The Greener Pasture You Seek is Here!!


First of all i want to say thank you for stopping by. I can assure you that you made the right decision by clicking that mouse. This is actually my first post and i am a little bit nervous. Yes! A little bit. I am only human not Shakespeare. I stand to be corrected anytime and your constructive opinion and criticism is most welcomed.

At some point in our life we have heard the word “greener pasture” at least once or twice. OK. let me explain that: greener pasture means a new place or activity that offers new opportunities or simply put, a better or more promising situation. We are made to believe that it is always better or brighter out there. The “Big Boys and Girls” in overseas make us believe that there are more if not better opportunities and fortune for us out there if we could just grab that Visa. While there may be great opportunities out there but it is not always given on platters of gold. Though many folks succeed there, you do not have any guarantee that you will be one of them.

There are no GOLD scattered on the streets of London!!! Anyone who told you otherwise is a certified Liar. Period!

I have read and also heard stories of parents who sell their lands, houses, belongings and even go to the extent of borrowing money just to help their children travel overseas. You may say that’s wisdom but i beg to disagree. I always laugh at such venture because they do this to the detriment of everyone involved. Do you think for a second that gold and diamond is scattered on the streets of New York, i tell you it is not. People work very hard there to make ends meet.

All that we ever wanted to succeed in Nigeria is here. What you seek out there is here staring at you. Seek no more.

Now, look closely at all the industries in Nigeria and you will be amazed at what is happening here. You will see that many industries have been experiencing a boom especially the entertainment and agricultural industry. look at different sectors of this industry like music, movies and comedy. People are making a living from just cracking a joke. Even dry jokes.

I am always inspired by the story of the humble beginning of Nollywood and the Telecommunication in Nigeria and other great companies. They started out as a joke but they are now making waves all over the world. they saw opportunities where everybody was complaining about the government and corruption that prevails here. They cam, they saw and they conquered.

What made a difference was their tenacity, resilience, focus, hope, determination and of course creativity. while others were complaining and wishing that things were better, they took the bull by the horn and never looked back. By all means, posterity will ever be grateful for their invaluable contribution to the economy of this great nation. They have given many youths a reason to smile and a future to hope for.

With  a population of over 170 million people in Nigeria, there is an opportunity for every Nigerian to be wealthy with the right goods and services. We are blessed with so much mineral resources than any other country in the world. we’ve got everything that a nation needs to succeed.

So stand up Nigerian, stand up African and grab the boundless opportunities that is staring you in the face. Refuse to complain, Rise high above all impossibilities and avail yourself of the blessed riches of this great nation. Enough of the excuses, nobody cares, enough of the blames.

Arise and succeed, Arise and Conquer. Arise and rule because you deserve a Position in the High places.

Share your experience with us in the comment box. Do you think that it is possible to succeed in Nigeria. What are your thoughts?

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