poor customer service. If you’re remembered for treating your customers poorly, you are in trouble. That could hurt your business and brand so badly.

After putting in so much effort to attract customers, what are you doing to keep them? Nobody (with good memory) will ever forget a kind gesture, a friendly smile, a special bonus or an exclusive treat. These are people who will gladly talk about your business for free.

Word of mouth marketing is still the cheapest, best and most effective kind of marketing. No one can possibly dispute that fact. Nothing beats the leads you’ll receive from existing customers. Treat your clients as best as you can and watch your brand become a household name.

Never take the complaints or feedback of a client for granted. Appreciate the fact that they cared enough to let you know how your business affects them.

#11. Be impeccably honest with your clients and fans


The world is already filled with fakes and frauds. You’ll do yourself and your brand a huge favour if your yes is yes and no is no. No matter how wealthy you are, you can never buy good reputation with money. In fact reputation is the life blood of your business. It is more important than your business itself. No matter how good your product is, nobody will stick around for long with a bunch of dishonest ogres.

Let people recognize you as the guy who never lies. Don’t be involved in any shady deals or partnership no matter how flashy it looks so you don’t end up hurting a brand you’ve put in your whole life to build. Don’t also promise what you can’t do. An unfulfilled promise is a debt owed.

#12. Say exactly how you feel


“he said….she said…they said”

What do you say?

Let people know your unbiased position about a situation. That’s how you stand out from the ocean of fake people who never have their own voice or have it but don’t use it.

#13. Be odd


Have you ever seen a girl who enters a room and holds everyone spell bound? Jaws drop. Eyes pop. Hearts skip. Knees jerk. Noses sneeze.

Sometimes, it’s not because she dressed better than everyone but because she just appeared awfully odd. She comes in dressing like a widow in 17. BC. Can you hold the laughter? Hehe. I bet you can’t. Everybody drops dead with laughter.

That’s what you do to be noticed. Let there be some obvious quirkiness about your brand. Something people can’t ignore. Since people like to talk, give them something to talk about.

#14. Tell a story


No. You’re not telling a story about tortoise and lion. I mean telling a story that resonates with your audience. A story that shows that you’re human and you feel what they are feeling and know exactly what they are passing through.

Nothing captivates people more than a story. And no one ignores a compelling story. Tell a story that gets told and retold without losing its flavor. The right story, told to the right people, at the right time can literally create a disruption in a system.

Most people hate to read a dry and boring article that’s without emotions and personality.

Tell the kind of story that practically moves people to tears. The one that begs to be read, shared and talked about. Needless to say, a compelling story could quickly generate loads of brand awareness for your business.

#15. Identify with an influencer

Is there an influencer whose business complements yours, rather than compete with? Use him to create brand awareness. Just a mention of your brand by an influencer can take your brand to the next level. Now, do you know what it means to be mentioned by Oprah Winfrey? When she speaks the sun stands still and the whole world listens. You can’t possibly ignore a man mentioned by Oprah – she drives attention like a hot summer sun.

Note that before you get noticed by an influencer in your industry, you must have created something extraordinary and worthy of attention.

You can as well start by interviewing experts, thereby building brand awareness and developing relationship with them.

#16. Be Passionate about your brand


Before you ever command any kind of respect and be noticed, people have to see you live and breathe your business. There’s nothing as contagious as passion. It can move an army of ten thousand soldiers to war. Passion can dry the sea, swallow the mountains and darken the sun.

Be passionate about what you do and people can’t help but notice your brand and all it’s worth.

In conclusion…

Be careful with how you use these strategies because if done wrongly it can kill your business or get you into some trouble. I have used most of these strategies which has given me some kind of recognition at home and abroad.

Nobody can ignore my brand because I always strive to get it up there. Hence, I get more fans, more leads, more business opportunities, more recognition, more endorsements and of course more money.

What will you do with what you’ve read? Close the page and move to the next? Or will you take prompt action?

Get out there and take the world by storm. Go slay them all with your awesomeness. Make sure no one survives your spell. Take everyone captive with your awesomeness.

Blow them away.

Conquer them all.

Share your thought with us below. What’s your own unique way of creating brand awareness?

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17 thoughts on “16 Unusual Ways to Create Brand Awareness That Literally Forces People to Notice Your Brand”

  1. I don’t really follow your blog post, this is the post that got me initiated, nice one bro, I noticed I’m doing 5 out of the above mentioned, and I’m really seeing the massive returns. Putting all 16 in action, I’m sure to be the next rated In Nigeria in years to com. Thanks so much

    1. Thanks Chimezie for your time here.

      Creating brand awareness for our online biz is the least we can do to be noticed.

      btw, i visited your blog and i think it’s really cool

  2. About some months again when i read carefully on linda ikeji’s wiki profile, i found the truth most people didnt know.
    Its not her entertainment post that made her popular, it was her controversial post.
    Great tips here bro, i think am going to apply one of this strategy to an already-published post on my blog

    1. Tunde, that’s true. It is the controversial posts that made people notice her and talk about. That’s a selling point for her. She’s not afraid to step on toes to get what she wants. No matter what others think or say about Linda, her brands keep getting stronger…

      In life if we must get ahead of others then we must start doing what others are afraid to do.

      Thanks Tunde for your time. And by the way, you’re doing a great job on your blog

  3. Mr Excel pls forgive me.

    I first saw ur blog on ogbonge blog on blog of the week but didn’t really check it out.

    I checked it now and am totally in love with it #nohomo.

    Its so amazing how the likes of you and Misstechy grow ur blogs in such a short time *m jealous*

    This blog is now on mah speed dial.
    I love No 5 and constantly working on No 6

    Hope to get as much engagement and traffic as u on mine *I”ll keep working harder*


    1. Hi Kasy,

      i’m totally blown away by your kind words. I really appreciate your visit to this blog.

      I just visited your blog and the design is simply sleek. I love the whole concept and i think that you’re doing a great job. Just don’t relent.

      and by the way, did you design your blog yourself?

  4. As long as I love what I do I won’t relent especially now that am putting more time into it.

    About the template
    its a free template by theme exposed.

    Hope your next posts drops soon.

    Thanks bro,

  5. What a great compilation Maverick, I love this post. You know, you are a good writer, and the points astutely explained.

    That being said, I noticed most bloggers in Nigeria (especially in the news, entertainment, gossip industry) make negative use of points 1 and 4 and this is very annoying.

    You see a post title saying one thing and the content another different thing, that’s so absurd and to me, unprofessional. It is yet true that articles like that can generate traffic through social media sharing alone, but most times, these traffics does not convert and leave a negative effect and feedback.

    I am currently compiling lists of blogs that are into this backdoor methods of seeking readers and will soon let it loose. The sooner the blogging industry in Nigeria gets tidied, the better for all of us.

    I have been following you blog, and it is where it is today through hard work and I wish to say, keep it up.

    I also want to use this medium to appreciate you on the article you wrote for us, it is already ranking very well on some keywords.

    All the best as you keep on doing Online Entrepreneurs and content writers proud.

    Love your new theme.

    1. Hi Francis,

      i’m super excited to see your super detailed and well written comment. i greatly appreciate.

      Talking of the The entertainment bloggers in Nigeria, they have killed blogging and all it stands for in Nigeria. Originality is a far cry. Copy and paste is a trend. Misleading headline is a culture. It’s just typical of Nigerians to adulterate a good thing.

      I’m so eager to read that your upcoming post, share and reshare it.

      By the way, thanks for your compliments. Words like this always push me to do more and i won’t relent until i get to the top of the top.

      Thanks again for the kind words. You made my day (oh this is actually night…Lol)

  6. Hi, I came across your blog from a Facebook group, bloggers lab, and indeed you are Maverick. I thought I write well not knowing someone with good artistic ability like you.

    I have fell in love with most of your posts within 20minutes. I wish you could write a guest post on my blog, ChuksGuide I would be honoured.


    1. Hi Chuks, i appreciate the kind words.

      However,i don’t write guestposts for Technology blogs, i only write paid post but if you insist i write for your blog, you can email me a particular topic you want me to write on.

      Thanks again for visiting MaverickExcel.com, it means so much.

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