What Has Success Got To Do With Your Name?

What Has Success Got To Do With Your Name?

These days i see a lot of people change their real names to something really funny and also complex.  A comedian once said that you’ll never know the real name of a girl (Nigerian girl actually…Lol) until you ask of her bank account details, that’s when you see “Pretty Rose Bee” changes to “Imaobong Abasiakama” or “Cute Diamond Princess” changes to “Nkechi Amadi Amaewhule”.

And another comedian said, “how can your mother’s prayers to God be answered when she’s praying for Amarachi Okoronkwo and you’re answering “Clearibelle Beauty” on facebbok?”

We all know how important a name is to every man on earth that a slight misspelling or mispronunciation could cost someone his job, career or even life…

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i ask, what has success got to do with your name?

That brings me to a post i read on my friend’s blog, Anthony Okolie, Why most successful entrepreneurs bear the name “Anthony”. Perhaps, he may be right with his claims but I am of the opposing notion that the success (whether in business, life or career) of a person has something to do with his name.

If that was the case people bearing the name “Rich” would be rich, “Success” would be successful and all of that positive sounding names.

That’s to say that everybody will change their names to what they want in life. Then, my name would be something like “Excel Billion Dollar”….Lol

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Success won’t come to you on a platter of gold because you have the most charming name on earth.

Success will only come to a man who consciously seeks and pursues his goals in life and not because he bears the right or wrong names.

That’s not to say that you should go and tell your potential employer in an interview that your name is “Amadi Gangster”…hahaha

You’ll be bound by security men hands and feet and thrown outside the company.

This is what BusinessInsider has to say about name and success:

  • If your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more.

  • If your name is common, you are more likely to be hired.

  • Uncommon names are associated with juvenile delinquency. [this one is outrageous]

  • If you have a white-sounding name, you’re more likely to get hired.

  • If your last name is closer to the beginning of the alphabet, you could get into a better school.

  • If your last name is closer to the end of the alphabet, you’re more likely to be an impulse spender.

  • Using your middle initial makes people think you’re smarter and more competent.

  • You are more likely to work in a company that matches your initials.

  • If your name sounds noble, you are more likely to work in a high-ranking position.

  • If you are a boy with a girl’s name, you could be more likely to be suspended from school.

  • If you are a woman with a gender-neutral name, you may be more likely to succeed in certain fields.

  • Men with shorter first names are overrepresented in the c-suite.

  • Women at the top are more likely to use their full names.

(Culled from BusinessInsider’s “13 surprising ways your name affects your success“)

However, i still believe that somehow, a good name has a bit to do with a person’s mindset and disposition.

Ok this is what i mean:

I have come to notice that there are many people who like me for just my name “Excel”, hence, they prefer to address me as Excel. Naturally, people expect me to succeed at a thing sorely because of my name and that always motivate me to meet up with their expectations.

Whether in school or business i always succeed no matter who was there. Whenever someone calls the name “Excel”, i feel good about myself.

Whether achieving success in life has anything to do with bearing a particular name or not, just know that success will NEVER come to you in a platter of gold just by sitting and wishing.

You gotta take some actions sweetheart!

Share with me in the comment box below. Do you think that success has anything to do with achieving success in life?


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4 thoughts on “What Has Success Got To Do With Your Name?”

  1. Nice one excel, but I’m going to disagree with you. The strongly believe that having names associated with power, intelligence and skill would surely increase your chances of becoming successful.

    Bruning notes, for an example that those with an Oriental name are always good at maths. So an employer looking to hire a computer programmer might just push the application up if they see a Chinese name on the CV
    Tony recently posted…Sign the Petition against the Proposed Social Media Censorship Law in NigeriaMy Profile

    1. Ok i will agree with you on that having names associated with power, intelligence and skill would surely increase your chances of becoming successful but it does not guarantee success at all.

      Talking of a Chinese guy being preferred to other guys in Computer Programming job, i will say that it has nothing to do with name but a general perception that Chinese guys are more tech savvy.
      Promise Excel recently posted…5 Best Ways to Get Profitable Business IdeasMy Profile

      1. And to add to what you said….

        I am very successful when it comes to girls because of my name alone….lol…

        I don’t need to talk much o before she starts blushing….

        I always make it my first priority to introduce myself with my name Darlington first.


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