Day 13: Do Things Quick And Well

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Day 13: Do Things Quickly and well

You are welcome to the 13th day of our program: 21 Days to Develop a Millionaire Mindset. I was supposed to have posted this post yesterday but i had some technical issues that needed to be fixed.

It wasn’t a bad day completely because MaverickExcel was featured on Ogbongeblog as the “Blog of the Week”. Oh wow…it was a great moment.

So, nothing spoil.

Let’s go to the business of the day.

“It is a mistake to actually think that moving is the same as actually going somewhere”

It is one thing to do something quick and another thing to do it well. It’s possible to do something quickly and not well and vice versa.

In the 21st century, things are moving super fast than ever. People need a website that loads in a second, a fast internet connection, a fast this and a fast that.

When I was in secondary school, our teacher always tell us that speed and accuracy were the surest way to succeed in any exam. And that also applies to life or business.

To get ahead of the stiff competition, you must be obsessed with speed and accuracy. Insist on doing whatever task you’re undertaking accurately.

Tick tick says the clock, tick tick. What you have to do, do quick. That is one of the nursery rhymes our teachers taught us to instill in us time consciousness.

Doing things quickly does not mean multitasking yourself to fatigue. It simply means doing the small task promptly and accurately. This enhances productivity and takes you nearer to success.

I must confess that most times, I do things slowly even though I do it well. At the end of the day, I finish well but feeling tired.

A lot of people take much of the time over-analyzing, planning and scrutinizing a thing that they either become confused or just give up outright.

Early-comers in a new industry have a higher chance of succeeding more than the late-comers. If you hear about a new opportunity, don’t ask too much questions, get the basic information and act quickly.

There’s practically no second to waste on useless things that does not produce result. Do whatsoever you know it’s important to your success and goals quickly and also well.

Tick Tick says the clock, Tick Tick. What you have to do, do quick.

Do it quick as much as you do it well.


  • Time is the currency of the 21st century, spend it wisely.
  • Develop a sense of urgency.
  • Move quickly everyday to your goals.
  • Time is money, don’t spend it on vanity.

Quote of the day:

“The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.”

-Lee Iacocca
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