Day 6: Work Smarter Than You Work Hard

work smart and also work hard

Welcome to day 6 of the 21-day program that help yo develop a millionaire mindset

Day 6: Work Smarter Than You Work Hard

“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things”

-Byron Dorgan

While growing up we’ve always been advised to work hard if we if we wanted to succeed in life. We hear it from our well meaning parents, teachers and even pastors. Working hard is the only way to success, they lectured.

But I beg to disagree.

Although success is often a result of hard work, it’s important to note that failure, too, is often a result of hard work.

So, what difference does it make when people who work hard also fail?

Truth is…

People work really hard doing the wrong thing which of course makes them unsuccessful.

Now this is the picture:

Assuming you were to meet someone on the 29th floor of a 30-storey building, and you had the choice of taking the staircase or elevator- which would you choose?

An elevator or staircase?

Of course, a smart person will go for the elevator.

Only a proud fool that will take the staircase when he would have just used the elevator.

We’ve been programmed into believing that we have to work really hard in order to achieve success. It doesn’t matter if we are doing the right or wrong thing…

So, we work hard to:

Study the wrong course

Pursue the wrong career

Start the wrong business or do the right business foolishly.

Do everything wrong, wrong, wrong.

It is true that people who work hard and people who work smart have different measures of success. Those who work hard work as individuals but those who work smart work as teams (together everybody achieves more).

People who work hard measure success by amount of hours they work and the number of tasks they accomplish in a day or week. But this is purely a case of poor time management.

Though I do admire those who work hard but most times they never become successful because in a bid to do everything they fail to see what’s important or what’s not.


That’s not the case with smart workers. They priotize (doing first thing first) in order to achieve the most valuable result in the most efficient way. And also, they use very little resources to produce much more.

They are smart entrepreneurs.

In life, hard work alone is not enough to succeed.

Seek for a simpler, smarter and easier way of doing things. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Though people might say that you are but in real sense you are smart.

Why climb the staircase when you can take the elevator?

Life is too short to spend 50 years working hard on things that take you nowhere, when you could work smart. There’s always a better way of doing things.

Google is at your service. Use it.

Learn from your mentor and other successful people.

Ask relevant questions. Never stop learning about new technologies in your industry. Be smarter than the smartest guy in your field.

It’s crazy to spend 70 years of your life trying to achieve success by working hard when you can get there by working smart.


  • Understand your strength and weakness and try to do things that match your strengths.
  • Don’t focus on completing a lot of tasks, focus on the most important tasks.
  • Don’t work on a job that makes you feel miserable when you can start your own business.
  • Constantly learn and evolve your skill set.
  • Get others to do less important tasks for you.
  • Leverage your network, resources and connections.
  • Know when to quit.
  • Look for shortcut on every task.
  • Plan and delegate responsibilities
  • Work hard at working smart

Quote of the day:

“The benefits of working smart are just as profound: better health, often more money, a great work/life balance, more energy, a better self-esteem, exceptional productivity and satisfaction with work”

 -Ron Alvesteffer

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