Enstine Muki Writes: Swisscoin Is SCAM


About two weeks ago, I wrote a detailed review about Swisscoin.

One of the biggest question I was asked was: Is swisscoin scam? Another question was: Is it a ponzi scheme?

Well, those are not wrong questions at all. It shows that you have a brain that thinks. Asking those questions also show how intelligent you are.

But I’m afraid that those questions are asked out of fear and not necessarily out of curiosity. You’re asking those questions to justify your reasons for not taking a risk that is capable of changing your financial status forever.

The truth is, we take risk everyday.

When boarding a car or bus to a place, is there any guarantee that you’ll arrive safely? NO! Do you ask the driver of his driver’s license to confirm if he qualifies to drive you? I bet you don’t.

Even when eating in a fastfood, you’re taking a risk because you have no idea if the cook observe any health measures while cooking the food to ensure that the food is healthy.

Not taking a risk is a risk itself. The world is ruled by those who take risk.

So, if you’re one of those people who think that Swisscoin is the biggest scam of the century, you need to read this article written by Enstine Muki. Yes! Estine Muki is a partner in Swisscoin.

SwissCoin is SCAM! They will take your money and disappear.

If you’ve finally made up your mind to join swisscoin, create a free account using the link below:

Join Swisscoin here for FREE

After that, send me an email using the contact page so I can add you up to the Whatsapp group where you will meet other swisscoin members and ask any question you have.

Do you still have any question about swisscoin? Ask in the comment box below.

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