21 Nigerians Share What They Would Do If Money Was Not A Problem


What is Money?

According to LanreOlusola

Money is NOT CASH. Money is VALUE!

Real money is invisible.  It is the output of a productive mind.

Money is an exchange for solving problems.

What problems were you born to solve?

Who has a problem you’re created to solve?

Where are they?

How best can you their problems?

The more problem you solve, the more money you attract.

Find that thing you’re super passionate about, develop your talents, add value to people’s lives and deliberately use it to create value for yourself.

what is money

In a Facebook community where I belong, a member by the name: Padebi Ojomo asked a very interesting question that got many talking.

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Padebi asked:

What’s your money story?

If money was not an issue, what would you do?

Buy a Ferragamo bag? Louboutin shoe?

Fly business class to mikonos?

Or just eat in a fancy restaurant?

Maybe take a business course in Harvard.

I’d love to have a 2400 square foot closet filled with clothes… Damn.. I love dressing up

What about you?

If money was not an issue, what would you do?

I was intrigued by the responses from different Nigerians especially entrepreneurs and business owners that I had no choice but to share it with you here.

Note: I am sharing this with express permission from Padebi Ojomo

Erhime O. Olotewo: I would help as much people as I can with my institutions worldwide.

John Obidi I’d create physical and virtual SmartBcamp Learning Campuses and provide free access, on merit.

Ifepariola Mary: Wow! Will have the best and unified, competent library in the world.
Also, have annual writing competitions in Nigeria.

Omotayo Atinuke Junaid I will build state of the art schools, Concession stores and reusable pad making factories for marginalised but fashion passionate individuals(so that they can be a part of your 2400 square feet closet) , upcoming fashion designers in and marginalised girls that do not have access to sanitary pads in Africa.

Toyin Ibidunni Adesola Plenty things .I will run a mobile van clinic in rural areas of Lagos State and have a well equippedhalfway house for pple with sickle cell who have been neglected by their family. I will also run a well equipped healthy food/drink truck in the state which can later be franchised.

Madu Chibuzo Kelechukwu I’ll love to fly to Kenya and visit the safari.

Oluwaseun Awotobi 1. I will help as many African youths as possible to discover, develop and diligently maximise their God given potentials, for the benefit of vanity and to the glory of God. I will help build world class enterprises to create African solutions to Africa’s problems.

Irene Aruku I will teach pre-teen and teens the power of positive thinking and young female folks how to dress for confidence.

Uju Iyke Okoye If money wasn’t an issue I will be taken vacations 2-3 times yearly in the best countries in the world! Shopping and adventure and yes write more, and learn different culture, build huge malls, for adventures and recreational, skin test,make over and fashion facilities will be there. Enough said!!

Alex Iheanacho If money wasn’t the issue, I will have a school of Business and investment that will compete with Harvard right here from Nigeria. And I will always take a trip each week to hear Business and investment lessons from my Role models such as Strive mashiyiwa,Buffet, George Soros, Dangote and the likes.

Wonderfull Abuah ●Trip my folks.
●Trip myself. Oh yeah!!!
●Build better prisons and fix vocational centres in them. I MUST accomplish this one especially!

Samuel Oluwadamilare I want to empower youths with opportunities

Nancy Alika If money wasn’t an issue i wld build schools with state of the art instructional materials, well paid teachers, broad curriculum (our school curriculum doesn’t teach our kids to be entrepreneurs, how to make money, biz owners for instance). I wld also build fitness centers to help people stay healthy and maintain good lifestyles.

Anthony Egbujua If money was not a problem, I will attend Harvard Business school from the comfort of my home/office. I will become John Maxwell certified coach, trainer and communicator by August 2016. I will become the bigest farmer of African origin to export food to majority of sub-sahara African countries. I will own an agricultural research institute. I will spend time working on productive management principles. I will travle around the world at will for tourism. And many more

Godstime Eluma If money wasn’t an issue, i will go on vacation to the maldives five times yearly… Scuba diving on ma mind. i so love to experience the thrill of feeding fishes under the sea

Chidimma Chime If money was not an issue….I will travel around the world

John Olayisade I will freely direct my most of my energies to supporting/championing causes that help people live meaningful and purposeful lives.

Ayo Oyewumi This is a why question actually masked as a what. Little wonder it’s gaining so much traction. I’ll do the most sensible thing. Create more traction around my purpose. Build educational systems that transcend the whole universe. Build a universal school..!

Joseph Ifeoluwa NewmanI would quit my company and head over to a remote village as a missionary

Nnenna Ewa I will build the largest Productivity Institute

Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye1. I’d build private financial markets trading floors in all 36 states of Nigeria where people interested in learning how to trade the financial markets ( FX, Bonds, Commodities & Global Equities) can come and learn by watching professional traders & investors trade the markets everyday. It will also serve as a venue where passive investors can come and hire independent analysts and traders to consult for their personal portfolios. This will rapidly accelerate the financial intelligence learning curve of young, upwardly mobile Nigerians. I will then franchise these floors across Africa.

2. I’d build a farm and cattle/equestrian ranch by the lakeside in Jos where terminally ill patients and their family members can come and spend their last days in a serene environment, eat organic & healthy food, listen to the word of God and journal their lives. Each patient will plant a garden and nurture it. There will be lovely parks and nurses to help them. I’ll do this in honor of my late mother who died of cancer.

3. I’d invest massively in the establishment of agricultural and mining/extraction as well as technology incubator hubs to kickstart the export of Nigerian agricultural commodities and precious mineral resources.

I’ll need about $5million USD to start these projects and I should be completely invested in it in about 9 years time

As for me: I would take my mum round the world

Now, over to you:

What would you do differently from what you’re doing right now if money was not a problem?

Let me here your opinions in the comment box below.

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Note: This post is shared with an express permission from Padebi Ojomo. If your name is in this post and you don’t like it to be here, do conact me to remove it.


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    WooooooooooooW. This is lovely. I never knew we have so many humanitarians in Africa. This is lovely . Thanks for Sharing! I have stumbled this and shared it to my facebook.

  2. I will build the best miscellaneous art of the state school for all departments ranging from sciences,arts,commercial and vocational too,equip the libraries with hard cover books,ebooks,eLearning facilities free of charge and train teachers,help them to explore and teach pupils,students from the grassroots to finish free of charge and help them to deal with issues bogging their minds and also enable them to take professional exams like toefl,sat,gmath at one sitting and equipping the youths

  3. Awesome. We need more good news like this to change people’s mindset for good so they can birth and achieve by motivation great visions that will change Nigeria and the world at large. We need influencers with the God mindset that will make use of the power of creation within them to affect the world beyond the mere comprehension of men.

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