Facebook Messenger Bot Mastery

With Facebook Messenger, the marketing potential is huge and the traffic stats are staggering:

  • 17 billion photos sent monthly
  • 380 million stickers sent daily
  • 22 million GIFs sent daily
  • 10% of ALL VoIP calls are sent through Messenger

1 billion messages monthly between consumers and business

Messenger Bot done right can be just incredible.


You can use messenger bots in many ways but here is just some of them.

1. Customer Service

Look after your customers with automated bots to keep them happy when they need you to speak in person.

2. Sales…

Automated sales processes are possible with facebook bots.

Yes done right you can make sales on autopilot with open rates higher than 80%

Nurture your leads and get sales using automated sequences!

3. Build your list

Just as you can build email list, messenger bot can be used for the same purpose of building a list of potential clients.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Promise Excel Promise Excel Author

Hi there. My name is Promise Excel. I am the founder of maverickexcel.com. I mentor, inspire, support and empower young people to pursue entrepreneurship and build successful businesses. I have been featured on BellaNaija, Enterprise Boom, Tush Magazine, The Total Entrepreneurs, Ogbongeblog and a host of other blogs. I can help you start a successful and profitable blog in just 30 days. Join my course here>>> 30 Days to Start a Successful and Profitable Blog



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