These Guestposting Strategies Will Increase Your Blog Exposure

Have you written lots of guestposts but they did not convert as you wanted them to?

You heard it was one of the best ways to get backlinks to your blog and have people check your blog out and maybe subscribe to your email list.

The problem with guestposting is that it is not a solution for blog growth.

Some of your guestpost will become insignificance, only to gather dust on someone else’s blog.

I intend sharing with you on this post how you can get competitive advantage over some bloggers with your guestposts.

These are what you’ll learn in this post:

  • How you can make your content stand out. 
  • Where you should submit guestpost and
  • How to get people come visit your blog to check you out.

Guest blogging is bae! It is a form of advertising your business on a free platform where your target audiences are.

It is like giving your sales copy to a TV station to help you advertise your business for free.

It is just that some people are getting it wrong.

They just don’t bother to ask themselves why it did not work and how they can approach it and make it work.

Guest blogging took Buffer from 0 to 100,000 customers.

Elna Cain went from $0 to becoming a full-time freelance writer with guestposting.

What about me?

Which one should I tell you?

How I submitted a guestpost and eventually landed a contract with the owner of the blog?

Or, how I received an email from Indonesia which landed me a contract for $50?

Or, how my community subscribers grew with 30%?

Or, how Promise Excel got to know about me?

Hope now you know what can happen when guest posting is done right.

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Strategy 1: Contribute to Blogs that Are Not a Waste of Time

Majority of blogs don’t have organized audience and these blogs aren’t worth your time.

The owners just post content so their blog can have more content and not because the readers asked for it.

But, how do one find blogs that are not a waste of time?

Before you pitch any blog for submitting a guestpost, always ask yourself these questions:

Do They Have an Organized Audience?

You can tell through the comment section of the blog.

A blog that is active and organized does get replies from the owner.

This shows that the owner cares about the audience.

Does My Ideal Audience Align with this Blog?

If you have an ideal audience you want to reach, the blogs that you want to contribute to should speak of the same audience.

Do They Give Writers Credit and A Link Back to their Blog/Landing Page?

You put a lot into creating that guestpost, the least you should have is a byline with a link back to your site.

Strategy 2: Use Guest Post to Build Your List

In your author bio, you should always link to a landing page with a lead magnet to get people into your email list or community.

Don’t make the same mistake I was making when I started.

I was just linking readers to my home page with no plan to convert them to subscribers.

An example of a good author bio is immediately after this post.

You will see that it contains 2 links.

One is driving readers to my ‘About Author’ page while the other link takes readers to my WhatsApp community where readers can join to meet me in person (that’s my list).

If you are using an email list, you can use a free eBook to get people into your list using an autoresponder email platform like MailChimp or Aweber.

Strategy 3: Promote Your Guest Post As You Would Do Your Blog Post

Don’t just leave it to the blogger to do that.

The truth is, they won’t put energy in promoting your post as if it is theirs.

I make sure I promote any of my guest post to my community and my social media followers.

I have seen bloggers land guest post opportunities and barely promote their posts at all.

Strategy 5: Let the World Know Who You Can Help and How

You need to make sure you let the readers know about you through your author bio.

Don’t leave them into guessing who you are because it is a guest post.

For example, if your specialty is for people that want to lose weight and you don’t mention it in your bio, you will struggle to get new clients.

If you check my author bio, you will find that I specify the kind of people I want to work with but left the ‘How’ for people to join and find out.

Actually, the ‘How’ is inside the welcome message they do get when they join.

The main thing about author bio is that it should always be guided by your own goal.

Don’t be restricted to just one style.

I have a different bio I use to get freelance writing clients when I intend dropping guest post for that.

However, you position your bio, always make sure you are letting the world know who you are and what you do.

Execute these strategies into your next guest post and watch out how it will convert effectively for you.

You can share what you think about this post and the experiences you have had with your past guest posts.

Readers can also learn from your input you know. 

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This is a guestpost by Okon Joseph:

Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s best freelance writer and founder of BLOG-O-LOGY. A free WhatsApp community for people who want to start and grow rich as a blogger without depending on Google Adsense. Curious? Why not join while it is still free!  


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