VibrantSharer Launches a Shop for Free Marketplace



It’s here and it’s massive. it’s the official launch of the most unique online commerce site “VIBRANTSHARER.COM“. This is a site that is created to meet the exact needs of consumers and merchants. is an e-commerce site that serves the real purpose of commerce and has a lot of benefits even to the end user who is just looking to buy a product but with low budget and yet get a unique/quality product.

According to a statement made by Mr. Victory Osayi Airuoyuwa the co-founder of the company at the official launch of in Benin City. He said, vibrantsharer aims to sell products at the most cheapest price you can ever find in the market or on any commerce sites.

They are partnering with top brands, product merchants and importers to tackle the issue of high cost; thereby vibrantsharer is subsidizing the cost of the products displayed on its site without any hidden charge.

As part of its plan to make buying even easier and cheaper for its proposed prospects! the vibrantsharer board has launched a “Get It For Free” program too, that allows you to register and get the product of your choice for free, although there is a catch to that, but it’s the most simplest of all..

Here’s how it works!

You can sign up to get a product of your choice for free by joining their referral program, pay a token of just 3000NGN and start to refer people to register through you, and once the person or people you refer pays their registration fee as well, VibrantSharer would split the money and accumulate it until it becomes sufficient to acquire the product of your choice, the other half that was split would remain in your vibrantsharer e-wallet and can be withdrawn anytime by you if you need cash. You can withdraw it in real time into your bank account with no questions asked.


This is not e-commerce as usual, this is “True-commerce” to sum it up really, VibrantSharer is an e-commerce market place that focuses on helping people like you get deals at its cheapest rate or even for free, if you do not have money to purchase a product that you like. To top it all! You can make real money into your e-wallet and withdraw it straight to your bank account whenever you want to make use of cash.

VibrantSharer has a wide range of product  and service categories you can choose, ranging from:- Training Deals, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Phone Accessories, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Projectors, Printers & Scanners, Computer Storage, Computer Accessories, Electronics, Televisions, Photo & Video Cameras, Music, Audio, Video Equipment, Video Game Consoles, Electric Generators, Other Electronic Appliances, Airtime Deals, Cash Deals, etc.

Interestingly! VibrantSharer started as an online social media brand (platform) on July 2, 2013 and launched in June, 2016. VibrantSharer is owned and managed by VibrantSharer Global Services Limited, an ICT company duly registered in Nigeria by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number: RC 1342618.

The company also provides clients with more services such as: Web development, Software development, ICT services & training, E-commerce services, Digital advertising & marketing, Sales promotion, General merchandise and trading.

Whether you are a merchant, a regular buyer or someone who wants to join buying and making money together, this awesome platform is open to you, finally you can get what you want without paying a ridiculous amount for it.

With the rev-share opportunities! Students and those with entrepreneurship mindset hoping to make some extra cash, either to pay for their daily or monthly up keep can make good amount of real cash from the system, and equally touch lives.

The ultimate goal of vibrantsharer is to touch lives through the power of commerce and rev-share system that has been put in place by great minds.

You can get more information on how to shop or make money via the vibrantsharer website:-



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  1. Hey Promise,

    Vibrantsharer looks like an amazing platform worth looking at from this article of yours. I’ve not heard of the platform in the past and an opportunity to shop and make money at the same time?

    Sounds great to me.

    Off to see more details about the platform. Might be so Interested.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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