Sick and Tired of Joining Boring Facebook Groups? These 7 Online Communities Will Change The Way You Use Facebook


Who else has noticed that Facebook groups are becoming boring, annoying and totally useless? It has become a dumping ground for links to blog posts, affiliate programs, network marketing programs and all madness under the sun. There’s no genuine interest from the admin or moderator to help its members.

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All they care about is someone to click that link, join that life-changing program….bla…bla…bla.

Every Tom and Harry want to create a Facebook Group….so you’ll get something like:

“Mr Clueless Facebook Group Creator added you to the group, This is The Home of Posting Crappy Bullsh*t To Get Traffic To My Entertainment Blog”.

Like seriously? Are Facebook Groups not supposed to be created for people with common interests?

People (especially Nigerians) have destroyed the real meaning of Facebook Groups –  “the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content“. – Facebook

I must admit that when I started blogging newly, I joined over 30 Facebook groups in the hope of sharing ( or rather, spamming) these  groups with links to my blogposts. I was desperate to get traffic to my blog.

But, I have realized that I won’t get an engaged and targeted traffic by spamming Facebook Groups. Instead, I’ll get “hit and run” visitors which increases bounce rate.

However, there are Facebook groups that are outstanding. They actually know the real meaning of a group. In fact, they are not merely a group of people with similar interests. They are communities that genuinely care about the growth of its members.

I wake up every morning consuming the helpful information put up by these great nation builders.They are the reason I come to Facebook because I know there is always something new to learn from these comunity leaders.

You better watch out for them! They are changing lives! Building Empires! Making a Difference

Below are 7 online communities that have changed my life in a very tremedous way:

#1. The Global Brand Network:


Founder: Igbinoba Esohe

This energetic group was created by the amazing Nigerian Amazon, Igbinoba Esohe, the Queen of storytelling. She genuinely cares about its members and she’s always willing and ready to help anyone who ask for help.

When I joined GBN, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who were interested in me and what I do. I’ve come to meet real entrepreneurs and business owners in this community.

If you are looking for a place to dump links, GBN is the “wrongest” place to be but if you want to learn how to tell compelling stories and build profitable gobal business, this is the right place.

About The Global Brand Network:

GBN is a community founded on the 5th of October, 2015 specially to cater to the needs of business brands. The Global Brand Network is a membership based learning network designed to help members communicate emotionally in the market place and increase sales through brand experience strategies.

In here, you’ll learn how to:

a) Create a brand identity that reflects your value and create that brand story that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand.
b) Tell compelling stories using the right mediums at the right time to your audience.
c) Get customers to buy into your brand and pay for your products and services without stress.
d) Design a unique customer experience that embodies pre sale, sale and post sale touch points and delivers superior value.
e) Identify the place of culture in the telling of your story, customer engagement, conversion and delivering a superior value experience.

These 5 core competencies are crucial to creating a powerful and influential global brand, which in turn increases your brand equity and overall net-worth.

There are 2 levels of membership;

The Comrade membership and Basic Brand Experience Design Academy Membership.

The Comrade membership is free, while the Basic Brand Experience Design Academy membership level is a paid membership.

The Comrade membership is the community membership, where you come to learn, share and network here daily.

The Basic Brand Experience Design Academy membership is a 12 week, quarterly program that takes you through the 5 core competencies above to be a highly influential and powerful global brand.

  1. Who is this for?
    The Global Brand Network is designed to cater to the personal and business brand development needs of coaches, consultants, small business owners, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs…basically anyone interested in building a very powerful and influential personal or business brand.
  2. What are the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT?
    In the Global Brand Network, you have permission to be SEEN, HEARD and FELT. Connect with others using all 5 senses and project who you are to the group.

You can also converse with topics relating to brand and business growth. Other connected topics within life and business are allowed, as long as they meet our brand needs.

Join The Global Brant Network



#2. The Highly Paid Expert’s Network


Founder: Victor Ekpo Bassey

In fact, this was the first online community I ever joined that gave me so much value before joining others.

The founder, Victor, is a man who has the interest of people at heart. He personally replies to every question anyone has.

There’s never a dull moment in HPEN as only useful contents are published every day. Its members are always there to give you total support. All you need do is ask.

About The Highly Paid Expert’s Network:

Founded on the 5th of January 2015, HPEN is a community devoted to to just one thing: Helping entrepreneurs become high profile, highly paid persons of influence in their field.
We achieve that by teaching you how to apply the four core entrepreneurial competencies needed to develop a very influential personal brand (a VIP Brand):
  1. Positioning yourself as an authority in your field
  2. Launching the rights products and services at the right time
  3. Attracting and keeping ideal clients thatpay you what you’re worth and consistently refer you.
  4. Nurturing rapid growth and high productivity.
Through the main daily hashtagged posts…you learn about these competencies everyday and get the oppotunity to not only ask questions to gain clarity but also gain the support and network you need to move to that critical next level of success.
HPEN is not like most other groups.
One of the very first things you’ll notice is how quickly we tend to jump in and support each other.
To get the very best out of HPEN…you’ve got to start by doing three things:
So…if you havn’t done so already…introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about you and what you do.
If a friend of yours introduced you to HPEN…be sure to holla…let them know you appreciate them.
I believe that online networks should facilitate better offline conversations.
But conversations are two way streets. You’ve got to get known within the community to get the best out of it.
So again…participate.
Contribute to the conversations and discussions.

#3. Digital Business Insights


Founder: Calorine Wabara
This is the community where you learn everything Digital. The fact alone that is founded by a woman makes it more interesting. I’m a beneficiary of her 5 Day Marketing Automation Email Course (check below for details)
About Digital Business Insights:

DBI, is a great place for freelancers, writers, bloggers, marketers and business owners entrepreneurs to connect and grow their online businesses.

The focus of the group is for digital savvy business owners and professionals to interact, ask questions about business, law, finance, online marketing and personal development for scaling your business and career.

Feel free to ask questions, share tips that will help your fellow members.

You’ll also get insightful digital marketing tips to grow your online business empire from me and other members of this group regularly.

To join this free mastermind, please do sign up over at (plus get my free 20 Online Sales Toolkit at

Digital Business Insights is hosted by me, Caroline Wabara from

Check out for no-fluff tutorials to build your profitable online business.

Just a reminder: this is a self-promotion-free group except for specific “Promote Your Biz” days. Please honour this community guideline.

Join Digital Business Insights


#4. Pen and Ink Masters

Emeka Nobis
Emeka Nobis

Founder: Emeka Nobis

Just like the name suggests, it’s an online community for writers. This is a place where you will learn and gain confidence in writing. The founder, Emeka, is one of the best writers in Nigeria I know of.

He is ever supportive and willing to help anyone. I recommend this community for serious writers who want to hone their skills as writers

About Pen and Ink Masters:

The aims and objectives of PIM are very noble and clear.

– We want to help YOU polish your craft as a writer.

– We want to help YOU hone your voice.

– We want to help YOU build your platform.

– We want to help YOU raise tribes who buy into your works.

– We are also here to help YOU link arms with others in this formidable community, and achieve legendary status.

I am very hopeful that you are that writer. Are you?

Join Pen and Ink Masters


#5. #TheIncubatorsCONNECT


Founder: Chinonso Ogbogu

This is not your everyday facebook group with annoying and meaningless updates. Every post is loaded with deep wisdom and insight. You’ll be amazed that Chinonso can take the most neglected things in our environment to create a thought-provoking post. This platform is NOT for everyone, but for serious-minded African entrepreneurs ONLY.

About The Incubators:


#TheIncubatorsCONNECT is the online arm of #TheIncubators Project. It is a FREE but exclusive membership-based online community strictly for ENTREPRENEURS across Africa. This is where enlightened entrepreneurs in Africa meet to debate and find quality answers to their tough business questions, learn and share innovative ideas to fast-track growth, connect and forge new relationships for success, deepen their value system to build worthy businesses, and push the dialogue of new-age entrepreneurship to new heights.

If you are looking for an exciting community where you can deepen your business knowledge, inspire others with your business experience/thoughts, meet other serious-minded entrepreneurs, empower yourself to do better as an entrepreneur, and build collaboration for change, this is it!


At #TheIncubatorsCONNECT, you will find and learn from entrepreneurs tilling their fields from diverse business spheres across Africa. Although we all have our distinct story, philosophy, and industry, one thing that binds us together is our CORE focus, dedication, morals, and passion to build successful enterprises that not only create sustainable wealth but that also contribute positively to the transformation of Africa, hence our mission. If you’re that kind of entrepreneur, then this is your colony.


We are known to maintain a very strict admission and membership process in #TheIncubatorsCONNECT. This platform is NOT for everyone, but for serious-minded African entrepreneurs ONLY. Existing entrepreneurs can invite new entrepreneurs to join, but that’s subject to the final Verification and Approval of the Admin. Because we want to maintain a certain level of intellectual maturity, quality, and integrity within #TheIncubatorsCONNECT family, we will constantly be reviewing our membership status to ensure we offer the best learning experience to all our ideal entrepreneurs.

Join The Incubators


#6. The Exceptional Leadership Academy

Emeka Nobis
Emeka Nobis

Founder: Emeka Nobis

This is a community where you will be energized to become a leader that stands out.

About The Exceptional Leadership Academy:

This community was founded to raise exceptional thought leaders for transgenerational impact.

We have certain objectives.

1) To inspire people to gun for their best lives.

2) A home to meet and interact with global shapers and transgenerational leaders.

3) A home to aid you utilise your experiences, gifts, expertise, and knowledge to help others become exceptional, build your own platform and earn.

We are committed to these objectives and we’d love to see them come to light.

Join The Exceptional Leadership Academy


#7. Premium Genius Brands


Founder: Talle Davidson Amedu

PGB, is right place to learn what it takes to build a personal brand.

About Premium Genius Brands:

PGB is the premier community and platform for Multi-Talented, Multi-Gifted and Multi-Passionate professionals to connect, engage and build their Personal Brands.

We believe that being multi talented makes you a Genius. You don’t have to be confused and frustrated because of your gifts. PGB will help you find your uniqueness, connect all your gifts and build the dream you desire.


To help multi talented people build their Personal Brands step by step and evolve into the geniuses they are.


-We believe that you can be successful in whatever you decide to do per time.

-Realising all your gifts and using them to their full potential is possible.

– We believe that your Dreams and Passions were given to you by GOD, so you can deliver as a unique gift to humanity.

Join Premium Genius Brands

Leave and BLOCK (it’s that serious) any online community you belong to that is not adding any value to your life or business. It is called LIABILITY.

Join one or all of these online communities and your entire life will not remain the same.

Share with us below. Are you a member of any of these online comunities? What are your experience with them?


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  1. Olagoke Tobi Enoch

    Great Article Promise, I am member of Two groups here, DBi and Incubators. I think you you should add John Obidi’s group; Smart B Campers (I am not really sure tho.) Great Article I must say.

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