Mohammed Dewji The Youngest Billionaire in Africa 2016

youngest billionaire in africa

Mohammed Dewji on Forbes Lists

Now, wealth is not only for the old and gray-haired men in their 70’s. Even young Africans are making their marks around the world. There’s no official age to be wealthy or rich. Anyone can top the chart with the right product and good marketing strategy.

The world is changing really fast. And Africa is rising at a triple pace.

What used to be unusual ten years ago is now a normal thing.

Africa is taking the world by storm and hurricane.

While you are proudly in your “father’s house” fighting over a “head of fish”, someone out there is building a billion dollar company and changing the lives of people around him.

There’s no gain in cultism, drugs and robbery.  You can make good use of your youthful age like this youngest billionaire in Africa.

It all starts with a change of mindset.

Meet Mohammed Dewji

Without wasting your valuable time, It is my pleasure to introduce to you Mohammed Dewji, Forbes Youngest Billionaire in Africa in 2016.

Mohammed Dewji of Tazania who is 40 years old is presently the youngest billionaire in Africa with an estimated net-worth of $1.09 billion.

He was debuted on the FORBES list of the World’s Billionaires last year with a $1.3 billion fortune at the time. He has lost $200 million on the back of a weaker Tanzanian shilling. Dewji is the CEO of METL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate (founded by his father in the 1970’s).

It is active in textile manufacturing, flour milling, beverages and edible oils in eastern, southern and central Africa. His Mo Cola, priced below Coca Cola, competes with Tanzanian tycoon Said Salim Bakhresa’s Azam Cola.

His Mo Dewji Foundation provides scholarships for poor Tanzanian children.

Mohammed Dewji is truly putting Africa on the map and getting Africa recognized globally in a positive sense.

Comment below if you’re the next African in that list. Also share this with a youth now.

Source: Forbes World’s Billionaires List

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  1. I would like to you to write a detailed story about Mo business empire challenges n victories he has had…

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