21+ Types of Content That Will Drive Traffic, Pump-up Sales and Grow Your Business


Are you frustrated with coming up with fresh new content frequently for your readers?

Have you been wondering how the hell the “big guys” come up with fresh contents every day that their readers love to read?

I will show you how you can be a content producing machine without getting stuck.

A lot of us are familiar with the good ol’ cliche’ “content is king” but very few of us know what contents we should create that drive traffic, make sales and grow our businesses.

Content marketing goes beyond just writing blog posts upon blog posts.

It is more about creating what people care about and contents that solve their problem or answer their questions.

One question I got asked most of the time is how I come up with content.

“Where do you get inspiration or blog post idea”?

Most times I spend close to 20 minutes trying to explain to them how I get the ideas to create content without getting exhausted or stuck.

I understand the problem.

Most people think that creating contents for your audience only involves writing blog posts and nothing else.

That’s not true.

If one of your excuses for not starting your own online business is the fear of creating contents for your audience, this post is for you.

In this post, I will share with you 21+ types of content to share with your audience that will drive traffic, make sales, grow your business, influence and visibility without breaking a sweat.

1. Lists

List posts/articles are classics for bloggers and writers. It is quick to compose and equally quick to read. Since the attention span of online surfers are very short – 8 minutes, they don’t have the time to read long and wordy posts. So, for this sect of people, list posts work best.

Some of the most popular and viral posts in the web are list posts. Popular blogs and magazines use list to post to sell their stuff.

The post you’re reading right now is an example of a list post.

Creating lists is very easy.

Follow this simple step:

  • Pick a topic
  • Pick a number
  • Introduce the topic,
  • List your points
  • Provide a conclusion.

For some weird reasons most internet marketers cannot explain, lists with odd numbers ( 3, 5, 7, 9, 51) get more clicks than those of even numbers ( 2, 4, 20, 40).


2. Interview

Are there experts in your industry doing amazing things? Are there people in your industry doing fascinating things?

Request to interview them. In fact, you can create products to sell from your interviews if they are very insightful.

When you interview an expert or influencer in your field, you garner lots of respect and also have their influence rub on you.

This can also bring in lots of traffic to your website.

As a blogger, you can interview anyone. Just put on your self-confidence even if you don’t have one and request to interview them.

Keep your request email as short as possible because these people are extremely busy and don’t have the luxury of time to read long emails.

Interview Format I use:

Hi Chris,

I’m Promise Excel, a blogger and writer at maverickexcel.com, a blog targeted at young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I have an engaged community of 30,000 blog readers and a very engaged social media community.

I have seen your achievements so far, and I’m really inspired by your work. I’m particular interested in how you make money from your passion. care to share?

I would love the opportunity to schedule an interview with you so you could share your story and your journey so far with Chris Designs with our growing community of young entrepreneurs.

Do you prefer a live chat via WhatsApp or facebook messenger or a questionnaire via email?

I understand that you must be extremely busy. So, please do find time to reply.

Your favourable feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Promise Excel


3. Roundup Post

In a nutshell, a roundup post is a compilation of expert answers to a single question. Roundup posts are very valuable to readers because they get many expert opinions in one place.

I love roundups. They make experts and influencers your friends.

Although round posts are usually time-consuming, the benefits are countless.

  • SEO benefits
  • Building relationships with experts
  • Your readers get different opinions in one post
  • Lots of traffic
  • More visibility and influence
  • More engagement, etc

How to do it:

  • Choose a very juicy question that doesn’t require a yes or no answer
  • Make a list of experts in your industry. The more the better.
  • Get the emails of these experts and send them your question. Include a deadline in the email.
  • Wait for each of their responses
  • Compile their responses into a single post.
  • Email them the link and humbly ask them to share with their community
  • Wait for a flood of traffic, comments and email subscribers.

It’s not as simples as I listed above. It requires lots of work and patience. Some roundup posts could take a whole month to create depending on how fast your interviewee respond to your email.



4. Podcast

You see, your contents do not always have to be in texts. It can also be in audios – podcasts.

Starting a podcast is not rocket science. It is simpler than you think.

You have three options when creating a podcast:

  • self-hosted – Only you speaking.
  • Co-hosted – You and a friend/partner
  • Interview – Hosting experts in your industry

In the link below, you’d learn how I started my first podcast.


5. Personal Stories

I’m yet to see anyone who doesn’t like stories!

Your audience craves to know your personal stories.

How did you start your online business? What’s your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

How did a particular illness change your life?

Be vulnerable and share your story. You’d be surprised at the number of people who would resonate with your story and be inspired.

Show them that you’re human like them and share your failure, success, fear and challenges.


6. Quotes From Experts and Industry Leaders

Who are the experts and thought leaders in your industry?

Compile a list of their quotes you like and share with your audience.

How do you get these quotes?

Read their books. Listen to their interviews. Read their blogs.. Make a google search of their works.


7. Opinion Post

Opinion post is sometimes called “rant” post. This one usually carries a very personal tone. Are you angry about something that is not just right or proper in your industry?

Don’t swallow it and die in silence.

Voice your opinion out.

This way, people will know that you’re observant about things. This also gives you a “thought leader” status almost instantly.

Chances are, they may be others who are also not happy with a particular situation but are afraid of voicing out their opinions because of fear of criticism.

Hence, when you share your thoughts, you’re giving others permission to do so.

Be sure to only rant about things your audience care about.

For example, I will never rant about football and politics in this blog because that’s not what my audience will care about.


8. Testimonials

Do you have an awesome product or service that has gotten lots of positive feedbacks?

Ask your customers to share it with you.

Compile them into a post and share it to invoke interest in your prospects and clients in your brand, products or services.


You’d find a testimonial in this post. Although that is not a full fledge testimonial post but it’s worth looking at.

9. Infographic

According to Wikipedia:

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

It is not every time you share long and boring texts. You can use infographic to quickly communicate a large and confusing data in a well-presented visuals.

If you’re not a professional graphic designer, creating an infographic could be daunting. It will take lots of time and money.

If you decide to do it yourself, it will cost you time. And if you decide to pay a graphic designer to do it, it will cost you money.

You decide which you have to spend.

If you decide to do it yourself, use canva.com, visual.ly, etc

Check this out: 10 free tools for creating infographics


10. Case Studies

Case studies usually tell the story of how you’ve solved a particular problem or that of your customer.

So, have you cracked the code of how to drive 10k visitors to your blog from Instagram? Share it with your audience.

Have you helped a customer moved from 0-100k monthly income? Oh goodness! Share the story with your audience.

You may gain for yourself few clients.


11. Book Review

When you read an amazing and inspiring book, do share it with your audience.

Book reviews help position you as an expert.

Reviewing a book is very easy. Just after reading a book, share your take on the book with your audience.

Use this short format by Neil Patel to have a very simple book review:

  1. Introduce the book: 1-5 sentences.
  2. Introduce the author: 1-5 sentences.
  3. Summarize the book’s major points: 1-3 sentences per point.
  4. Share what you liked in the book: 1-5 sentences.
  5. Share what you didn’t like about the book: 1-5 sentences.
  6. Recommend it (or not) to your readers: 1-3 sentences.
  7. Provide a call to action: Link to the book.


12. Product Review

Product review is as simple as sharing your experience with a particular product or service.

It could a theme you’re using, a hosting service or plugin.

Make sure your review is not misleading your audience or undermining any company.

Just an honest opinion about a product.


13. Guides

Guides give a detailed information about a topic. They provide more information than any other source. This will position you as an expert in your field.

Most guide blog posts are usually longer than ordinary blog posts. They give all the details you could think of about a topic.

They usually come in this format: “The Ultimate Guide to…”, “All you need to know about…”


14. How-Tos

The how-tos contents show your readers step-by-step process in doing a particular thing. It could be about anything depending on your niche.

How-tos also have long-tail keyword potential because of the high volume of people who are constantly searching for how to do one or two things.

Follow this simple model by Neil Patel:

  • Introduce the problem
  • Introduce the solution
  • Discuss each step of the solution
  • Summarize the discussion
  • Provide a conclusion


15. Ebooks

Who said you have to always share text-based blog posts with your readers? You can also share a download link or purchase link to your favourite ebook.

It’s simple.

  • Write a brief introduction to the book
  • Tell them why they should read it
  • Share the download link

Taaaraah! You have a content


16. Photos

Oh yes! You can share photos with your readers too.

It could be photos you shot at an event, award night, community outreach etc.

You could also share photos of your favourite artist or photographer.

Also, share a story on why you’re sharing those photos with them.

You never can tell when your photos could just go viral


17. Job Vacancy

With the high rate of unemployment in our country – Nigeria, you’d be doing your readers a huge favour when you post job vacancies from time to time on your blog.


  • Health job alert!!!! Vacancy at UNICEF Nigeria

18. Awards

Use award post to show your support and recognition to clients, industry leaders or aspiring/promising stars in your industry.

And the people who received your awards will definitely share it with their tribes.

It could come in this format:

“10 Entrepreneurs to follow on Facebook”

“20 Blogs to read in 2017”

“5 Amazing content marketers to follow on Twitter”


19. Polls

Ever wonder what your readers think about a particular thing on your website? It could be your website color, landing page, new product or just about anything.

Just ask your audience to hear their own point of view.

This makes them feel like they belong to a family and their opinions matter too.


20. Contest

A lot of us love to engage in a competition or contest to attain a position of power or supremacy.

Use contest in your content marketing to spark conversation and interaction among your readers.

You can use the simple method of asking them to share a particular picture on Facebook with a particular hashtag and anybody with the highest ‘like’ wins the contest.

You can also use contest plugins.

Just make it simple and the rules easy to understand to avoid unfair treatment.


21. Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words.

Who doesn’t like to watch a cool video? Even my granny loves watching videos.

There are people who prefer to watch videos to reading a long block of texts.

Look for a very cool video on Youtube, vimeo or TEDtalks, write something about it and embed it in your post for your audience to watch.

It could even be a funny video on facebook or Instagram.

You’re human, so let it shine in your content.

You could also share screencasts or Facebook live videos.


22. Event

Do you have an upcoming event – webinar/seminar, conference, workshop, etc, to attend or facilitate? Share it with your readers.

People love to attend events where they’ll conect, network and learn.

It doesn’t have to be your own event. It could be that of a friend, industry leader or mentor.



You have seen from the list above that you don’t have to get stuck in writing blog posts upon blog posts.

You can get creative and share other varitieties of blog content.

You just have to know what type of content your audience love and feed it to them.

Content, regardless of its form, remember that it is always about the audience.

Don’t give them what they don’t want.

What type of content works best for you and why?

Share your thoughts with us!


7 thoughts on “21+ Types of Content That Will Drive Traffic, Pump-up Sales and Grow Your Business”

  1. Hi Promise ,
    Thanks for coming up with this great list and citing examples from your previous articles. A lot of effort would have really gone into this post.
    As for the type of content that works best for me and why. All content type work best for me, what matters is the ability of the content to provide answer to my question or problem. Blogger readers always prefer to click on post that addresses their problem.
    As a blogger, I use a combination of the listed content types to engage my audience.
    On my blog, List is my most used content type and it drives the highest amount of traffic. My list post have the highest page page views.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Taiwo, it’s always a pleasure having you around here. I totally do enjoy reading your insightful comments. Yes you’re right about the list articles. It drives the highest traffic for me too.

      Thanks for stopping by once again

  2. Nice take…

    I will like to add some more to this list..







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