What is your Why? How Badly Do You Want Success?

How badly do you want success

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why” – William Barclay.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” – Friedrich Nietzsche

In life, there is always a reason people do things. Like it or not, there is a reason we do all the things we do. Sometimes, we don’t even realize why we are doing it. But we do it anyway.

Consciously or unconsciously, we all have a reason for doing certain things.

Wait a sec. let’s take this brief test.

Think through these questions I’m about to ask and you’ll see that you have a reason for almost everything you do.

♦ Why do you watch football?

♦ Why do you want to be a doctor?

♦ Why do you want one million naira now?

♦ Why do you prefer shirts with long sleeves?

♦ Why do you like to eat fufu…lol

I can guess that you have a reason for doing one or all of those.

And this brings me to why we all want to succeed? And my BIG question is?

How badly do you want success?

Bad enough to stay awake all night reading about your new startup?

Bad enough to invest all your hard earned money into a new venture you have little or no knowledge about?

Bad enough to wear rags in other to save the money you would have used to buy new clothes to start a new business?

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Well, I can’t guess how badly you want success…

But…what i know is that you want it badly!

You can almost kill for it! (please don’t)

Do you want to succeed? Of course, you do.

But, what are you willing to give up, sacrifice, forgo and endure for that success?

If you expect success to be effortless and automatic, welcome to disappointment but don’t stay long. If you are only willing to invest a little time, effort and money, play safe, being satisfied with the norm and status quo, then success will be only a dream.

And then, there is a small percentage of die-hard hustlers, who are willing to give it their all. Whether it requires their blood or sweat.

They don’t settle for less and think that it’s ok to be average. they are so determined that, limits and boundaries become stepping stones.

They say that you can make your dreams come true, provided you have what it takes…..but, i beg to disagree…your dreams can come true if you give it what it takes to achieve it. It’s one thing to have and another thing to use.

Most accomplishments in life require a certain level of  commitment to attain, and so, you must give it exactly what it takes to achieve it.

knowing your why in life give you a sense of purpose which stimulates you to act, to crave, to fight, to strive. That love for the taste of winning pushes us to get hold  of hot challenges without batting an eye.

Someone, who knows his why will not get involved in a meaningless chat. he does not waste his resources thinking of past failures and mistakes. He sets his face like a flint that’s ready to break the cedar of Lebanon.

How badly do you want one million naira now?

How desperate are you to fire that your annoying boss?

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How badly do you want your name on the front page of Forbes?

Just how much do you want massive success?


I’m sure you resonated with this post in a special way. Please share with us in the comment box below just how badly you want to succeed.

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