Day 10: Serve Your Customers Diligently

serve your customers


“You may be a business man or some high degree thief,

They call you doctor or they may call you chief,

But you’re going to serve somebody,

Yes indeed”

-Bob Dlyan

“What we do to ourselves dies with us. What we do to others and the world is and remains immortal”

-Albert Pine


“Are you kidding me?”

“Do you mean that serving others is the mindset of millionaires?”

“Say something else and don’t give me that”

These may be your thoughts as you read through this post, but let me categorically say that serving others (in this case, customers) is one of the vital keys to success and wealth that many often ignore.

You may decide to close this page and go read, “How To Make #100,000 In One Week Without Doing Anything” but you’ll not make a dime without first knowing this hidden principle.


What exactly do I mean by serving others?

Do I mean that you should get a bucket of water and start washing the feet of everybody you find on the street?

By no means!

Serving others simply means being ready and willing to solve the problems of others- it may be our family, friends, country or client/customers.

Now let’s focus on customers because we are considering developing a millionaire mindset and one of the things that can help us make our first million ever is having an impeccable customer service.

Have you ever taken time to ask, “What does my customers want?” probably, you just shove any product you think it’s great through their neck.

It’s important we note that every customer has a specific need and as such we cannot use the one-shoe-fit-all approach on everybody.

A customer would rather go to a place with great customer service to buy a not-so-good product than go to a place with poor customer service to buy the perfect product.

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You have to be obsessed with serving your customers efficiently because at the end of the day, customers determine your paycheck.


No two ways about it.

Go the extra-mile of doing more than you are paid for.

Now, that’s value.

Never stop looking for ways- I mean better ways to make your customers happy.

Never allow a customer leave unhappy because one unhappy customer with a bad review can be the end of your business.

In your journey to become a millionaire, you need loyal customers. So, don’t joke with the ones you have already because it is harder to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

They can decide to fire everybody in a company by spending their money elsewhere.


  • Be particularly concerned about good customer service.
  • Let their worries be your problem.
  • Look for little ways to serve your customers better.
  • Treat them like a priority.
  • Let giving immense value be your ultimate goal.

Quote of the day:

“Treat your customers like kings and queens and they’ll treat you like oxygen something they can’t do without”

-Promise Excel

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