The Absolute Truth About Having A Dream And Setting Goals


Difference Between Dreams and Goals

So many people often use the words “dreams” and “goals” wrongly or interchangeably.

Do these words mean the same thing to you or are they different?

Take for instance someone says “my dream is to become a doctor” and another person says “I have a set goal”. Do you think they mean the same thing or something entirely different?

There was a time I use to think there was no difference between these two concepts. I thought of them as meaning the same thing, not until I realized the difference between dreams and goals.

So likewise, not until you realize the significant difference between a dream and a goal, you will never take the bull by the horn.

In this article we shall be looking at the difference between dreams and goals under the following sub-topics:

  1. Dreams: Desire to become Something
  2. Goals: Dreams with a Deadline

Dreams: Desire to become Something

What is you dream?

Most people I know have a dream of what they hope to become in the near future. Before writing this article, I’ve asked lots of people about their dreams.

Many, described their dream with so much enthusiasm and joy, some went in details to tell me how they hope to begin and how they want to end.

However, others are reluctant to talk about it. They seem kind of embarrassed about it or probably they had not really thought about their dream.

These people are not sure about their dreams, they’ve never tested it, and they don’t know if they are aiming too high or too low. They are not certain if they can really achieve their dreams or not.

The truth here is that so many people don’t have the slightest clue on how to achieve their dreams. They possess an imaginary thought in their head of something they would like to do or somebody they would like to become.

They really don’t know how to get to that desired place.

Well, if that describes you, then there is every possibility that you really had not figured out the difference between having a dream and having a goal.

Like I mentioned earlier, I take these two words to mean the same thing and it really hindered my chances of annexing great opportunities and moreover, it killed my determination and self-drive because I do have these thought of “I will get there someday” in my head. Hence, I became too relaxed.

But it dawned on me, that in order to become successful and make my dreams come true, I had to set a target for myself. Therefore I needed to do everything possible to meet that target. This was how I learned that having a dream is not just enough, but you need to have a deadline or a target for that dream.

This enables you to work hard to achieve and make your dream a reality.

However, there are DREAMS and there are dreams. So many people cloud their mind with vague thoughts and they call it “dreams”.

Example of such vague thoughts include; Daydreams – They are thoughts that enters your head or mind and tend to distract you from your current course of action. T

here are also wild dreams with no idea, strategy or a basis on how to bring them to reality, these kind of dreams are what I call “castle-in-the-air dreams”, there are also dreams that people harbor in their mind of how the world would be if they were in charge, this is similar to “castle-in-the-air dreams”. Etc

Most of these dreams have no strategy of how they can be accomplished.

They only end up fulfilling the reason why “dreams are called dreams”.

However, we should know that no matter what you have in your head as a dream, you can make it become a reality, when you have a focus, target, goal, deadline and a motivating spirit you can achieve your dreams.

This will bring us to the next sub-topic; Goals: Dreams with a Deadline

Goals: Dreams with a Deadline

A goal is something you set up for yourself in life to achieve success. They are the stepping-stones to your dreams. But simply put, I see goals as dreams with a deadline. Let’s take for example; you have a dream to go to a law school to become a lawyer.

In this scenario, there will be a goal (a deadline) in which you are going to make this dream a reality. You place a stipulated period of time or age range that you hope to finish with your law school and then begin your career in law. Therefore making the dream a reality.

A person without a goal is like someone set on a journey without a destination.

Goals act as a driving force in order to make your dream a reality, when you have a desire, it is necessary to set up a goal so as to ensure you work hard towards that dream. Goals help you to focus your dreams and make you specify when you want to achieve them.

You should know that without a deadline attached to what you want to achieve, you could spend years chasing your dreams because you feel you have all the time in the world.

Know that dreams can only inspire you, but goals can change your life. When you are inspired, you need to have a pre-defined course of action and a target, which makes up your goal.

You have a dream to be a very successful entrepreneur and a CEO of a multi-national company. You are making plans and preparations towards it.

However, you don’t have a definite period of time that you hope to accomplish this dream. Hence, you only end up spending the rest of your life working (toward your dream) with no plans for retirement.

This indirectly implies that you had no focus or target on how to accomplish your dreams.

Therefore the importance of having a goal to accomplish your dreams cannot be over emphasized.

A dream must have a deadline (goal), because without which, the dream will always remain a dream. It will never come to reality, dreams can’t produce results only goals can.

You can day-dream the whole time but you definitely won’t get anywhere with it. But when you have a goal attached to that dream you start seeing results.

Moreover, while you can dream for free, goals come with it’s price. You must be willing to pay a price. This price may be your money, time, effect sweat etc and for how long are you willing to pay this price?

Thus, for self motivation and to transform your dreams into reality, you need goals which also implies you need to set a deadline to achieve or make this dream a reality.

Final Words

So many people have had their dreams knocked out of them. The world is filled with dream crushers and idea killers. But never give up on your dreams.

Columnist Maureen Dowd says, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for”.

Sometimes it only takes one step to change your dreams into a goal. But yet, it can take years to take that goal to the finish line. When you dream big, always make sure your goals are also as big. Because dreams don’t come true…. Only goals do.

What do you think about having a dream and a goal? Do they mean same thing to you?

Share your thoughts with us.

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