13 Wealth Killers and how to avoid them


13 Wealth Killers and how to avoid them

This why you are poor…

It is the desire of everybody in this world to be wealthy, even as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, but very few people attain such lofty goal in life. In fact, it’s just OK to desire wealth, contrary to popular belief that you have to remain poor to learn humility or look religious. You know that’s nonsense! If you believe that, then you’ll believe anything. There are many ways to attain wealth in this world, there are the normal ways such as working hard for it and there are the lucky ways which include winning big on casino games.

It is just pathetic to see many graduates in Nigeria roam the street seeking for  jobs, when they are supposed to be employers of labor. They look for white-collar job( i heard it’s now blue-collar–Lol), which does not exist again in this information age, only in dreams and imagination…..and Nollywood 😉

Many people  are super eager to be wealthy but few of them can undergo the “wealth pressure”. And there are people who honestly desire wealth and have put in all the hard work but it seems they are still poor. The truth is wealth is attainable because it is a choice but there are things you are doing or NOT doing which is killing your finance silently. These wealth killers are…

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1. Old Ideas:

Abiding too much on old ideas of making money can make you terribly poor for life. Old ideas like:

  • It take money to make money
  • Go to school, get good grades and get a secure job.
  • money is not everything (really?)
poor parenting hurts us all
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2. Poor Parenting:

Parents who do not have the slightest idea about wealth creation will definitely and naturally pass on the ignorance to their children. So, if your parents are holding on to some archaic  beliefs about making money, you have a choice of rejecting it.

source: theglavo.com

3. Bad Friends/companies:

Hanging out with good-for-nothing will definitely make you poor. Technically, it is unwise for a wealthy  man to keep poverty-stricken friends. If you want to stay up for long, don’t look down. Change your friends now. If they’re not adding any value into your life, you DON’T need them.

4. Indiscipline:

If you’re not disciplined enough to delay self gratification and pursue your financial goals, you are doomed. Every success have a price, do things that are goals achieving.

source: nexusisr.com

5. Financial Ignorance:

Inability to understand how money works or what to do with excess money can ruin your financial life. It’s so sad our schools do not teach us how to make money but only how to work for money. I think every school should start teaching financial intelligence from kindergarten to PhD. It;s that serious! We can never avoid money issue as long as we live

6. Poor Mindset/Mentality:

If you believe that you can’t attain wealth, then you’re right. You can’t. We really have to change our perception about money if we really want to get.

7.  Impatience:

We all know that the patient dog always(perhaps not always) eat the fattest bone. You really have to be patient with your business, savings or investments to achieve your financial goal.

8. Get-Rich-Quick Scheme:

“Make $10,000 every week with little or no effort from you”. That sounds sweet right? It surprises me that many still fall prey for such cheap internet blackmail. I’m not saying that it is not possible to get that amount in a week but I’m saying that REAL wealth does not happen overnight. Forget about those get-rich-quick scheme if you want REAL money that lasts.

source: moneysavingexpert.com

9. Debt:

That’s one of the scariest four letter word in English language. But, I tell you, there is a good and bad debt. Good debt is taking a loan to buy an asset like land while a bad debt is taking a loan to acquire a liability like car. How Foolish! Avoid it like plague.

10. Gambling:

Yes, gambling kills wealth more than you can ever imagine. You can never get enough of it. Once you’re in, no way out. Please, avoid the modernized gambling-football score betting and prediction.

obama making call
source. theweek.co.uk

11. Phone Calls:

What’s that look on your face? I think I’m  right. Useless, unwanted and unnecessary phone calls to someone you shouldn’t be calling is a waste of resources. So, if an average Nigeria makes a call worth #500 in a weeek, #2,000 in month, #360,000 in ten years. Now calculate for 20years and 50years. Be careful because that phone call of Nothing Naira may be costing you a fortune.

12. Wrong Relationship/Partner:

You might be saying Excel are you for real? Yes, I am. The little money you are using for outing, shopping, calling, birthday parties or sending gift is really telling on you. Ask yourself: Do I really have to be in this relationship?

13. Electronic Gadget:

Buying the latest smartphone among Nigerian youth is really a trend. In fact, it is a norm or a lifestyle. Before you buy that blackberry or iPhone 6: ask yourself if you really need them.

From my list above you can see that a little hole can sink a great ship. Be careful of the little things you do because that little may cost you much one day. To attain wealth is easy in this information age. Just do the right thing and you’ll see money running to you.

Which of these wealth killers mentioned above has been a hole in your ship?

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