How Rehearsing For The Future Can Catapult you to Massive Success In Life and Business

Rehearsing For The Future

There’s this weird thing I do almost every day which I’ve never shared with anybody.


First of all, let’s know the meaning of rehearsing.

According to, to rehearse means:

“to practice (a musical composition, a play, a speech, etc.) in private prior to a public presentation.

If you accidentally catch me in the act ( of rehearsing for the future), you’d think I’ve gone crazy.

Since when I was in secondary school, I’ve always loved writing.

I was the fastest writer and had the neatest note.

Go ask my teachers

I had pieces of paper, notebooks and jotters where I would write stories (that made no sense…lol).

One day a friend asked me, “do you want to be a writer?”

I looked at her and smiled.

“I don’t know”

In my mind, I was saying, “let my aunt better not hear that rubbish from you before she stops paying my school fees”

As at that time I was staying with an aunt.

That’s not the weird thing I do. That’s just a glimpse of how I’ve been rehearsing for the future for a long time now.

Now this is it:

Writing is what comes naturally to me but not speaking.

Whenever I’m in a meeting, I’d always be that guy who has nothing to say.

During phone calls, I laugh more than I talk.

(See, I have to be this vulnerable and open to help anyone who thinks that his/her weakness is a valid reason not to pursue greatness)


So, what do I do to help my speaking ministry?

I would pick up an imaginary mic, greet an imaginary audience and start talking to them.

I could do this passionately for 30 minutes without getting tired.

( One of the reasons I started podcasting)

Sometimes, I pretended that I was being interviewed by a big media house like CNN, BBC or Oprah Winfrey Show.

I’d ask myself questions and answer them.

Other times, I act like I was receiving an award or recognition for my work.

Doing these things give me such joy I can’t explain.

“All things which have been emotionalized (given feeling) and mixed with faith begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart.”
Napoleon Hill




So, this is my own special way of emotionalizing my desire and dreams.

You may think it’s a crazy thing to do but it works.

Rehearsing for the future makes you obsessed with your dreams. It also prepares you for opportunities.

It makes you yearn for success and become uncomfortable with your present situation.

Then it motivates you to keep chasing your personal legend because you might just be a step to discovering it.

It compels you want to become the best of yourself.

It is also an act of faith in your dreams. It shows that you believe in your dreams and in their attainment.

So, what is it you desire?

A big house, a car, an employment in a Fortune 500 company, an interview with a big media house?

Start now to rehearse for the future. Start acting as if you were in that position you desire.

Pick up that phone and start rehearsing what it looks like to speak with a 7-figure client that pays you what you’re worth.

Pitch your idea to your imaginary investors.

You may not get the result immediately but there’s this motivation mixed with joy that come to you.

As you keep on rehearsing for the future, you develop this attitude that knows no limitation.

Rehearsing for the future can also be likened to “acting out” your dreams and goals as if they were already happening.

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Share your thought, how have you been rehearsing for the future?

Rehearse For The Future Videos
Let me make this crazy request.
Today is World Crazy Day…lol
Create a video or audio of yourself rehearsing for the future and I will gladly add it to this blog post, share it across my social media communities and also my email lists.
Make it real and take it seriously. Add a little fun to it
Who knows…you may find that same video 5-10 years later when you’ve achieved that particular dream.
What joy and comfort it would be that your dreams could actually come true.
Tips: It could be a video of you singing, speaking to a “crowd”, being interviewed by a “big media house” or just anything that depicts the kind of future you desire.
Send your video to [email protected]


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