28 Things You Must Do Before You Are 25 By Joshua Triumphant


Twenty-five (25) is a quarter of a century, it is a defining year for everyone, and the thinking is that at 25 you must have some kind of stability, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise.

A lot of things changed for me when I turned 25, not just in my self-awareness as a person or a mental conscious change but something biological, like a growth milestone was crossed and I suddenly began to make sense out of my life, (maybe a little exaggerated), it has been scientifically proven that maturity begins at 25.

A lot about life is age sensitive.

Not to discount or insinuate that other ages are irrelevant or not special but then there are certain ages one of which is 18 that society believes that by that point you and those whose responsibility it was to build you should have made you ready to face life and the world.

It’s important that you prepare, with some set of goals before you turn 25.

Knowing that maturity begins at 25 is not a guarantee that you will actually display such, you must rise to a new level of awareness and take the responsibility that comes with becoming 25, you most likely will not learn this in school, I didn’t either, society will also not teach you formally but will expect that you live up to it all the same.

A fool at 40 is a fool forever, but he was a fool at 25.

So as I turn 28 I have penned down 28 things you must do before you are 25.

  1. Understand life, the dignity of work and the place people play and shouldn’t play
  2. Understand your life design
  3. Have a clear and well-defined identity and guiding values that are unchanging
  4. Have a certainty of faith in an eternal concept
  5. Develop a working relationship with a worthy mentor
  6. Must have developed basic computer competence, and the master the of use social media.
  7. Must have a habit of reading and must have read at least 50 personal life development and life-enhancing books relevant to your life’s pursuit
  8. Must have a well-developed operational thinking process
  9. Must know the value of time and how to use it. the place of money, the strength of earning and the place of giving
  10. Must have a well-designed decision-making model
  11. Must have understood fully your opposite sex, and the process of dating, courtship and the demands of marriage
  12. Develop a clear and actionable life plan for at least 5 years
  13. Must have learnt the art of living intentionally, proactively and have a deep sense of self-awareness
  14. Must be able to communicate clearly in public and have an above average command of English and 2 other languages
  15. Must have developed your leadership to global standards and have volunteered  for leadership in your community, office, school at least one
  16. Must have a full grasp on social and emotional intelligence
  17. Have a well-cultured saving habit of at least 10% and have a passive investment
  18. Visit the most vulnerable parts of society at least once a year
  19. Learn the very important skill of unlearning and relearning
  20. Must have developed the courage to say no and keep toxic people out of your life
  21. Must know your most dominant weakness and how to manage and keep it in check
  22. Must have understood  and know how to use the power of self-branding
  23. Must be contributing something to society, an idea, a solution to a social problem, a product, a job etc.
  24. Must have mastered the habits of bodily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping
  25. Must have visited a 1st world nation or its equivalent  at least once
  26. Must have understood the place of failure as an integral part of life and success
  27. Must be a part of at least 3 relevant communities touching society in ways far-reaching and beyond personal profit  
  28. LIVE… LOVE…LAUGH, and do it all over again

These should not serve as an all conclusive list as you should add to but not necessarily remove from the list above. If you are 25 already and have not done much on the list, all hope is not lost just start now, and if you are not 25 yet…well start working towards it and or keep going, it will surely help you as your next 365 days approach.

This is a guest post by Joshua Triumphant

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Joshua Triumphant

Joshua Triumphant has a deep passion for the development of Africa and believes in the destiny of this continent designated third world. He believes that the young and middle age will play the most critical role in leadership but not in its contemporary sense.

A critical thinker and strategist he has been instrumental in helping many young entrepreneurs build thriving businesses across diverse fields.

He is an alumnus of the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy, Lagos. He lives and works in the city of Port Harcourt.


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