4 Dangerous Health Habits Every Entrepreneur Must Stay Away From


Greetings to all Mavericks in the house, I have been a great fan of this blog, but this will be my first time of writing for this great blog. I want to thank Promise for bringing me on the blog to talk about this very vital topic as it concerns the entrepreneurs.

Before I go straight to the subject of the day, bear in mind the below definition:

“An entrepreneur is an individual who rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risks and rewards of a given business venture.”

The given definition says it all about an entrepreneur. This shows that the pressure of running that business is solely on that person most times entrepreneurs tend to put all their attention in making the business successful and indirectly neglecting the most important part of their life, their health.

The majority of entrepreneurs from this part of the world use the word like, “I’m busy”, “I don’t have time”, “I have a meeting to attend”, “money must be made at all cost”, wait did I hear you right?

Money must be made at all cost even at the expense of your health? 

That says that if your wealth at the expense of your health you will surely spend your money to get back your health. Let’s be honest, 89% of successful people can’t repurchase their health no matter how much money they are willing to offer.

Therefore this post stands as a wakeup call to all entrepreneurs to take good care of their health by staying away from these deadly habits that kill

#1. Sleepless night: Boom!!!

This is the first on my list of dangerous habits because virtually everybody is guilty of this including myself. Some even end up bragging and boasting how they work late at night.

The truth is this amount of sleep you get at night affects your level of productivity the next day. I am a living witness, Hear my story:  I tried writing a post after an all night reading class in school my dear friends it didn’t work out, I couldn’t even make a correct sentence, the Image below will tell better.

Working late nights as entrepreneurs will do you no good as health complications like diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and obesity may arise. Also, those who have Ph.D. in sleep deprivation end up displaying some irritating characters the next day.

Although money must be made, make sure when it is made, you are in good health.

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#2. Lack of exercises:

Entrepreneurs are busy individuals, but 10 out of 100 make out time to use. One may say exercise is a waste of time, a minute silence please for such persons. Come to think of it, If exercise is that useless why does the world youngest billionaire,  Mark Zuckerberg jog 365 times a year.

“Yeah it is true that the founder of Facebook jogs a mile every day.”

If mark finds time to exercise irrespective of his busy schedule, well I did my research and came up with the following:

Exercise doesn’t necessary mean you visit the gym every day, start small like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, buy a skipping rope and skip till you sweat e.t.c.

Exercise refreshes the body and keeps it healthy. Be like Mark. Find time to exercise.

#3. Ph. D. holders in Junk foods:

Due to the nature of your work, you hardly find time to prepare a healthy meal, so the only option left for you now is junk. You find yourself because of busy schedule eating terrible combination like bread and rice, coke and meat pie all day. But why? Because of work you forget that you are what you eat. Good food nourishes the body and keeps it running.

As a nutritionist I recommend these foods for entrepreneurs:

Walnuts, apricot, and avocado to relieve nervousness.

Check out lettuce and oats and say goodbye to sleepless nights.

Run away from chocolate, coffee, and beer to save you some headache.

“Never let hunger determine when you eat, schedule your time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and mean it.”

#4. Bad sitting posture:

I am speaking from experience, and not just mere hear say. We have the worst sitting position ever because we are either on the road or the computer. So we find ourselves sitting in any corner of our houses with our back bent towards the computer. This is a terrible posture which over time will develop and fire back as back or waist pain. Sitting position on the bed, couch, mat, etc. with the PC on the floor is terrible.

Less concern for the brain: The word entrepreneur is synonymous with brain work. A lot of thinking is involved with being an entrepreneur, so the power house which is the brain is often neglected by entrepreneurs.

How can you work all day, then stay awake at night again without rest? No way, even the computer system needs to get some rest after hours of work.

So do human brain needs care. Do you know increment in the oxygen flow to the brain can increase your productivity?

Here is what happens after working for four to 6 hours straight you will find it difficult to think straight again.

The right way to sit while at work is sitting upright then the PC on the table directly to the shoulder level. You can achieve this posture with on your bed or mat so just spare a little of your money and buy a chair.

An office chair you usually see in President Buhari pictures, Yes something like that.

Final words:

Amidst the zeal to succeed among entrepreneurs, there should also be a part that cares for your health.

Money can buy a house but can’t buy a home, it can get even but a bed but not sleep, money can also buy blood but not life.

Therefore be health conscious in all you do so as not to end up spending your wealth to get health.

Live healthy and be happy.


This is a guest post by Anthony Chinedum.

I am Anthony Chinedum, a health writer/Nutritionist and the founder of Dietherapy247.com a blog dedicated towards empowering Africans through Quality health information. My passion for anything concerning health got me writing for blogs like Unoburg in India, Pharmascope Magazine,360thinkers and host of all others.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.chinedum.10
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