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Become a millionaire farmer with Green Nation Nigeria With the help of their Unique Solution To Agricultural Challenge In Nigeria


“If you want to become rich, become a farmer” says Jim Rogers, investment whiz, best-selling author and Wall Street personality.

Former Nigerian Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina once said that Africa’s future billionaires and millionaires will make their money from agriculture.

These two great men couldn’t have said it any way better.

Due to the fall in oil price in the past few years, Nigerians have been forced to seek for an alternative to grow their economy and also survive the recession.

And there’s no better alternative than the good ol’ agriculture.

The fall in the international price of crude oil has put the Nigerian economy into a big muddle with a fancy name called “recession.”

Every day we wake up to the sorry news of companies downsizing and cutting salaries.Sadly, it seems the trend is not going away anytime soon.

Sadly, it seems the trend is not going away anytime soon.This has broken many homes and marriages.

This has broken many homes and marriages. Hence, the latest trend of people committing suicide every other week.

Hence, the latest trend of people committing suicide every other week.

The standard of living is growing taller while salary is stunted like a child who has protein deficiency.Rather than wait to receive that heartbreaking “brown envelope” from a company, people have moved towards other revenue streams.

Rather than wait to receive that heartbreaking “brown envelope” from a company, people have moved towards other revenue streams.The hustling spirit of Nigeria has driven many people to look for a way to survive the hard times.

The hustling spirit of Nigeria has driven many people to look for a way to survive the hard times.

With the way foodstuff are super expensive, obviously, farmers are having the best time of their lives.

It is no surprise that agriculture is the next big thing in Nigeria.

Recession or no recession, people must eat.

And one of the recession-proof businesses any smart entrepreneur could venture in right now and make a killing is agriculture.

Forget about what people told you about agriculture.

We are not in the age when it used to be a venture for poor and uneducated people in the society.

Agriculture is the new sexy.

According to Adesina, “the engine of growth with the greatest power to spur Africa into global value chains and create jobs for inclusive growth is agriculture. Africa’s wealth is more than petroleum. It is now time to unlock Africa’s soil wealth via agriculture.”

In a country with a vast fertile land, farming and Agric-value chain production is vital to reducing poverty, and to building long-term economic self-reliance in Nigeria.

In spite of the high hopes and the numerous opportunities in agriculture, startup farmers are usually faced with two major challenges, which are:

1. ADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE in their chosen field of farming, and
2. The FINANCIAL MUSCLE needed to start and sustain their farms
to profitable enterprises.

This is where Green Nation comes in with its unique solution to these agricultural
Challenges in Nigeria.

This unique approach is sure to engage massive participation in farming and agro-allied businesses in Nigeria.

You may be wondering what Green Nation is all about.

Green Nation is a registered Ltd company in Nigeria founded by Mr Steve O. Toluwase, a man with over 17 years of experience in the networking and agricultural sectors.

He came up with this life-changing idea to develop a company that will help diversify agriculture. And he has been working tirelessly to achieve that.

Green Nation is an agro-allied company which trains people and empowers them financially who have the passion for agriculture.

It is primarily into Agricultural training and consultation, and secondarily into farming.

Its networking platform has been created to recruit, connect, educate and train people to pursue farming and also build a sustainable wealth stream.

To solve the two major challenges startup farmers encounter, Green Nation does two things:

1. Provide adequate training
2. Provides finance needed to start and sustain their farms
to profitable enterprises.

Let me start with the first which is providing adequate training.

Green Nation provides trainings in the following areas and more

  • Green Housing
  • Cassava Farming
  • Cocoa Farming
  • Fish Farming
  • Flower Bouquet Farming
  • Maize Farming
  • Palm Tree Farming
  • Pineapple Farming
  • Poultry
  • Rice Farming
  • Snail Farming

And much more

Talking about cassava farming, did you know that over 600 million people use cassava?

cassava-green nation

Over 54.8million tonnes of cassava are produced annually in Nigeria.

Because of its wide range of uses, cassava business is a booming business in Nigeria.

Cassava can be used to produce the following:

  • Starch
  • Paper
  • Animal Feeds
  • Textile
  • Alcohol
  • Dried yeast

And much more.

It may surprise you to know that the starch gotten from cassava is a major ingredient in the drugs we take.

The economic importance of cassava is not limited to the normal garri and fufu we all eat every day.

Are you aware that the back (skin) of cassava when peeled could be used to produce another product which can generate millions of Naira.

Being a registered member of Green Nation gives you the opportunity to learn this secret known by few.

Did you know that ginger, derived from gingivere meaning, “horn root” is one of the most commonly consumed dietary condiments in the world?


You can start a ginger business with just 1 plot of land (which Green Nation will give you) and get up to 300 bags harvest.

1bag of ginger sells for 7,500-12,500.

Now do the maths:

Let’s use 12,500 x 300bags = 3,750,000

That’s what you can make from a ginger company 6 months after planting because it is harvested 6 months after planting.

Imagine how just 14,500 would yield 3,750,000!

Please how many people earn that in Nigeria in 6 months?

Planting Ginger is Planting Gold!

Twelve to Fourteen bags of rhizomes is needed to cultivate on 1 acre of land.

Fresh ginger sells for N7,500 and N12,000

Therefore, N12,000 × 14 = N168,000

Clearing the land costs about N30,000

Tiling & stumping: N10,000

Making Ridges/beds: N20,000

Full maturity takes 6-8 months (when leaves begin to turn yellow)

Note: Ginger can be harvested anytime


An acre of land will produce 300 bags of 60kgs of ginger, which is 18 Tonnes

A bag of fresh/wet ginger sells for N7,500 – N12,000

A bag of dry Ginger sells for btw N18,000 – N20,000

Using the lowest cost of sales values to calculate:

Fresh Ginger
N7,500 × 300bags = N2,250,000 (1 acre)
{N375,000 (1 plot)}

Dry Ginger
N18,000 × 300bags = N5,400,000 (1 acre)
{N900,000 (1 plot)}

This is just a small fraction of what you’d learn in Green Nation as a registered member.

Not only that, Green Nation will also give you access to a special software that will be used in monitoring your farm land or any of your agricultural products.

Now let’s go into how green nation plans on financing your project.

Green nation saw that after all these trainings that raising the funds to start your farming business might be difficult, so they came up with a plan which is what we call the “Pre project plan” and “Project plan”

Join Green Nation Now

Take a look at this below:


Project Fix Nigeria would help provide lands, fish ponds, equipments and other infrastructure needed for you to kick start your project.

The question now is,

GREEN NATION- A Journey Of N170m Monthly That Starts With N14,500 And 3 Referrals.

Here’s How It Works

Requires a one-time training subscription fee of N14,500 only

Level 1
Your 3 direct referrals earn you N13,200 x 3 = N39600.
The balance of N1,300 x 3 = N3,900 is company charges.

From your N39,600:
N17,100 goes to your sponsor’s sponsor.
N14,500 is held for re-subscription.
N8,000 is withdrawable.

Level 2
Your 2nd level Referrals earn you N17,100 x 9 = N153,900.

From your N153,900: N50,000 is used to upgrade you into the project plan. N103,900 is withdrawable.

You earn same N8,000 + N153,900 = N161,900 every month as long as your structure grows.

Requires a one-time subscription of N50,000 only

Level 1
Your Direct referrals earn you N44,000 x 3 = N132,000.
The balance is company charges.

From your N132,000:
N58,000 goes to your sponsor’s sponsor.
N49,000 is held for re-subscription.
N25,000 is withdrawable.

Level 2
Your 2nd level referrals earn you N58,000 x 9 = N522,000.
From your N522,000:
N300,000 goes to your sponsor’s sponsor.
N222,000 is withdrawable.

Level 3
Your 3rd level referrals earn you N300,000 x 27 = N8,100,000.
From your N8,100,000:
N2,100,000 goes to your sponsor’s sponsor.
N6,000,000 is withdrawable.

Level 4
Your 4th level referrals earn you N2,100,000 x 81 = N170,100,000.

You earn same N25,000 + N222,000 + N6,000,000 + N170,100,000 = N176,345,000 every month as long as your structure grows.


Number 1 is a function of your position per level in the compensation plan

LEVEL 1 – One day training seminar

LEVEL 2 – 3-5 days training at the consultants facility (Nigeria)

LEVEL 3 – 3-5 days International training trip once a year

LEVEL 4 – 3-5 days International training TWICE a year⁠⁠⁠⁠

Also those in the pre-project plan upgrades to the project plan also and the 4 levels


  1. You earn both your pre-project and project plan cycles monthly. All you need do is SIGN UP NOW.
  2. You attend company sponsored agricultural trainings including all expense paid trainings/excursions held abroad.

  3. You get equipped with the network and resources to help startup your own agricultural business.

  4. Joining SUCCESS TEAM in Green Nation allows you leverage on our whatsapp platform to easily recruit friends, family, and interested parties.

You are sure to get all the support you need because GREEN NATION is about TEAM WORK AND RESULTS.

Do you want to become the next millionaire farmer?

Register on Green Nation now to begin your journey of financial freedom

Join Now to begin your journey to financial freedom

Call Mr Justus with 0813 793 3843 for more details

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