5 Great Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned from a Mouse


Have you ever imagined learning great lessons from a dog, snake, cow, or even a rat? I guess not. Learning one or two lessons from mouse may be a bit weird for some people. You might say in all the animal in the world, it is only a rat I could learn a lesson from? Probably not.

As an entrepreneur, Everywhere around you are lessons begging to be discovered and learned. It may be when you’re dropping your child from school, driving through traffic, an annoying parent, a wicked uncle or a broken plate. Your job is to be observant and look around you for great lessons wrapped up in everyday activities then turn them into a mind-blowing content, just like I’m doing now. These are the things that will make your content unique and relevant, which in turn gives you loads of traffic. You get traffic, your readers get value for their time spent on your blog and everybody is happy.

Are you ready? These lessons you are about to learn is capable of changing your life forever! Just as the lessons I learned has changed everything about me, the way I interact, the way I spend my time, the way I buy, the way is sell, the way I work. I mean everything about me has improved drastically. If you think I’m a joker then read on. These are my 5 great entrepreneurial lessons i learned from a mouse…

Lesson 1: Rats know How to Invade New Territories. Invade, Penetrate, Interfere, Occupy and Permeate.

The Mouse: Have you ever wondered how a mouse found its way into your well- locked apartment? Think again. These little annoying creatures look for little cracks in the wall and together they burrow, invade, trespass and finally occupy. Mice smell fishes from afar and before you could ask, what? They have invaded already.

You: you are not ready for business if you are not ready to smell a fish from afar and drill a hole in the competition.

  • David H. Mconnel started Avon in 1886 as door-to-door book salesman but later switched to offering perfume samples which later became the California Perfume Company in New York. That is invading.
  • Flickr started as a chat-room with real time photo sharing fro the web-base multi-player game, Game Neverending. Thereafter, they buried the uploading and filling of photos.
  • Frederick Idestam took Nokia from paper mill to mobile communication in 1868. That is penetration.
  • Steve Job’s Apple also drilled a hole in the IBM concept in order to launch the Lisa in 1984. (Source: Incomediary)

If you are a newbie into an industry, you must use your teeth(tools) to burrow some holes around. You have to leave some hole in the walls so that people can notice you and practically smell a rat. Don’t wait for anyone to approve of you and stop comparing yourself with them. It’s your life. You’ve got to love it. Give it your very best shot by being honest with yourself. If you fail. Take heart. No one has the right to judge you. Pick yourself up while you can and start living.

Lesson 2: Mice know how to Litter the place. They are super fertile. Create. Start Something new.

The mouse: the mouse can breed throughout the year. They are never tired of making new babies.

You: how many articles have you written in your field of expertise? There is almost no other way to build your personal branding without producing what we can see. Note that number matters a lot. How many blogs have you contributed to this year by a constructive comment or a valuable guest post or what you only care about is backlink? You are laughing at that guy whose article is almost everywhere online, right? Well, you are the pathetic one here.

One of the terrible excuses young people give for not starting a business is, “I don’t have an idea yet” or worse still, “I’m too young to start a biz”. Too young? Think again. They are just waiting for that big idea, that one-in-a-million idea to fall out of the sky and jump into their lap. And that’s when they’ll get started. You hear them say something like, “I’m praying about it”, “I’m waiting on the Lord”.

If you want to be extremely successful, just start selling something, anything. Find out what people are dying to buy and sell it to them.

World-changers write down their thoughts. They keep doing it even when not paid. Don’t tell us you have an idea that can make you richer than Dangote. Write it down. Publish it on a blog. When last did your article go viral? Think again bro.

Lesson: Mouse can Infect your anything and everything. Be infectious. Affect and Contaminate.

The mouse: when the mouse pees on your foodstuff, you better leave it. It’s called the power of infectiousness. You dare not leave your food in the kitchen open or else you lose it to mouse poop.

You: never do anything because everybody is doing it. Don’t start blogging because you heard that Linda Ikeji is a millionaire blogger. Stop doing things with complacency. To be infectious is to start something that can go places. I mean writing an article with such an infectious style that people can’t help but share and like it.

Don’t just update your Facebook page or timeline; leave it with a killer message that will keep people talking about it for days or months. Tweet with some infectious words that carry power, authority and wisdom and see the world racing to your doorstep. Try telling a story that can be retold over and over and over again without losing its flavor.

Check your industry, are you being infectious or you are just a “sweet little something that leaves no bite”. Pee on that industry and let people smell it from afar. When last did your article go viral?

Read my blog post that gave me 2,000+ visitors in a day here.

That’s why you must strive to be a great content creator and marketer. Creating fresh and relevant content has become a passion for me. When I started out blogging, I was kind of scared of writing an article for 500 words but today I can write an article of 3,000+ words without running dry.

Infectious works create movements, cool cultures and encounter cultures. They help us make the world a better place by providing answers and solutions to our endless questions and problems. I ask again when last did your blog post go viral?

Lesson 4: Mice can adapt to a new environment very fast. Adapt or die. Attack or Retreat.

The Mouse: they can actually survive anywhere. Since, they are omnivores; they can consume almost any food they find. They are one of the animals you find anywhere on earth. Go to china, Canada, New York, Africa anywhere. All because they adapt.

You: Darwin said, “Only the creature that adapts in the circle of life truly survives. Things change around us. Means of communication changes. Consuming pattern change. Industries change. Almost everything I know of changes except God Almighty. From diskette to CD, from CD to flash drives, from flash drives to clouds. Who knows? The next one might be from clouds to heavens.

Things are randomly changing and you just don’t sit there crying, wishing and blaming your poor uncle in the village for your failure. As a blogger don’t only write text articles, include captivating pictures(infographic), audio and video. You have to change to adapt with the new style of things. Change your operational model. Nowadays, It seems everything is done online except making of babies……Lol. I mean change my dear. There’s no need buying an office space worth a million when you can get a powerful website or blog for almost a penny. These days if your business is not online. Forget it. You are not in business. Change and adapt.

Lesson 5: Mice are the faithful servants of lab experiment .Experiment with Failure.

The Mouse: these poor creatures are frequently subjects of medical, psychological and other biological experiments. This is because they grow quickly to s.e.x.u.a.l maturity and are easy to keep and to breed in captivity. If you are opportune to see the mouse going through some gruesome exercise in the lab, you’ll pity them

You: history has it that Thomas Edison tried for a thousand times before we got the electric bulb right. Now, hear him,

I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

You can’t know if that marketing strategies will work unless you experiment.

Our educational system has given us a very blind opinion about failure. We do not want to fail because we have a human need that seeks the approval of others even when it tires us out.

It’s honestly ok to fail but don’t fail backward, fail forward.

Now read these powerful quotes about failure.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts-Winston S. Churchill

“There is only one thing that makes impossible to achieve-the fear of failure-Paul Coelho.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor-Truman Capote.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.- Winston S. Churchill

Let me leave you with this time bomb by Kenny Brandmuse

“While others wish you a very successful year ahead, may I wish you a year filled with many failed attempts that eventually lead to that one unique success that will [shake] and change the world.

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  1. wow!… you are such a terrific writer!…

    I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000
    ways that won’t work”.

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