“Your Dreams Are Valid” – Fight For Your Idea With The Last Drop of Your Blood

Two years ago, Lupita Nyong’o won the best supporting actress Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards for her role in ’12 Years A Slave’.

In a moving acceptance speech, Nyong’o concluded with a message to children everywhere: “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”.

Have you ever been told that your idea is not good enough? or nobody will ever listen to such hoarse voice or read that your cold book??

Most of us have been told those harsh words that seem too cold for our fragile heart to bear. They tear us apart and leave us in self despair.

“Maybe they are right, i can’t amount to anything”. “In fact, right now, i don’t know where my life is heading to”.

I guess you’re familiar with those thoughts.

Surprisingly, the greatest enemy we all need to overcome is ‘self’.

Consciously or unconsciously, people want to box us in and tell us what we should be or what we could have been.

“Don’t wear those shoes, they don’t fit you”.

And the sad part? it does not always come from our enemies or ‘haters’…but from those we love the most – our family and friends.

Close friends and family, while not meaning any harm, often paralyze us through their “honest opinions” and sometimes through ridicule which is meant to be a humor. Many people carry these “little jokes” with them all through their lives which later result to lack of self confidence.

“If you must succeed in life, you must fight like a warrior. Attack with the madness of a wounded lion. Slay them all with your awesomeness. Demand for attention without any shame or reservation, not because you’re a peacock, but because you know you have so much to offer the world.”

Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger (formerly BoostBlogTraffic) shared a very inspiring story on Copyblogger of how he was diagnosed of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (neuromuscular disorder) as a baby.

The doctor said that he is going to get weaker, lose the ability to move, lose the ability to breathe on his own. And one day he’ll catch an infection that will spread into his respiratory system, giving him severe pneumonia that will eventually result in death before the age of two.

After 27 years, Jon happens to be one of the oldest people with his type of SMA!

Though you may call it a miracle, BUT, it wouldn’t have been without a mother who fought fiercely to keep her boy alive.

In spite of the odds, Jon has accomplished things that many would only dream of like graduating high school at 16, starting three businesses by 18, graduating college magna cum laude with a 3.9 GPA by 21, and buying and selling millions of dollars in luxury real estate at 22 without even beingĀ  able to see the inside of a single property. And presently, the Associate Editor of Copyblogger.com. (according to: thebadassproject.com)

your dreams are valid

your dreams are valid

This is purely a story of a mother who fought for what she believed in – her boy.

This is to show you that what you can achieve in this life is limit without limit if you stand strong and fight for it.

No matter what others tell you. or who said it – your dreams are valid. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a loving friend or a knowledgeable expert. They can go ahead and believe whatever they want.

All that matters, is that your dreams are relevant and so you must fight for it.

You know what they say? Opinion are the cheapest commodities in the world. Everyone and anyone is ready to dish it out for FREE.

Recently, i told a friend about quitting my job to pursue my dream as an entrepreneur fully. He told me this, “entrepreneurship no be beans” (that is, entrepreneurship is not easy).

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Yes, he’s right. In fact, I may be wrong to quit my job to pursue my dream but, one thing is certain, my dreams are valid. There is nothing anybody can tell me about it. No matter your level of knowledge or expertise.


People will always have an “honest opinion” to give over your matter. After all, it is free.

It’s either you’re too slim or too fat. You’re either too tall or too slim. They’ll always find a reason why you should not do or be what you want to be.

It’s so painful when people try to box you into a corner and pretend you don’t exist. After all, there are smarter people out there than you.

So, ignore the inner and outer demons who tell you that you can’t amount to anything in life. Demand excellence from everything you do and nothing less.

Make some noise that literally forces people to notice your uniqueness.

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If you must succeed in life, you must fight like a warrior. Attack with the madness of a wounded lion. Slay them all with your awesomeness. Demand for attention without any shame or reservation, not because you’re a peacock, but because you know you have so much to offer the world.

Let the thought of you give some people insomnia!!!

“You see this party wey we com so? we no com to look uche face”

We are here to take the world by storm and hurricane. We are moving fast to break records and set new ones. We know we are powerful beyond measure and so we demand that our dreams soar.

Whether you’re in Africa, Asia or Europe, your dreams are valid and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Fight for it with the last drop of your blood even if it’s the last thing you’ll do on earth.

Let your passion and hard work show people that your dreams are valid!!!

Drop your offering in the tithe box…..oooops…….i mean drop your thought in the comment box and tell us how you’re fighting or how you’ve fought for something you believed in.

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