10 Amazing Steps every Entrepreneur MUST Take To Become extremely Successful

10 Amazing Steps every Entrepreneur MUST Take To Become extremely Successful.

In my last post (The Greener Pasture you seek is Here!!) i made us to understand that you can actually succeed in Nigeria despite your color, sex, ethnic group, age or career. Nigeria is known to be the land of opportunity by foreign investors. I do not know why we are blind to this opportunities that is staring us on the face?

In a country of over 170 million people, can you beat that? we have been called the fastest growing economy in Africa according to The Economist blog. Wow! How terrific! You may ask, “how does that concern me?” A lot my dear. Now let’s consider what we can all do to benefit from this great statistic.

So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride!Here we go:

1. Decide On What you Want to be/do:

While it may be amazing to be jack of all trade, you definitely know that you’ll be master of none. You can’t be barber, carpenter and a tailor at once. Surely, becoming a photographer and a painter won’t get you anywhere, though it may fetch you some cool cash but you will end up being lost, frustrated and dissatisfied. So, decide on what you want, Do what is natural to you and believe me, you’ll love everything you do.

2. Be Informed:

“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever”-Daniel Goleman

I guess we’ve heard,” if you’re not informed you’ll be deformed.” How true that is. I am  not talking about a formal education here. I mean, go out there get information about your area of interest. Ask questions. read books. Listen to the news. Read the newspaper/magazine. Have a mentor. Socialize online/offline with real entrepreneurs. Stop listening to gossip and entertainment news. Face life. Face reality.

3. Get Education:

Yes! You have been waiting for this one. Why? Because you’ve been told to,

“go to school, get good grades, get a safe and secure job(which only exist in our imagination) and get married to the right girl”. How sweet! That’s fine.

It is a good thing that you get educated. Go after something you love. something you can do naturally. Something you can do without being paid to do so. You should be able to know the right university and the right course of study. Get all the knowledge necessary to change the African continent and the world at large.

“Do not go after the certificates, Go for the knowledge”

4. Be Focused:

“A person who aims at nothing is [sure] to hit nothing”-Anonymous.

Well you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that becoming jack of all trade will make you master of none. Discipline yourself to do what you want to do. Delay self gratification. You see, successful entrepreneurs are extremely focused people. They know what they want and they do everything and anything to get it. Don’t let the words of lazy failures get to you.

“To create something exceptional your MINDSET must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail”-Giorgio Armani.

5. Follow your Passion:

“follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice , and above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams”-Donovan Bailey.

I’m certain that you’ve heard this a thousand and one times but i tell you that its importance cannot be over emphasized. Go after your dream with all energy and enthusiasm. Don’t let what others tell you to stop You. You know yourself better. So go get it . It’s hard. I know. But I’m not giving you any other option. You just have to succeed. Do what others are afraid to do.

“Passion is one  great force that unleashes creativity, because, if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks”-Yo-Yo Ma

On my next post i shall take us all in the next 5 steps you MUST take to be an extremely successful entrepreneur.

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