How to Go Great Places With Your Blog and Have The World Race To Your Feet


That’s your dream right?

Strike that, It’s pretty much everyone one’s dream. To achieve lots with their blog. Turn it into a passive income generating machine.

If you’re an average blogger and vast reader then one way or the other you should have come across at least one of the post with a title like “How I Quit My Day (9-5) Job, to Focus On Blogging & It’s the Best Decision Ever“.

Articles like these, when published means the writer has gotten to a place where the blog has started making passive income, recurring income and he hopes to scale it.

Besides who wants to get stuck at desk job all day when you can make money doing what you love, which in my case is a fantasy to travel the world.

You too can make more than $200,000 per month like Pat Flynn does on his blog, There are many others.

Believe me, you too can go to great places with your blog and in this post I’m going to share a few tips and things to do to put you on the right path for success.

Are you ready?


1. Get a Beautiful Blog For Yourself

When talking about going to great places with your blog, we’re actually talking about taking your blog serious right?

Then that equally means you’re building a brand. When working with other bloggers on conversion optimisation or during consulting, I don’t mention blog. I make sure to call them a brand.

They’re bloggers, but quite frankly they’re building a brand too and what better way to build a beautiful and trustworthy brand for yourself than getting yourself a beautiful and professional blog design that pretty much portrays you as the expert.

…The go to guy or lady or unicorn.

Apart from that, An article on SmallBizTrends suggests that people have issues trusting websites and if your website does look like just another web template? You’ve lost that visitor.

That’s not all, Study shows that 70% of people out there don’t trust badly designed websites.

First Impressions Matter

Whether you’re just starting out or you already running your blog. Here is a few tips to get this issue fixed.

  1. Redesign your blog (Really not necessary but if the resources are available, by all means. Carry on! You want to build a good looking blog for yourself and if not, you want to tidy up things and remove the unnecessary widgets, codes that does no good but to even slow down your website ).
  2. Get your branding right. (Your official fonts, your blog brand colour, your writing style and image designs – Make sure they’re all professional looking and speaks right of your brand).
  3. Go Legal with the right pages on your blog. (Privacy policy, terms of service, earnings, affiliate and overall blog disclaimer pages – Very crucial).
  4. Have the key pages easily accessible (Make sure users can see them right away – Preferably the minute people land on your blog).

There’s probably a thousand more to discuss on this one.

Make sure to fix those first, No worries… You’re on the right path, my friend πŸ™‚

2. Craft a Compelling About Page For Your Brand

Remember? Brand, not Blog.

So many bloggers don’t understand the weight an about page carries on your blog. Other than other factors like Site speed and design, An about page can earn you more loyal readers than you could ever imagine.

In fact one of the most viewed pages on my blog is the about page, It’s like that on every blog.People are always hungry for information, The thirst for knowledge in humans (The wise ones though) is remarkably amazing. After they must’ve read an amazing piece on your blog, most of these guys want to learn more about you.

In fact not only readers want to learn about you, Companies, potential clients who’d pay real money to work with your brand also looks at your page to know what you’re about and if it’s a load of crap?

… You already know there’s nothing for you there.

Realynn Tan has a very interesting article on How to Write the Perfect About Me Page (With Examples + Printable Graphic!) a very interesting post.

Here is a few tips to master the act of the About Pages:

  1. Is it a personal blog? Go as personal as possible. Is it a business blog? Go as business as possible.
  2. Always include your story, Your brand story. This may sound crazy? But people want to read your story, They want to know they’re not reading something that was composed by a bot, Even if they’re not seeing you? They need to get that ” A human wrote this” Awww, feeling.
  3. Showcase your works. People want to see your accomplishments, what you’re doing. What you’ve done and more.

Enough of those really, Here’s a few resources that might just help you create the best about-me page.

There are so many resources out there to help you out on this one.

And when it looks as if you’re missing out on a potential client or a huge deal or even more visitors… Believe it or not, a compelling “About Me” page can turn things around.

3. Get Featured In as Many Places Online As Possible

Blogs, other websites, podcasts, expert roundups and more.

A while back I was goofing around online as usual and came across this guy named Tor Refsland, the blogger at

Now, what’s so darn impressive about this guy?

Nothing much other than he’s managed to get himself on over 155 blogs in 14 months.

That’s not all. He’s won many awards with his blog as well as get mentioned on many notable websites and organisations such as ahfers, time magazine, tiny buddha and so on.

Now that’s a way to get noticed, Now that’s a way to build your brand, a way to get even more exposure without paying a single dime… Just by adding value to others.

Now he runs his blog mainly on helping online entrepreneurs NETWORK with influencers and position their BRAND so they can attract the right CLIENTS fast.

That’s an ideal strategy if you ask me and I’m right on the same path, are you doing the same?

Here’s a few ideas to help put yourself out there as well:

  1. Guest post on other websites, blogs in your niche and shoulder niches.
  2. Respond to interview requests
  3. Offer your own opinion in expert roundup posts
  4. Comment on other popular blogs
  5. Organize roundup posts yourself.
  6. Write your opinion about other people’s website, products and more.

The list above doesn’t stop there. Be sure to make some more research and put yourself out there.

4. Build Your Own Army Of Loyal Readers (Buyers, Hypers)

I would have easily said create or build your own online community but that line is being used by tons of other people so here’s my sweet re-modification.

After or in the process of checking and ticking off all the points mentioned above such as:

  1. Creating a beautiful blog for yourself
  2. Crafting an about page that draws attention like dwarfs to gold (Sorry, I’ve been doing so many adventure, sci-fi movies, the likes of Lord of the rings, the hobbit and co lately)
  3. Getting yourself featured in as many other websites as possible.

Then one more thing you want to do is build or should I say gently create your own blogging community, your own special group of people that are so loyal to your brand, these set of guys will literally:

  1. Read every of the new article you publish.
  2. Share it with the world to see.
  3. Comment on almost all of your new article.
  4. Subscribe to your website newsletter.
  5. Hype you anywhere (See where that *hypers* above came from πŸ˜€ )
  6. Buy your new product once it’s launched.

They’ll go to great lengths to tell people how awesome you and your blog are. I purposely set this as the last point because it’s the last thing you need, the last piece of the puzzle.

Once you’re in the process of the three points ahead, you can use this last point together with it and become unstoppable. So how do I build my army of loyal readers? It’s quite easy. Follow these steps:

  • Write high-quality contents that draw people in.
  • Setup multiple opt-in forms on your website to capture leads.
  • Promote your posts as well so you’ll reach more people.
  • Encourage comments on your website and keep visitors engaged with one thing or the other
  • Give something valuable away for free.

This step is very important, Perhaps the most important as the chances of going great places of your blog is slim without having a group of loyal audience.

In Conclusion

There’s more to this four points to going great places with your blog.

The competition is tough and not there to joke, There are other pieces you have to put together as well such as having a complete social media marketing strategy, optimising for SEO, acquiring new skills, putting together money to advertise your blog and more.

But once you follow the dead simple points, the rest will come easy to you.

97% of the time, you’ll be able to figure out how to carry out the rest.

I’ll put this article to an end here, If reading this far as sparked something in that smart brain of yours then drop a comment below, I’d be happy to discuss this issue of going great places with your blog and do not forget to share as well πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “How to Go Great Places With Your Blog and Have The World Race To Your Feet”

  1. Hey Maverick,

    Thanks for having me here. You have an amazing blog. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write for your audience, It’s an honor.


  2. I love every apart A to Z of this article,very comprehensive and interesting, having a quality content on your blog is the main thing that do attract readers, people are happy to read new articles onlline everyday they are hungry for article…Nice one Mr Babs I will definitely go extra miles to provide valuable content for my readers

    1. Kingsley,

      That’s one of the best ways to go. I once read on a blog that motivated me and I quote “Remember, it is your voice that others need to hear” not anyone else’s. People wants to learn more about your brand.

      It doesn’t matter the amount of blogs out there, you can always carve out your audience. Producing quality contents consistently is one of the best ways to go. Keep at it.

      Thanks for your kind comment,

  3. Hi Abel

    Love your thoughts on moving a blog to great heights. It is so true that the about page is the best place to make a good impression.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week. Take Care

  4. Mubarak M Aminu

    Reading the last point has just spark an idea of growing my readers online.
    We all know some of this things mention above but sometimes it is the lack taking action that is holding us back,.

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