10 Exceptional Things Smart Entrepreneurs Do on Christmas

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It is that season of the year again when everybody want to look wow and fab despite all they might have gone through the whole year.

When I was younger it was the most anticipated time of the year for me and every other child. Sometimes, Christmas was more important to me than my birthday because on Christmas the whole world was celebrating.

This season is usually a time for eating, drinking, partying, traveling and doing whatever that makes the heart happy.

For some it is the only time they will have to eat rice and stew and wear new clothes after a very long time.

Then there is this sect of awkward fellows who will not allow themselves to be carried away by the momentary merriment. They are awkward because they celebrate Christmas in an unlikely way.

Now take a peep…

1, Provide the Weapons

During war, smart entrepreneurs do not join to fight but they sell the weapons used by others to fight. Call them capitalists. You’re not wrong. Same thing can be said during Christmas, they do not join to buy the expensive shoes and clothes but they sell them to others.

2. Take advantage

To minimize cost on items to be bought they take advantage of discounts, promos, bonanzas and coupon codes. It is at this period that companies offer crazy deals to old and new customers. Take advantage of them now.

3. Buy What They Need

It’s not surprising to see things become super flashy because these sellers want to get your attention. It will be smart if you buy those things you need now and not want you think you want later.

4. Save for the future (next year)

It will be so dumb for anyone to spend all the money he has made for that year in just a day. Save for the future because the new year always unpredictable. The feeling you get after a strenuous dance or exercise is what happens during the New Year.

5. Avoid instant gratification

They do not buy things for the now and forget about tomorrow. In fact they only care about assets and not liabilities.

6.  Make a list

They write down a list of all they need and buy them in order of importance.

7. Are Contented

Someone rightly said that contentment is a rare grace. The best thing anyone can do for himself this season is to be contented with what he has to avoid covetousness.

8. Share what they have

This is not the time to take take take or buy buy buy but also to give give give, there are millions of people out there who are starving but if you can share the little that you have with a handful of these poor people, and then you have solved 0.00001% of the problems in the world.

9. Travel only when it is necessary

In fact the best trip this season will be a business trip. No point traveling to see every Tom and Harry when you can just call them and save yourself the stress.

10. But Things online

It is during this yuletide season that companies and e-commerce site like Jumia, Konga, jiji, Kaymu and others offer crazy and mind blowing discounts and promos up to 50%.

Stop the fear of buying things online and act like someone in the 21st century.

Warning: Don’t follow the crazy discounts and buy what you don’t need.

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