18 Captivating,Time-tested, Must Use Words Every Entrepreneur Must Know in Sales and Marketing


18 captivating, time-tested, must use words Every Entrepreneur Must Know in  sales and marketing

Everybody is in sales. From the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, you are continually negotiating, communicating, persuading, influencing and trying to get people to cooperate with you to do the things that you want them to do. If you are poor at sales, then you are merely a recipient of influence. This means that you will be continually influenced and persuaded by others. If you are good at sales, it means that you will be an agent of influence and you will be constantly influencing and persuading others in the direction that you want them to go.

All top executives are excellent low-key salespeople. All effective parents are wonderful salespeople. All effective children are very good at selling ideas to their parents. Excellent employees are very effective at getting their bosses to do things, and getting their coworkers to go along with them and cooperate with them in getting the job done. Everyone who is effective in virtually any area of life that involves other people is an excellent salesperson of some kind.

Your job is to become very, very good at selling. Over the years, unfortunately, a stigma has grown up around the selling profession. Many people feel that selling is a low-level type of activity and they don’t like to be associated with it. There are virtually no colleges or universities that have a Faculty or Department of Selling, even though 14.7 million Americans make their living from selling something to someone. It is the largest single, identifiable occupational group in the United States. Salespeople are the movers and shakers in every business and industry. They are the key people who create the demand for all the products and services that keep everyone employed at every other occupation.

-Brian Tracy

These words are essential for anyone that develops marketing pieces for their business.
It could be a flyer you’re handing out, an advertisement you’re pitching, a promotion
you’re running, a postcard you’re mailing, a one-on-one presentation you’re doing, a
website you are building, or anything else you are using to promote your business.

These 18 words will be invaluable tools for anyone involved in sales and
marketing or any type of sales.

#1. Shocking:
Use the word shocking to grab the attention
your buyer/reader and plant the expectation in their mind that they are going to grab a hold
of an amazing offer. Something like this will do the magic, “shocking news” “shocking offer”.

#2. Secret Revealed:
Use this words to let your clients have an inside knowledge about your product or service. It can be something like, “The secret to lose your belly fat is finally revealed”

#3. NOW!
The online world wants it NOW! So always include it in your promotion and advertisement. “NOW! Is the time to get that dream job”

#4. Amazing result:
Nobody has time for story. They all need result. Use this words to show the confidence you have in your product or service and be sure to give them the result.

#5. Quick and easy:
In today’s microwave society, everybody wants everything to be quick and easy. People will actually pay attention to you if you offer quick and easy tips to solve a problem. Example: “3 quick and easy steps to import goods to Nigeria”.

#6. Absolutely:
This word erases any iota of doubt out of the person reading your marketing material. Example: The Ultimate Guide to a Life of ABSOLUTE Financial Freedom

#7. The Answer to your…prayers:
“My product is the answer to your health prayers that will make you smile again”. In a religious country like Nigeria, you can never go wrong as long as your products give the solution promised.

#8. Best price ever offered!
Konga and Jumia are very good in using this words. They make you to believe that the price offered cannot be gotten anywhere.

#9. Nigeria’s #1:
You have to be careful when using this one because showing yourself as an expert/professional you must provide high-end services for your clients. If you don’t belief that you’re the very best at what you do, then no one will believe in you.

#10. Limited offer:
Limited availability creates a sense of urgency. No one wants to be left out on a great offer.

When using this word, let it be bold and in red font. This word gives so much attention. Nobody will ignore your ad/promotion when used properly. Example: “WARNING! What you’re about to buy/read is able to change your life forever”.

#12. Value:
People want value for their money. Place the actual value of your product/service. After stating the value, clearly state the sale price or savings. Godaddy and Bluehost are good examples.

#13. Bonus:
Everyone loves bonus. You can never give too many bonuses in your marketing. Bonus excites the client to buy your product and also provide an incentive for the customer to buy your product right away.

#14. Your shortcut to…
“your shortcut to making a million this month”, “your shortcut to getting that Visa NOW!. People like shortcuts to the destination they desire.

#15. STOP!
This four-letter word is so powerful that they can attract the attention of anyone. When using it, make the letters all caps and the font red. Even a mad man can’t ignore the word STOP.

#16. Danger:
This is attention grabbing word because if something is dangerous then people want to know about it. “danger!!! The information you’re about to read will make you fire your boss right away.

#17. How to stop…
“we can teach you how to stop your husband from cheating”. Women will do anything to get that product or service.

#18. FREE:
I deliberately kept this word as the last. This is one of the best and most used word online. People need almost everything for free. Though free is good but be careful how you use it because people have to believe that most things labeled “Free” are not free. So, use it sparingly. In your marketing materials, be honest. If it’s not free, don’t label it “free”.


Turn your life and your business around right now! The information that you have in
your hands right now will literally change your life and business. When you take these
words, study them, and implement them in all of your business marketing material, you
will achieve results like never before.

The only reason why you wouldn’t implement these strategies and use them in your
marketing is the opinion of one of your friends, family or co-workers that are infected
with the fear flu. The naysayers will tell you not to do it and continue to do what
everyone else does in marketing that simply doesn’t work. Do you really want to take
advice from someone who is broke, going nowhere and miserable? It’s time for you to
think outside the box and get uncomfortable!

You are a Champion! You were born with the right to receive and achieve every bit of
success that is coming your way. Vaccinate yourself against the fear flu, immerse
yourself in personal self-development and apply the tools and secrets in this article. You
are on your way to building a huge business and finally living true lifestyle freedom!


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