60+ Reasons Why You Must Start Your Own Business Today

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60+ Reasons Why You Must Start Your Own Business Today

Everyday out there in the corporate world, millions and millions of people drag themselves from their warm beds, take a shower, grab a plate of rice and beans or hot amala and ewedu(Nigerian delicacy) and head off to a job that they hate so much.

And everyone of those millions and millions of people knows somebody, somewhere who has quit the rat race and is living the good life of plenty and luxury just by typing few keyboards on their computers, from the comfort of their own homes.

Research has shown that more than 90% of all internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days

Now i’m not saying this to scare you. I want to take your eyes from that 90% who fail and look at the other side of the coin. Of course, success is possible and there is always that other 10% or more that do succeed.

Without wasting your precious time these are my 60+ reason why you MUST start your own business.

#1. Pursue your passion: You can follow your passion without trying to just fit in.

#2. Meet new people: You will have the opportunity to meet with top achievers and leaders in your industry.

#3. Create Jobs: with the high rate of unemployment, you can never go wrong for creating job opportunities a large percentage of them.

#4. The government love entrepreneurs and will do anything to get your attention.

#5. Become famous: that’s inevitable as long as you you give people value for their money, your business will grow, hence, you become famous.

#6. Parents point their children to follow your footstep.

#7. Make good money: Of course, a good business is equal to good money.

#8. You get an opportunity to travel all over the world.

#9. You discover and learn new cultures and languages.

#10. You can relate personally to the needs of your clients.

#11. You get involved in your community and neighborhood.

#12. Every young entrepreneur looks up to you for inspiration.

#13. You can choose to refine your skills by attending new classes and seminars.

#14. You gain name recognition and build a brand.

#15. Live near your office.

#16. You inspire others to follow their own dreams.

#17. Make More Money 🙂 who doesn’t want to make more money?

#18. Have a great story to tell others.

#19. You are your own boss.

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#20. Sell whatever you want to sell without any restriction or whatsoever.

#21. No crazy headline to beat unless you want to do it.

#22. Build a team around your business that will ever be proud of.

#23. Take the risks and gain the rewards

#24. Create an asset for yourself and family.

#25. Your parents will ever be proud of you. Who wants a failure for a child? No one!

#26. Your enemies will beat themselves and grind their teeth because you did what they could never do.

#27. Your friends will envy you. They will wish they where you.

#28. With a good product and service you could become the talk of the town. Isn’t that sweet?

#29. You choose to give whoever is in need.

#30. You can work from the office, home, kitchen, toilet or the moon…Lol….it’s your choice.

#31. Create your own product from start to finish without and interference by a boss.

#32. You eventually overcome your fear of starting a business.

#33. You walk with your head raised high knowing that you’ve become a blessings to thousands or millions.

#34. Marry the girl/boy of your dream……awwww…how sweet 😉 no girl wants a poor husband.

#35. Surprise your friends who never believed in you.

#36. You have total control over your salary.

#37. Fire anybody you wants….i don’t mean you should be a bad boss.

#38. Hire only those competent for a job.

#39. Make Big Big Money….don’t you want that?

#40. You don’t have to depend on the government for a job that may never come…..ever!

#41. You are highly respected by all.

#42. You can shop in Dubai, New York or China….the choice is yours.

#43. Delegate boring tasks to your employee.

#44. Have a very BIG office.

#45. Never worry about being fired.

#46. If you’ve ever dreamed of being wildly wealthy…now this is your chance. Don’t blow it!

#47. Good or bad, you will have a great story to tell your children and grand children.

#48. Increase your twitter and facebook followers. Who doesn’t want to have at least 2million followers on twitter or facebook.

#49. Make people and make them listen to you.

#50. Have the chance to develop your community.

#51. Become A public figure.

#52. Train your children in Harvard or Oxford University. It’s your choice.

#53. A chance to build a system that may generate income forever.

#54. No financial worry. Ever!

#55. Join force with the government and international organization to eradicate malaria in Africa.

#56. Support the orphanage and less-privileged.

#57. Your name eventually becomes a song the lips of women and children.

#58. People you don’t know talk about you, your brand, product or services. Now. that free promotion.

#59. You become a good example of someone who tried and succeeded.

#60. The world and people around are ready to listen when you speak.

#61. Your business eventually changes the  whole world(like Apple and Google) and affect the lives of every living soul alive and unborn.

Bottom Line…

So my dear reader, what is really keeping you from being an entrepreneur?

What stops you from quitting your boring job and start your business?

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You see there are thousand and one reasons why you should start your own business. Of course, there are risks and obstacles but there is nothing holding you back.

Take a leap, follow your passion and BUILD THAT COMPANY you’ve always dreamed of.

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