How To Attract Advertisers To Your Blog That Pay You For Your Traffic

As a blogger or website owner, one of the fastest and easiest way to make money from your blog is through advertising.

However, the biggest challenge of most bloggers has always been getting advertisers to advertizers on their blogs directly.

To be honest with you, attracting advertisers to your blog is quite difficult if your blog is not attracting hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors monthly or weekly.

Although it may be difficult but it is not impossible to attract advertisers to your blog.

You may be wondering why would an advertiser advertise on your blog when there are Google Adword, Facebook Ad and other great and mighty Advertising platform.

You may not realize it, but advertisers want to take a share of your email subscribers, social media following, your authority, your brand and most importantly, your personality.

Advertising networks like Google Adsense,, adnow, etc have made it easy for bloggers to place contextual (related) ads for their contents on their blogs. Beside these ad networks, one can earn more revenue from direct advertisement.

Although, I do not get millions of traffic to my blog monthly, I receive proposals from at least two advertisers to my blog every week. Most times I do decline some proposals when the advertisement does not fit my audience.

I can’t sacrifice the loyalty of my audience to few dollars.

So, in this post I will share with you some proven tips you can use to optimize your blog to attract advertisers that will pay you for your traffic however small it is.

Different Types of Advertisement You  Can Display on your blog

  1. Sponsored Post/ article
  2. Product Review
  3. Text link
  4. Banner ad
  5. video ad
  6. Sticky Footer
  7. Pop-under etc

Get a Premium Theme

Nobody will take you seriously, let alone advertisers, if you are using a free theme on your blog. It’s a clear sign that you’re not serious about your blogging business if you’re not using a premium theme.

Free themes have many issues and among them are they are not unique, not totally responsive, poorly coded, etc. So, if you want to be taken seriously by advertisers, you should get a premium theme. I will recommend MyThemeShop for all your premium themes. A premium theme at MythemeShop is all you need to have a professional and 100% responsive blog design.

I wrote a short review here about MyThemeShop

It doesn’t end with getting a premium theme.Let’s move ahead.

Get Organised and Neat

Your blog should be organized and neat to attract advertisers. No advertser wants his ad to be swallowed in the midst of untidiness.

Do not place unnecessary banners and widgets on your sidebar. I removed “most popular” and “recent post” widget from my blogs because I realized that 90% of blog readers do not click it.

Get rid of banners that are too colorful or do not fit with your brand color.

Although, I made the misatke of having so much banners on my side bar, I was still getting advertisers. But when I organized it and put everything in place, the number of advertsiers increased.

Before now, I had placed so many information on my sidebar like, my writing service, blog consulation, 60 minute free coaching session, “as seen on” image, optin form and my personal picture.

This was not only a turn off to some people, it was causing my site load slowly. Another thing I found out was that most web surfers have turned a blind eye to the side bars on websites becasue they have the thought that the side bars are for adverts.

Instead of placing so many information on my sidebar, I removed them all and placed them on just an image (see the image below) and also remove my picture. And now, my sidebar has just “as seen on” image, optin form and an image to display my services and coaching program, then I link the image to my service page.


So, clean up your entire blog home page to attract advertisers. Whatever you think is not important should not be displayed on the home page. There is no need for too much bell and whistle on your home page if it does not have a positive user experience.

Be Specific

Whether your blog is getting high traffic or not, having a specific niche matters a lot. One reason advertisers may not be appraching you is because your niche is too broad and they can’t really tell who your audiece is.

Advertisers will only buy an ad spot on your site if they find that it would be beneficial for and relevant to them. So, advertisers will rather find sites in which their ad falls in music, fashion,business, relationship or any other specific niche.

Instead of writing every topic under the sun, one should concentrate on his site niche to attract more specific audience and consequently more advertisers.

Create an “Advertise here” Page and Banner

It is important you have an “advertsie here” or “Advertise with us” banner on your blog if you want advertsiers to know that you are open for business.

Nobody will know how awesome your grandma recipe is if you don’t tell them about it.

A few months ago, I shared on my facebook page about how Placing an “advertise here” page on my blog attracted three advertisers about three days after I placed it.

I was a bit upset that I had missed a lot of advert opportunity prior to the time of  placing the banner.

A lot of people thanked me for the eye-opener and went to their blogs to place an “advertise here” page too.

I removed my banner few weeks ago when I was cleaning up my blog home page. However, I have a link on my top bar that redirects interested advertisers  to my advertisement page.


It’s ok to have a banner on your sidebar if it does not make your home page  look untidy. In fact, there’s no hard and fast rule here, you can place your banner at anywhere on your blog as long as it is visible enough to get attention.

Relevant Information to include in ad page:

  • About blog niche
  • Updated status of your blog like PR, Alexa rank, Traffic
  • Rates of Advertisement space
  • Payment mode

Include a contact page so that interested advertisers can easily get in touch with you with one click. You can see an example of my advertisement page here. or you can see a more detailed advertisement page on ShoutmeLoud here.

Create A Media Kit

A media kit is simply a presentation of your blog statistics to your potential advertisers. It is more or less a menu where you present what your blog can offer to a potential advertiser. If you are serious about getting direct advertisement then it is important you get a detailed media kits.

A media kit is also a great way to know your present blog statistics, your progress while helping advertisers  get a glimpse of your audience and everything they need to know about your blog.

Details To Include in a media kit according to ShoutMeLoud:

  • A short introduction
  • Previous partnership/clients
  • Blog Traffic details
  • Social followers (and email subscribers)
  • Types of advertisement offer or slots
  • Payment Mode
  • How long an ad will be displayed

Read in details here>>> What Every Blogger Ought To Know About Media Kits

Reach Out To Advertisers

There’s a saying that if Mohammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Muhammad. Same thing applies to attracting Advertisers. If advertisers do not come to you, go to them.

Having an “advertise here” page and doing all the things I mentioned above will not automatically make advertisers run to you.

You should take the responsibility and seek them out.

Start contacting companies directly to consider advertising on your blog. Be careful not to sound desperate and needy. It’s as simple as sending a proposal to them with your media kits.

How To Find Companies To Work With

  • Use google to search for companies related to your niche
  • Use the social media and look at companies that are advertising heavily on Facebook.
  • Spy your co-bloggers and competitors to see which companies are advertising on their sites

Make a list of 10-20 of these companies and pitch them your offer. If you want to get results, you must be intentional about getting advertisers to your blog.

Read more: 16 Unusual Ways to Create Brand Awareness That Literally Forces People to Notice Your Brand

Here’s the template I’ve used several times to get quick response from advertisers:


This is the response:


You can as well use this simple template by Marko Saric of HOWTOMAKEMYBLOG:

Hi (name),

I run SITENAME. I rank high in Google for several keywords includingKEYWORD1 andKEYWORD2.

I wanted to hear if you would be interested in advertising on my site as I believe it could bring you some highly targeted, quality traffic.

Let me know what you think. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You see, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Tips To Get Your Email Read and Replied to:

  • Write a catchy subject line
  • Introduce yourself
  • Address the right person with a proper salutation. If you know the name of the person you’re contacting, that’s great.
  • Be direct, clear, specific, and brief
  • State what they stand to gain. What are the benefits they stand to gain for working with you?

And what if I don’t get any response?

If you don’t get any response, it doesn’t mean that you’re ignored or your site is terrible. Anything could have happened, so, they didn’t get your email.

Or perhaps they were too busy to reply. Remember, it’s not about you. The best you can do is send a follow-up email. Don’t just assume that they saw your email and decided to ignore you.

I use the 3-7-7 rule a lot of the time in my follow up.

Here it is: If you don’t get a reply as soon as possible, simply wait for 3 days before sending a follow up email. If they don’t reply, wait for 7 days before sending another follow up email and if  for some weird reasons they don’t  reply, wait for another 7 days and send your final follow email. And if after this time, they don’t reply, my dear, move on with your life.

This rule is not written on stones. You can tweak it as you want. You can even use 3-3-7 rule. But remember not to come off as annoying, disturbing and desperate.

That’s why you should contact as many advertisers as possible. This way, you can have at least 10%-20% response rate.

Read this article on Hubspot>>> The Ultimate Guide On How To Write A Follow-Up Email

Focus on giving out great content

Another way to attract advertisers that will pay you for your traffic is to write only quality content on your blog. If all you have are basically, 200-300 word articles that give no value to your readers, advertisers will find it difficult to trust you.

Well, “great content” could be niche and industry-specific. Depending on the niche, great content could be anything from video, music, article, podcast, photo, news, gossip, etc

One of the ways people judge the quality of a blog is by its content. Even though the design may not be great but if the content is awesome, advertisers will think highly of you.

If you’re wondering what makes a content great, read this article by Kissmetrics>>> The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content

Are you Mobile Friendly?

According to hosting facts,There are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users; 52.7% of global internet users access the internet via mobile, and 75.1% of U.S. internet users access the internet via mobile.”

Statistic has proven that a large percentage of people who surf the net use their mobile phones.

I can bet that you’re reading ths particular article with your mobile phone.

Advertisers do not want to lose out on potential customers who use mobile phones when they advertise on your site.

They will lose out on potential customers if their ads on your site is not well optimized for mobile users. That’s why I recommend MyThemeShop for premium themes that are highly responsive and mobile friendly. Most of the times, free themes are not usually responsive.

Offer To Advertise For Friends For Free

What? How could I say that when your ultimate goal of advertising on your website is to make money?

let me explain.

There’s this human psychology that persuades us to do something simply because others are doing it.

For example, when you follow a friend to a shopping mall, most of the things you will buy will be influenced by your friend’s choice.

So, if advertisers see that other people are advertising on your site, they are likely to  contact you to place an ad on your site. Take note that you should not over do it (placing so many ads on your blog) especially if you’re not making money from it.

How Much Should You Charge Advertisers?

The amount to charge advertisers is not written on stones because it could be influenced by lots of factors. Although, the most important factor for many advertisers is the size of your monthly traffic. Of course, the blog that gets monthly traffic of 100,000 visitors will charge advertisers higher than a blog that gets 10,000 monthly traffic.

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs  Journey has a very simple formula for blogger:

To keep things really simple I recommend you start with my formula –

Your daily unique visitor count, divided by ten, as a base monthly fee per ad.

Assuming you have 500 daily unique visitors, your monthly rate should be 500/10 = $50

This is only a guide and not a law.

Your pricing models should be based on these popular pricing models:

  • CPM CPM (Cost Per Mille, i.e. Cost Per Thousand Impressions): An advertiser is charged per thousand impressions
  • CPA (Cost Per Action, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Purchase): An Advertiser is charged only when something is purchased, a form filled or any other type of transaction.
  • CPC (Cost per Click): An advertiser is only charged when an ad is clicked
  • Flat rate: An advertiser is charged a fixed rate at a period of time. This is the model I prefer because it prevents any kind of conflict with an advertiser.

Things you should consider when setting your rates according to Successful Blogging:

  • “How many sponsored blog posts you’ll write each month. For example, you could promise only two sponsored blog posts a month and charge more for that exclusivity.
  • Would you prefer to offer more sponsored blog posts at a lower rate or less at a higher rate? I’d prefer to work with few clients and charge more.
  • What else you can offer your advertisers in terms of exposure on your other social media outposts, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • If running a sponsored blog post by a certain brand will provide value to your readers and add to your blogging credibility.
  • If the brand has the same values as your blogging brand.
  • If the brand or product is something that would naturally interest your readers and fit with what you normally cover on your blog.
  • How much time you’ll spend researching, writing and finding images for the sponsored blog post.
  • If you’ll write the post yourself or just edit and format a post the advertiser has written.
  • How much influence you have online, and if that will be eroded if you work with certain brands. or promote too many brands too often.
  • If the post needs to be an advertorial about the product or if you can just write your normal blog post or a post on a related topic without pushing a brand or product.
  • How engaged your blog readers are. I believe engagement is more important than the number of readers a blog has.”


How To Increase Credibility To Attract High Paying advertisers.

The more credible your blog is, the more high-paying advertisers you will get. Do the following to increase your credibility.

  • Submit guest posts to high authority blogs
  • Be featured in a roundup post or interview
  • Publish high-quality content on your site
  • Have your picture on your blog
  • etc

Read more here: How to Go Great Places With Your Blog and Have The World Race To Your Feet

Again this is only a guide, you can decide to charge anything you think your entire blog is worth. Do not undersell yourself for any reason.

Any advertiser who cannot pay you for what you are worth should be ignored. Don’t accept a poor payment simply because you are desperate to make money from your blog.

You must have a strong negotiation skill and be stubborn sometimes to get the best rate. A friend told me a story of how he was paid an unbelievable amount of money for an advertisement because of his good negotiation skill and a bit of stubbornness

If you think no advertiser is willing to pay you what you deserve, you should rather dedicate your time to growing your audience. In future, advertisers will be looking for you just like they do to Linda Ikeji.

Don’t place ads that are not relevant to your audience in order not to lose their trust and loyalty. Whatever you do, your audience should be held in high priority first. Because without them, no advertisers will come to you.

In the name of everything that is good and pure, receive payment before publishing any ad. I’ve had a bitter experience with one advertiser recently. I guess, it happened because I did not receive payment first, hence, he was able to demand for things outside my terms.

You owe it to your audience to let them know that they are viewing or reading a sponsored post or ad. There’s an argument among bloggers whether to place it before or after a post. I personally prefer to place it at the end of a post.

If you’re publishing a sponsored post, courtesy demands that you let your audience know about it. It is wrong to mislead your audience simply because you want to make money from your blog.

Use the byline below at the end of every sponsored post or ad:

This is a sponsored post by (name of company)

Adding the name of the company is optional.

Google forbids selling of text links on your blog and may ban your site. This is because of low-quality sites that buy links to boost their search ranking.

Google says:

“Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the <a> tag
  • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file”

Do you have any question, suggestion, tips or challenge concerning attracting advertisers to your blog? Share with us in the comment box below.

Are you an advertiser? You can send me an email let’s negotiate. It is my pleasure to work with you.

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  1. Hello Excel,
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    Like you said, advertising is one of the evergreen ways to make cash from a blog. Yes – whether direct or indirect.

    Am using it on my blog and always try to explain to others how to achieve this. Its not hard – its not that easy though.

    Some months back, I tried something different on my blog and it worked. I did social media reach out – not email reach out.

    I joined groups of sellers that may like to advertise on my blog. I used a cool message template and most people fell in love with it.

    I gets few advertisers then, most of them from Nigeria and believe me, they ask too much question and never find it easy to pay. Lol

    The idea really paid me but am too busy this days working on few online projects at once , so I stopped it.

    I will try email reach out soon. Hope it pays well.

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  2. Sometimes I feel I have done everything required to get direct ads on my blog but they are not coming…. It’s just one classified ads website for the past two years.

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