31+ Experts Answer Life’s Most Important Question: “How Do I Discover My Life Purpose”


“How do I discover my life purpose?” is one of the most important questions anyone could ask.

Everyone of us comes to that point where we seek the true meaning of life.

That point where you know that there’s more to life than eating and drinking.

The more questions you ask the less answer you get.

That point where you are hungry to do and be more.

It’s a point of yearning, longing and restlessness.

Discovering your life purpose is so important that it affects everything about you.

From your education, career, relationship, marriage, religion and all.

Nobody can totally neglect this important aspect of life because no matter how far you’ve gone in life (or how old you are), you’ll always reach that point where you want more out of your life.

For some people, they discovered their life purpose early which is usually as a result of the kind of environment he/she grew up in.

When you’re in an environment where everybody is yearning to be and do more, you automatically want to do the same.

Meanwhile, for those who are in the environment where nobody cares about anything, it takes time.

You know that kind of environment where people are not aspiring for more.

It usually takes a long time for some people who are in that environment to come to the state of self-awareness.

Discovering life purpose is one of the biggest topics in life that has been discussed by scholars, philosophers, church leaders and thought leaders.

Books have been written about it.

Thousands of people have tried to answer that one questions. In fact there’s no wrong or right answer.

As simple as the question is, it is equally difficult for a lot of us to answer.

People can only give pointers to how to discover life purpose but there’s no perfect answer.

It is just like the issue of who is God, everyone has his own definition of who God is based on his worldview.

Same thing with answering the crucial question, “how do I discover my life purpose”

There are thousands, if not millions of answers to this life’s most important question.

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I’ve read a lot of blog posts and books on discovering your life’s purpose and my favourite being The Alchemist.

I’ve been receiving lots of messages from young people asking me how they can discover their life’s purpose.

For some reason they think that, well, this amazing guy has found his life’s purpose that’s why he’s able to do the great things he’s doing.

What inspired me to compiled this roundup post was when one young man from Facebook asked me that same question, “how do I discover my life purpose”.

Although I tried to mumble few thoughts, I felt he was not satisfied with the answer.

Hence, I decided to reach out to experts and coaches across all walks of life to share their thoughts on how one can discover his/her life’s purpose.

These experts cut across musicians, podcasters, pastors, Amazon bestsellers, world class leaders, bloggers, Financial experts, life coaches and more.

If I were to give a proper introduction of all of the experts with all of their merits, the list of their achievements alone would surpass 10, 000 words by far. I would definitely advise you to check out every single one of the experts.

Especially those you naturally connect with.

If you reach out to any of them personally, mentioned that you found them through my blog. That will make you not to look like a total stranger.

Before, we read their thoughts, let’s see what the Queen of TV has to say about this crucial question.

Oprah Winfrey said,

What I’ve come to know is that so much of our lives is controlled by our intentions and our beliefs. It matters what I believe, and what you believe, and what we as a community come together and believe. Our intentions become thoughts … our thoughts become beliefs … our beliefs become words and actions. From inception, our intentions and beliefs carry power; what we believe is often what shows up for us.”

Now let’s hear from our experts:


Allen Zito | Creative Director at CarO Studio Ng | Facebook

About: Allen is a Dynamic Host, Public Speaker, a Media Enthusiast, Online PR, Digital Marketer and a Photographer

Thank Mr Promise Excel for this opportunity. I know the question on purpose is the most frequently asked question.

Today I will do my best to share on how I discovered mine. It came during my toughest moment as I was at edge of dropping out of school. I know a couple of people who took to drugs and drinking by discovering they were going to spend an extra year in school but here I was with even something tougher.

I remember going to tell my mentor that the university will not offer me a certificate after spending six years for a four year course and all he did jokingly was buy me a bottle of drink and I couldn’t understand that scenario.

I go by the name Allen Zito but my full name is Allen Oyaoze Abu. The name ZITO is NOT a nickname but my purpose name that I adopted a longtime as a child even without anyone remembering how it came about. It means ZEALOUS IN TRANSFORMING THE OPPRESSED.


To cut the long story short, I will share with you the 10 purposeful questions I had to answer at the toughest period of my life that changed my life forever and helped me discover what I was created for;

1. What is the deepest desire of your heart?
2. What stirs your passion?
3. What flows naturally from you?
4. Where do you produce good results?
5. What is the witness of the HolySpirit in your spirit?
6. What do mature Christians/people see and say about you?
7. What career or ministry do you feel the peace of God?
8. What thoughts,visions and dreams are impossible to get out of your mind?
9. What can you give 100% of your life for the rest of your life?
10. What do people want to gather around you to help you?


These questions have the capacity to set you on a thought provoking journey but do well to answer them all and notice the pattern because you will discover something and whatever you discover is a pointer to your purpose.

Today i help people discover their uniqueness and what they are wired for. I am also an event host (i discovered that along the line when i searched within what i could do with my gifts),a creative designer(graphics) and an aspiring lifestyle photographer

notice the pattern because you will discover something and whatever you discover is a pointer to your purpose.Click To Tweet


Victoria Akpan | CEO and Founder, Lauda World | Facebook

About: Victoria is Worship Minister, Entrepreneur, Convener, #IamUNIQUE campaign

We live in a world where everything has its purpose or reason for existence..

Food to sustain life
Cloth to cover nakedness
House for shelter
Ear, eye, tongue, nose.. All of these  have their specific functions in the body system which could also be called their purpose. And I want to believe they would feel useless if they don’t do what they were meant to. And so is everyone of us!..

Most of the time, we are asked this challenging question.. “So what do you do”?
And I want to believe it’s not just a Job and position Question but rather requires a purpose oriented answer.
So what’s purpose..?

Purpose is the very essence of life, the very reason for existence. That is where life is, that is where fulfillment comes from. That is where true living is.

So here are tips on how to discover your life’s purpose.

~ Who you are~
This is what you already know about yourself.. Like your name, age etc .

~What you do~
What you love doing.. Like speaking , singing, cooking,designing, writing etc
What you feel supremely qualified to teach others.

~ Who you did it for~

~ What those people wanted or needed~
That they can get from you.

~ What they got out of it~
How they changed or transformed as a result of what you gave them.

So two formulas are for yourself and Three for others. So purpose is more about what you find Joy doing for others than for yourself.

So when next you are asked What you do. Say how people changed as a result..
The very last thing you called out..

And no matter how funny or stupid is looks.. As long as it keeps you fulfilled and happy. Stay there!..

'Purpose is more about what you find Joy doing for others than for yourself.' - Victoria AkpanClick To Tweet


Jaime Masters | Founder, Eventual Millionaire | Facebook | Twitter

AboutJaime Masters is a Business coach, author, and professional speaker Jaime Masters has hosted one-on-one interviews with over 350 millionaires and billionaires.

She made her exit from the corporate world after finding herself $70,000 in debt and realizing that she hated her job. With an ambitious goal and a strategic plan, she was out of the debt and the job she hated in just 16 months. Now, Jaime helps others find the freedom, money, and work they love.

I don’t think people only have ONE life purpose to find.

In finding your life purpose, first, you need to figure out what your strengths are. Because when we do work within our strengths, it feels effortless and fun. Once you have that piece of the puzzle, fitting it together with your legacy and a fulfilling mission is how we feel like we are living in our purpose.

Secondly, try lots of things. Your inner voice may love some things and hate others! But it’s the forward momentum that starts to uncover it.

One reason why I hate that kids in high school are supposed to pick their ONE thing. It is because it’s a lifelong process to figure out – what you are good at and what matters to you!




'It's a lifelong process to figure out - what you are good at and what matters to you!' Jaime MastersClick To Tweet


Dayo Samuel | Founder, Audacity2Lead and Nigeria Podcast Network | Facebook

About: Dayo Samuel is an award winning podcast host, Media Personnel, Blogger, Strategic Leadership Coach, Life Coach and an NLP practitioner. 

I’m not an expert on the subject of purpose, but I’m a Certified Life Coach and having had several other qualifications, I would provide an unusual answer.

Typically, entrepreneurs pass through 4 needs in their development:

1. Money
2. Time
3. Relationships
4. Higher purpose

Entrepreneurs start out looking for money, and eventually they get to a point where they’re asking themselves, “So is this all there is to my life?”

At this point, we get serious about fulfilling our real purpose. For those who’ve been in business for a long time, this seems to be the period they change the direction of their companies.

And for some not too long, they become deliberate about answering this question.

Interestingly, to discover your life purpose is simple if you can pay attention to the unconscious questions you have been asking yourself.

Purpose doesn’t come from an external source. It is internal – within.

Our ideas, our visions, of what is potential, define who we become, and they are inside each of us.

The problem lies in when we have too many voices speaking to show us what  purpose is, or how to find it.

If you pay attention to the Unconscious Questions you ask yourself, these questions are already determining the course of your life, they are already guiding your choices, they are already influencing your pursuit, but you’re unaware.

You wake up every day with these questions being asked. What and how you respond to that question is what you set as priority for that day… And day after day.  

What really defines you as a human being are your systems, the things you do on a daily basis that govern how you work, how you live.

And they’re all on an unconscious level. Which some of us make conscious so we can do them at will.

Some of these unconscious questions include, but are not limited to:

How can I make my life better?
How can I improve…?
What’s the benefit in this thing for me?
How can I help others today?
How can I make others happy?
How can I enjoy this process?
What can I learn from…?

I call all of these, “The Unconscious Questions That Guide Your Life”

Answering them reveals your purpose. You ask them because they solve problems for you. You ask them because they connect to your Ultimate Purpose in Life. And by answering then, you’re fulfilling purpose.

Now if you don’t live by these questions, you would believe you’re in pain, terrific pain.

Your identity is often tied to these questions.

Once you become aware if these questions, you can begin the solution-to-the-world process.

'Interestingly, to discover your life purpose is simple if you can pay attention to the unconscious questions you have been asking yourself.' - Dayo SamuelClick To Tweet


Todd Tresidder | Founder, Financial Mentor | Twitter

About: Todd has a B.A. in Economics from University of California at Davis, is a Member of Economics Honors Society and Deans List. A serial entrepreneur since childhood building many businesses and retiring at age 35 from his position as a Hedge Fund Investment Manager responsible for a 20+ million dollar portfolio. Todd’s portfolio management for the Hedge Fund produced 100% winning years except one which was less than a 5% loss. Raised net worth from less than zero at age 23 to self-made millionaire 12 years later by “walking the talk” using the same personal finance and investment strategies taught on his web site.

You discover your life purpose by following a three step process:

  1. Your life purpose is driven by deeply held values motivating enough to work toward. For me it was a high value on personal freedom that drove me to pursue financial wealth as a way of removing non-personal blocks to experiencing that freedom. For another person it might be a high value on nature driving them to a career in environmental stewardship. The key is to look at what values are so motivating you’re willing to relentlessly work toward honoring them.
  2. The second step is to take action – relentless action. It’s not your life purpose if you don’t find a deeper reward in the work than just monetary compensation. It is your life purpose if you’re fascinated enough to want to learn more, improve your skills, and deep-dive to develop true mastery.
  3. The final step is correct and adjust. As you take action you’ll learn more, new doors will open, and doors that looked promising will close. All of this feedback will help you niche your path as you constantly improve. The key is to never give up. Setbacks are just course corrections toward the ultimate goal.

When you take relentless action toward goals that honor your deepest, most motivating values then you’ll discover your life purpose. It’s simply a question of “when”, not “if”.

'When you take relentless action toward goals that honor your deepest, most motivating values then you’ll discover your life purpose' - Todd TresidderClick To Tweet


Ramsay Taplin | Founder, Blog Tyrant | Twitter | Facebook

About: My name is Ramsay and I’m from sunny (ha!) Adelaide in South Australia. I’m 30 and work full time from home and have since my early 20’s when I was lucky enough to sell one of my fitness blogs for around $20,000. That was the starting point for me when I realized that I could make this blogging thing work.


I have to be honest and say that I really don’t know my own purpose in life, so I really don’t think I could give advice to someone else about how they can find theirs. But, when I’m lost, I always try to remember the Dalai Lama when he says, ‘If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.’ That is a principle I’d really like to get better at.

'If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.'Click To Tweet


Evan Carmichael | Founder, EvanCarmichael | Facebook | Twitter

About: I #Believe in entrepreneurs. At 19, I built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, I was a VC helping raise $500k to $15mil. I now run EvanCarmichael.com, a popular website for entrepreneurs. I breathe and bleed entrepreneurship. I’m obsessed. Aiming to help 1 billion entrepreneurs. Change the world. I’ve set 2 world records, use a stand-up desk, ride a Vespa, raise funds for Kiva, wear 5-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards. I speak globally but Toronto (#EntCity) is home. I love being married, my son, salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Discovering your purpose starts with understanding what your One Word core value is.

There is one value that defines you more than anything else and having the self awareness to figure out what that is allows you to live a life with much more intention and meaning.

Think about the things that make you come alive, the lessons you learned most from your parents, your favourite movies, books, and songs… there is something that connects all of them together and when you find it, you’ll be able to bring more of those great things into your life and have much more purpose instead of hoping that great things happen to you.

'Discovering your purpose starts with understanding what your One Word core value is.' - Even CarmichaelClick To Tweet


Sonia Thompson | Founder, Try Business School | Facebook | Twitter | LInkedIn

AboutI’m Sonia Thompson. I spent more than a decade building million and billion dollar healthcare brands around the world.

And now I’m the founder of TRY Business School, which is all about helping you get the customers you want, and keep them coming back for more.

I’m the author of the book Delight Inside, host of the podcast I Am the One: Entrepreneur Edition, and a columnist at Inc. I’ve published 100+ articles and videos around the web on marketing and entrepreneurship.



Discover your purpose by doing. Taking action leads you to different insights about what you like, what you don’t like, and those things that give stir up your spirit in a way that you just can’t get it out of your mind.

You can’t think your way into discovering your purpose. It comes from doing the work, exploring, figuring things out, and putting all the connections together that come along the way in your journey. It’s not scientific.

And it can be kind of a messy process. But in time, you will get there.

'Discover your purpose by doing. You can't think your way into discovering your purpose' - Sonia ThompsonClick To Tweet


Annie Mueller | Founder, Annie Mueller | Twitter

About: Annie is a freelance writer, editor and the author of The Real You.

Start by working with the skills and interests you already possess. Increase your skills by practicing and getting help with them, but most of all by using them.

Deepen your interests by learning about them as much as possible. Read, watch, listen and hang out with people who know.

Ask questions and listen to the answers, then apply them to your own work and life. Keep doing this, and don’t worry about a life’s purpose yet.

Instead, bring those skills and interests together into a work process that meets two requirements:

a) you enjoy the doing the work and

b) you’re able to produce something of value with that work.

Continue to increase your knowledge and improve your skills, engage yourself in work daily, and produce value. New opportunities will open up for you.

Pursue the ones you like, pass on the ones you don’t.

Everyday, grow a little and learn a little and work a little and help someone else a little. Your purpose is to be you.

'Everyday, grow a little and learn a little and work a little and help someone else a little. Your purpose is to be you.' - Annie MuellerClick To Tweet


Mark Shead | Founder, Productivity501 | Twitter

About: Mark Shead helps businesses create better technology systems through software engineering, Agile coaching, and process improvements. Mark’s company provides a diverse set of consulting services to people looking for high efficiency, low communication overhead and a strong focus on people skills. Mark generally works with startups and startup style projects within large established organizations.

Everyone wants to feel that they are doing what they were made to do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the search for your life purpose can get in the way of the process of actually finding it.

No one would think that Abraham Lincoln’s purpose in life was running a boat down the Mississippi.

He was destined to be more than a postmaster, surveyor, and lawyer or any of the other jobs and offices he held.

If Lincoln had known his purpose was to be President of the United States would he have done all these other things?

Perhaps a more important question is whether or not he would have been President if he had NOT first had all those other experiences.

If looking for your life purpose keeps you from taking full advantage of where you are right now, you are doing something wrong.

Your possibilities in the future depend on what you do with your opportunities no matter how small they seem today.

'the search for your life purpose can get in the way of the process of actually finding it' - Mark SheadClick To Tweet


Nike Adedokun Folagbade | Founder, Relationship Capsule | Facebook | Twitter

About: Nike is the convener Evolve Summit, the founder, Relationship Capsule, she helps women overcome heartbreaks, become attractive and get repositioned for a healthy relationship.

At some point in my life while in school, I got tired of the normal routine of school-market-church-home so I began to challenge myself with questions like “What more can I offer to life? “, “Is there more to the normal system? ” etc.

Though I was in the midst of people who were okay with the status quo but my heart wanted more.

Yes, I started with having a hungry desire which many people don’t have now.

I also began to pray to God to direct me on my path and lead me to a lasting change. And He brought various people, resources and opportunities that helped me.

I wasn’t a reader but I had a friend whose reading lifestyle challenged my mind and I began to learn.

Next, I began to watch out for opportunities that could help me become better and fortunately, I saw a paid seminar which I paid for and the experience is what I’m still reaping today.

I took action immediately to begin to explore my talents of writing via opening a blog, of speaking by anchoring programs in church and other things. By doing these, I became more exposed to my area of calling which is restoring healing in individuals and families. I started counseling singles on emotional healing and building healthy relationships from my experience, inspirations and skills.

I went ahead to develop myself by paying for certifications and trainings that can help me personally and also my clients.

Your purpose is usually embedded in your pains, experiences and past but it’s also a journey.

In summary,

• Have a desire for more out of life.

• Pray for direction and wisdom.

• Make friends with people who challenge you to become better.

• Invest in personal development.

• Be curious and explore.

• Have a heart for service.

• Take note of your experiences, what you wish to change and what you can do without too much effort.

You may make mistakes in the beginning but along the line, your pain, story and experiences will form a bigger part of your purpose. Dig within.

'You may make mistakes in the beginning but along the line, your pain, story and experiences will form a bigger part of your purpose' - Nike AdedokunClick To Tweet


Remi Owadokun | Founder, Total Makeover Program | Facebook | Facebook (group)

About: Remi is a two Time Amazon Best Selling Author, Certified Health Coach, Founder Total Makeover Program.

According to google, purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I personally do not believe there is one way to discover the the purpose of ones life. I believe there are several indicators, I also know that not everyone is great at accurately reading indicators. I also know that different indicators might mean different things to different people depending on their background, culture etc

Salt in some places is used solely as preservative, in some places for healing, in some places for enhancing flavor of food.

This means that Salt means different things to different people, salt has different purposes to different people.

So in life, people will have different purposes and their existence will have a variety of meanings to the many lives they come across, to some they will be a teacher, a student, a lover, a leader, a loser.

I believe that when it comes to purpose, what matters most is not the purpose imposed on you by others because of how they have chosen to interpret your existence. For it may not always be consistent. What matters is what you know and believe to be your own purpose.

Having laid some foundation on my thoughts on this, let me make an attempt at answering the question.

If you do not know your exact purpose in life, don’t sit around and cry. Decide what it is going to be and wake up everyday trying to fulfill it. A lot of people don’t want to do anything except they are sure they are fulfilling purpose.

I found my purpose by the process of elimination, the more I decided what my purpose was and got to work, the quicker it was for me to decide that certain things were not for me and many others were just for me. I did not wait for the gods to reveal it to me in a dream. I got to work and as man evolves… he finds different ways to express his purpose.

Like salt that… preserves, add flavors, disinfects and even kills… over time.. in different places, your purpose will find different expressions but still one ultimate purpose.

Be observant, be fascinated and remain curious about yourself and keep doing. One day you will either find your purpose or your purpose will find you.

'Be observant, be fascinated and remain curious about yourself and keep doing. One day you will either find your purpose or your purpose will find you.' - Remi OwadokunClick To Tweet


Chioma Madueke | Founder, MADU Labels | Facebook

About: Chioma is an ardent preacher of self love, a writer and a teen coach. She helps teenagers discover themselves and get the world through their dream.

For me, passion means self. Without self, you can’t define passion. What do I mean?

I can remember reciting the above question like my life was dependent on the number of times I asked it. I was lost in millions of opinions both online and offline. No one seemed to give me the true answer my soul was searching… All I could find on the internet where people’s definition or answers based on their unique reality. At this point, I will like to let you know that everyone on earth has a distinct reality, which is peculiar to only them.

Now, with that said, I am not in anyway saying that answers are not found in those articles or stories but the truth and sad reality is that after reading all those, a lot of people can’t still find the answers they seek… Does that make other opinion invalid?  Hell no! It only means that you are searching for the answer in the wrong place.

From personal experience, I searched and searched for the answer to the extent of paying a coach to help me but then, he tried but couldn’t help me until I withdrew and went into myself. My self discovery journey started after I left all the opinions I have heard, learnt and read and focused on my inner voice. I started taking a walk with myself, worked on my self esteem, asked myself sincere questions for sincere answers, walked down the memory lane, searched my life story, discovered what I have been struggling with and healed from, gave myself a chance to be heard…….

The bottom line is that until you discover yourself, you can’t find your passion. How often do you listen to yourself?  How often do you validate yourself?  How healthy is your self esteem? What is your philosophy about life?  Ask yourself valid questions!

'The bottom line is that until you discover yourself, you can't find your passion.' - Chioma MaduekeClick To Tweet


Edirin Edewor | Founder, Online Publishers and Entrepreneurs Network | Facebook | Instagram

About: Edirin is Mindset Coach and an Author ( The A – Z of EBook Publishing). She shows people how they can also write and publish their books, profit from it, make a career out of it and live their best lives.

I made my first money online in January of 2017. It was a total of N35,000 from 7 people who paid N5,000 each for an online course I advertised and launched on Facebook – No group or mailing list.

Prior to that, I had written and published a 19-page book in November 2016 called “The Productivity Checklist” which made the Amazon Bestsellers List. While it didn’t make any sale in Nigeria, it got me noticed and practically launched my career as a Mindset Coach.

Today, I have gone from making 35,000 naira once in 3 months, to making 6 figures every week, teaching and coaching authors and intending authors on how to get their books written, published, profiting and becoming bestsellers.

It took me 5 years of frustration to finally find my life’s purpose. I have failed more than I have succeeded, that is why I am where I am today. A lot of young people want to become millionaires right out of University, but sometimes you need a bit of beating down, failing out and being built back up, to become the person you were meant to be.

You may have to try your hands at several things before you find the one that clicks with your heart – the one key that opens your door. I started 11 businesses, 9 of them failed, some more terribly than the others. But all those failures are the life lessons that have helped me become the woman I am today and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.

My advice to finding your life’s purpose is this: patience and action. You have to be patient with yourself while you learn about the world, life and yourself by taking action. Purpose will not come to you when you are idle, it finds you working and trying new things and learning everyday. Only then will you truly find what you are looking for.

'Purpose will not come to you when you are idle, it finds you working and trying new things and learning everyday.' - Edirin EdeworClick To Tweet


Alexander Iheanacho | Founder, Financial Intelligence Academy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

About: Alex is a financial expert. He helps individuals improve their financial results.

Purpose is your signature to this world. It is the message God gave you to deliver to the world.

And there might not be a straight forward answer as to how you find it. But there are pointers.

The main thing that points you to your purpose in life is your passion. To find purpose, you have to find what you are passionate about and not what you are talented at.

Talent can fit into many different things, but passion can’t.

You can’t be passionate about too many things all at the same time. One will always stand out. And that is what holds your purpose.

The problem is that many of us think that our purpose isn’t valid.

We think that because it doesn’t look glamorous as that of the next man, it is not good enough.

The aim of your purpose is to make you happy, glorify God and bless humanity. Anything else is a plus.

Find that thing that you can die for and follow it with all your life.

That is your purpose. It bears the mark of your destiny and will leave you fulfilled if you dare to obey your heart.

I hope you get a clue with this in your search for essence.

'The aim of your purpose is to make you happy, glorify God and bless humanity.' - Alex IheanachoClick To Tweet


Joshua Triumphant | Founder, Joshua Triumphant Company | Facebook | Twitter

About: Joshua is the convener of iLead Project. He’s a leadership coach, a thought leader in a very sense of it, a disruptor and a path finder.

Many books have been written about the topic of purpose and how it is discovered, many nevertheless are more confuse about the subject matter now more than ever.

I find the idea about knowing your purpose a bit distracting and quite over rated, realizing that nothing meaningful is achieved  without principles like focus, learning, discipline, consistency etc. principles with which men and women without conscious knowledge of their purpose have gone on to make amazing contribution to humanity.

This is not in any way suggesting that purpose is not important, but to cause a paradigm adjustment from just seeking to know your purpose to living purposefully

Become intentional about your live in the things you already know

There are no “AHA” moments

Focus on what’s in your hands right now.

There is no small purpose or big purpose.  

Purpose can be known and abuse is still inevitable.

So whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your heart, at a level of commitment and diligence not just interest, when deep desire and curiosity has been deployed in a known direction, new discoveries and purposes are discovered that the human experience is always grateful for.

You will succeed.

'Focus on what’s in your hands right now. There is no small purpose or big purpose.' - Joshua Triumphant Click To Tweet


Alex Ihama | President, International School of Greatness (ISG) | Facebook | Twitter

About: Alex Ihama is a global leadership and management consultant with over two decades of experience in enabling governments, corporations, churches, communities, and schools to develop the capacity and abilities they require to achieve stringent goals and objectives. An executive coach to politicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and a host of elite clients, Ihama travels the world extensively each year to inspire thousands with his messages of greatness, hope, organizational success, leadership and personal accountability.

Of all the things that we can be ignorant of, not knowing the ultimate reason for our existence is the most detrimental; not knowing how what we live for fit into the ultimate plan for mankind is the most unfortunate.

Yet, many people in the world today fall into this unfortunate category.

It must be tormenting to realize at the end that we made so much effort in life and yet made no impact at all; that we worked so hard and yet contributed nothing significant towards the realization of our life purpose; that we lived so long and yet were unaware of the reason we were created in the first place; that we acquired so much in life and yet would be leaving no legacy behind.

Your Purpose is the exact reason why God created you. It is your divine assignment, lifeline on earth, and the foundation for your legacy. Without purpose, life is meaningless, for even what you may consider meaningful is unsustainable if not in line with your purpose in life. In fact, everything rises and falls on purpose. Nothing else.

Have you discovered your purpose? Do you know the differences between purpose, goals, objectives, talents, visions, calling, and dreams? Have you aligned your profession with your purpose, your career with your calling? In the words of Myles Munroe, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose”.

Through The Purpose Clinic, we have helped over 100,000 people in 45 countries to discover their purpose in life and would like to help you discover yours too. I would also like to teach you the simplest formula to discover purpose so you can help your family members and friends to do the same too.

As I wrote in The Mystique of Leadership, “Without purpose, life is misguided, leadership is distorted and love is invalid. No challenge, pain, hurt or disappointment has consequences greater than that of life without purpose. If you are obsessed with anything else but your purpose, then you haven’t discovered it yet”.

The five critical factors in our formula for discovering your purpose are Potential, Pain, Passion, Prayers, and Patience. The five critical factors in our formula for fulfilling it are Principles, Plan, Prudence, Persistence, and Perseverance. They must work together to achieve greatness in life.

While you will learn more in The Purpose Clinic, here’s a synopsis of the first 3 factors.


Potential is simply what you are made of, a sum of your talents and the skill set you have acquired over time which can be used to fulfill your purpose. For example, an orange may have up to 20 seeds in it, and if each seed is properly cultivated, the orange will produce 20 trees. Since a tree can produce as much as 300 oranges yearly for up to 50 years, the potential of one orange is 15,000. This excludes the boxes of orange juice and other related products.

Similarly, your potential is immeasurable and dependent on your will. In the Parable of the Talents, we learn that God blessed each of us with the talents we require to fulfill our purpose in life.

In The Purpose Clinic, we will work with you to take an inventory of yours, determine the potential value, impact, and income, empower you to align your profession with your purpose and equip you with the strategies to start building your legacy.


In your pain, is your purpose. In your mess, is your message. In your challenge, is your chance. In your sorrow, is your success. In your story, is your glory. Nothing clarifies purpose more than pain, for it is what you have been through or witnessed painfully that you were likely created to protect others from.

Instead of allowing your pain to weigh you down, let us help you to explore the opportunities in it. Ask yourself what you can do to protect others from it and how others can become more aware through it, based on your experience.

After experiencing the pain of what the Israelites were going through, Moses complained to God and God told him that his purpose was to lead them out of Egypt to The Promise Land. What is your top complaint in life that is not focused on you? There lies your purpose.


Passion has been defined in so many ways that the original meaning is unclear. Some people consider it as a powerful feeling like love or hate, while internet searches quickly turn up depictions of sensual love and lustful desire. It is none of these, rather the outcome of an unwavering focus to achieve a set objective.

The Passion of Christ is about his unquestionable determination to fulfill his purpose of dying on the cross to save mankind. The passion with which people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela confronted the injustice in their respective countries is indicative of their purpose in life.

'Your Purpose is the exact reason why God created you. It is your divine assignment, lifeline on earth, and the foundation for your legacy.' Alex IhamaClick To Tweet


Queenette Itsemhe Enilama | Creative educator, Influence Peddler | Facebook

About: Queenette helps children develop their cognitive abilities.

This particular question has got me thinking for many years, man is indeed restless until he finds rest, rest in this context doesn’t mean death but purpose and fulfillment. I believe purpose has got to be good for GOD, humanity and yourself which is usually impactful.

There’s something only you can do, it might not suit the bill like you want, but does it make you happy? Does it put a smile on the faces of others? Do you do it seamlessly?

Then you’re on your way to finding your purpose. There’s  this popular saying or response we give when asked “how is work” we say we are moving to the permanent site, I don’t say that because it means when we get to the permanent site there’s nothing else to be done.

We all have different assignments tied to our purpose.

Your purpose is to manifest that gift of greatness god put inside you, it’s your responsibility to let the world see it and benefit from it. You owe it to yourself to find purpose..

As a Christian what I advice is that you ask your father and he will guide you, what I have observed or realized is that most times weren’t working and walking far away from our purpose, it might not be aligning but the pieces are being put together and then BOOM!! You suddenly realize this is it.

Your purpose should give you joy while you’re at it[ NOT EATING OR SLEEPING OOOOH],it might not be totally clear but keep pressing hold on to the pictures that come to mind and brood on it till you begin to manifest.

Don’t allow anyone tell you otherwise especially when it looks like it’s not working, when you find your purposes passion will automatically be birthed with interest.. You matter a lot and you owe yourself and the people around you to manifest your goodness.

You might say I have asked and yet I don’t see the picture, keep doing what you’re doing, sooner than you know it will synchronize.


ASK YOU( is it good for God ,humanity and myself)



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Ruth Adaeze Zubairu | Founder, She is Complete | Facebook | Twitter

About: Ruth helps individuals and corporate businesses develop captivating content so they can be discovered by raving fans who will gladly pay for their products/services. She is a blogging consultant, Huffington Post Contributor and Founder of VIP Blog Writers Hub.

For me, discovery of purpose starts with vision.

It is the underlying reason behind everything we do. It is what influences job/career choice, choosing a life partner and other important decisions in life.

The discovery of purpose is progressive.

Here certain indicators to determine what your purpose is.

Ask yourself what do I want to be remembered for?

What are the problems you would like to solve?

What are the areas you have experience or expertise on?  

We know that a new machine will be best operated and maintained by consulting the Manufacturer’s manual. I believe we were made by God and it’d be in our best interest to pray and seek his guidance on discovering purpose.

So when you have an idea of what your purpose is, you need to act.

To create the road map from where you are now to where you see yourself (vision), you should identify the following

  • The trainings that will be required. Education, certification, etc
  • The people who are where you want to be
  • The books that will build your body of knowledge
  • What you can do with where you are
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Fasoranti Fash Damilola | Founder, Prikkle Academy | Facebook | Twitter

About: Fash is the founder of Prikkle Academy. He helps fearful entrepreneurs to finally act out their limitless dreams fearlessly.

This question dances to the same tune like when you ask, ‘how can I know my calling?’

I believe that every man has some form of ‘dent’ they are ought to make on this world, in fact even if your work is being a gateman.

Do you now that sometimes street mad man can even make impactful marks in our hearts that sane men don’t?

Also, the narrow thinking that there is just one purpose that you must achieve on earth, I don’t buy that idea.

My advice is first, ask your creator why he sent you here. While your ears are waiting to pick up the answer, please stop looking to know your call or purpose, instead, start calling your knowing.

Keep swimming in those things that you’ve done, do or will like to do that usually pour bowels of joy down your spine and that bring solutions to people’s problems.

Since I started this 5 years ago, I never had a better yesterday.

Seth Godin said something quite interesting, “I am not sure that anyone has a calling. I think, instead, our culture creates situations where passionate people find a place where they can make an impact”

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Marla Martenson | Founder, Cupid For Hire | Facebook 

About:  Marla Martenson is a professional matchmaker and the author of three memoirs, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Hearts On The Line and The Buddha Made Me Do It. She has appeared on over 100 radio and TV shows including the Today Show, WGN Chicago Morning News, San Diego Living, CTV Calgary, Beyond Belief and Coast to Coast am with George Noory. Marla lives in Los Angeles 

Often we look outward to discovering our life purpose, but it isn’t something that we need to go to a psychic or coach to reveal to us.
Our life purpose is to live in joy and raise our vibration therefore lifting up everyone else with us.
Do what makes your heart sing, whether or not you’re getting paid for it. I
t might be that you have a responsible job to pay the bills, but you do what makes you ridiculously happy on your down time.
Whatever you do, live your life to the fullest, that is your purpose
LeeAnne Mendenhall | a Certified Professional Coach |
About: I’m a Certified Professional Coach, Author of “Unlabeled Life: How to Shred Your Labels and Reveal Your True Self!”, and Transformational Speaker.
The first thing you must do is peel off the all the layers of labels others have placed upon you so that you can make decisions from a place of authenticity.
So many times we make decisions based on pleasing our family or society.
We were told we were a jock, princess, lazy, pushy, shy, goofy, fat, a small-towner, a big-city person, a person destined for…what?
Everyone we come in contact with somehow influences our self-perception.
Some of those labels are positive and some are negative, but when if comes to trying to find our purpose, ALL of those labels hinder our progress.
Those labels cover the knowledge of what we want for ourselves, what would make us happy, not what fits into the ideal of others on our behalf. Are we still trying to please our parents?
Are we subconsciously carrying around society’s idea that we are supposed to “settle down” when there’s not much of a desire for a family just now?
Are we staying with the “safe” job, because someone placed the label in our head that we “aren’t good at finishing things” so we are scared to try something on our own?
These are all examples of labels that have been related to me by clients, and when those labels are ripped up and tossed aside, the clarity immediately follows.
Decisions are easier, because you are only serving yourself and not your labels. That is why my motto is “freedom, clarity, and purpose”.
You free yourself from your labels, the clarity follows, and you can live a life of purpose once you are free to think for yourself!

Laura Kellers | Founder & Managing Partner, Colloquia Partners, LLC | Facebook | Twitter

About: Laura is the current Mentorship Adviser and a former member of the Advisory Board of the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association’s (HBA) Greater Philadelphia Chapter, the Chairperson of the Leadership Council for Moravian College, and a Consortia member of the Center for Positive Organizations at the Ross School, University of Michigan.

Laura holds a doctorate in human and organizational learning from The George Washington University (Washington, DC), a master’s degree in human resources administration from West Chester University (West Chester, PA) and a bachelor’s degree in industrial organizational psychology from Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA).

I was recently invited for coffee with a new business acquaintance.

During our introductions we each shared our professional backgrounds, interests and common experiences.

I described one of my very first professional jobs and a time that was the catalyst for my commitment to supporting people and strengthening organizations.

As we talked over coffee, the familiar feelings of excitement, passion, and the itch to do something meaningful in the world made me restless.

Sharing our stories brought back the emotional charge that ignites my desire to make a difference, and it brought me fully back to the question of purpose.
“Purpose in life is concerned with what we most deeply value, and purposeful living is concerned with whether we are living for what matters most”, says Vic Strecher.

Our brief, but deep conversation and time of reflection, while reliving those forgotten emotions suggested it was time to make concrete what matters most to me and why.

My purpose:

To rewrite employment experiences as positive, life affirming and rewarding for people and the organizations they work for. To leave communities better for my having been a part of them. And, to live abundantly with faith in unlimited possibility.

“Purpose in life is concerned with what we most deeply value, and purposeful living is concerned with whether we are living for what matters most”, says Vic Strecher. Click To Tweet


Damon Nailer | Minister/Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Author | Facebook | Twitter

About: Damon is an author, recording artist, motivational speaker, TV host and a consultant. He has been featured on over hundred publications, sites and shows. Read more about him

To discover your life’s purpose, ask yourself these four questions.


  1. What am I skilled at doing?


  1. What am I passionate about doing?


  1. What skill do I utilize that has a positive and effective impact on others?


  1. What area can I serve in on a volunteer basis and still receive total satisfaction and fulfillment?


If you can find one activity or skill which answers all four questions, you have most assuredly tapped into your “dominant gift” and purpose.

'If you can find one activity or skill which answers all four questions, you have most assuredly tapped into your 'dominant gift' and purpose.' - DamonClick To Tweet


John DeGarmo, Ed.D. | Founder, The Foster Care Institute | Facebook | Twitter

About: Dr. DeGarmo is an expert on the Foster Care system, and author of the highly inspirational book Fostering Love: One Foster Parent’s Journey, and the upcoming Foster Parenting Manual: A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe, and Stable Home. He also writes a for a number of foster care publications. Dr. DeGarmo speaks to many foster care organizations across the country. He is currently completing his fourth book on the foster care system.

To be sure, it took me quite a while to discover my life’s purpose.

After the death of my first child, I was rather directionless.

It took many experiences, many roadblocks, and much prayer to discover my life’s purpose.

Indeed, I suggest that one’s life purpose can change from time to time and season to season.

I am  Dr. John DeGarmo, and I have devoted my entire life to helping children in need; children in foster care.
I am considered a leading expert in parenting and foster care, and director of The Foster Care Institute, and conduct seminars across the nation on the dangers of online technology and social media for today’s youth.
I am also author of several books, including  Keeping Foster Children Safe Online, and Helping Foster Children in School.
During the past 15 years, my wife and I have been foster and adoptive parents to over 50 children, and have had up to 11 children in our home at the same time (including at one point 7 in diapers at the same time, as well!)  
As we have seen such a strong need for homes for these children to live in, I have also recognized (and written extensively) on the issue that there are not enough foster homes in our nations. 
As a result, I have opened up a therapeutical group home for boys in foster care, called Never Too Late. 
Along with this is an organization that my wife and I run called A Happy Childhood; a unique program that helps children in foster care in a very special way; one I am sure you will recognize when you visit the site.  Both of these Foster Care programs are non profit/501c3.

 Alisha Griffith | Founder, Dr. Alisha Griffith | Facebook | Twitter

About: Alisha is a Audiologist/ Speech Language Pathologist, Motivational Speaker, Catalyst Coach and an Advocate for Autism. She ignites autism moms to have Au-Mazing connections with their child, self & others.




  1. I asked my friends and colleagues how I have impacted their lives, my strengths and what they think I have to offer the world.


  1. Evaluate your life’s paths. Starting from jobs you have had, friendships/ relationships that you have started and lost. What do they have in common or extremely similar?


  1. Trust your intuition. Understand that everything that has happened in your past Create your now and will be in the future.
'Understand that everything that has happened in your past Create your now and will be in the future.' - Dr AlishaClick To Tweet

Patty Blue Hayes | Founder, Blue Hayes Publishing | Facebook | Twitter

About:  Patty Blue Hayes is the award winning author of  Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce and the creator of  You Can Heal Your Heartbreakan audio program based on her book, My Heart is Broken. Now What? Her life coaching helps people rediscover themselves after divorce. Connect with her at www.pattybluehayes.com

One of the most valuable things I learned was from a mentor of mine, Mike Dooley, who trained me in his self-empowerment program, Infinite Possibilities.

He gave me the answer the question, what is the purpose of life?

To live it.

How simple and yet profound. But with this answer we can set off on a path of discovery to connect more deeply with our soul, the true essence of who we are.

How I do this personally is to treat life as if it were a buffet. I sample a little of this and a little of that and what I like, I go back for more. I have finally learned to pay attention to how an experience makes me feel. If I feel excited, involved, curious, delighted and connected – I want more of those feelings.

To do this we must learn to create a filter for the naysayers and critics. You should get a real job. What makes you think you can do that? That’s a stupid idea. No one will accept you. Why can’t you just . . . .

Surround yourself with the cheerleaders and champions of your ideas. My advice is to set of on a delicious journey sampling the flavors that life has to offer you. And keep following the pursuit of your own happiness, joy and peace.

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Vernon L. Brown | Founder, What’s your Happi | Facebook | Instagram

About: As a Happiness Coach, Vernon’s main focus and value comes from helping people live healthier and successful lives. With tailored approaches to each person’s needs, he has helped countless men and women with their relationships, careers, and life stage adjustments. Grounded in believing each of us can change, grow, and improve our lives – he strives to help his clients to manage and overcome life’s obstacles and have a fresh outlook on their life.

The fastest place to start to discover your purpose is to look at yourself through someone else life.

Find a person who has a stake in your future success coach, mentor, counselor etc.

These individuals can point out things that you do so easily that others struggle with.

What is the value in that you ask? Well, that is exactly what is your purpose!

Your zone of genius is directly inline with purpose.

It comes to you so easily because you were designed to do so in such a amazing way in the world.

Family and friends will have a tough time doing this because they see your amazing skills as everyday.

Not that they do not take you serious but it becomes white noise in the background to them.

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Kar Villard | Founder, Neuroplanner | Twitter

About: Kar, is a graduate of Marketing Communications and had been in media advertising for almost a decade. She has been planning since 11 years old and had been hacking her brain for a year now. NEUROPLANNER is a tangible proof that we can hack our goals as this has been crafted through Kar’s pursuit of her digital design goals.

I’ve discovered my true purpose when I lived like a child again. I stripped all my adulthood concerns such as money, time, and effort/skills that limits my visioning.

I remembered what makes me really happy when I was younger and how even more happier I was when I saw other people enjoying what I’ve done.

I realized that my journey has been connected all this time as it dawned on me how my teachers had supported skills related to this, my university years of volunteer work revolving on the same space, and now the hunger for this field that I never knew I have that keeps me going.

I was a Manager in one of the top media agencies handling brands that you’ve known and loved.

Having a break to discover the world but in the end discovered something from within: my brain. Now, I’m building brain-based products to help others live a life fulfilled using brain science.

'I've discovered my true purpose when I lived like a child again.' - Kar VillardClick To Tweet

kevin Stuckey | Founder, #UNSTUCKwithStuckey | Instagram

About: With #UNSTUCKwithStuckey Kevin Empowers women, millennials, and creative companies through leadership development and career coaching

The best way to discover your purpose is to follow your passions.

I think what stifles most people in the process is waiting on this one big aha moment.

I know for me, a series of passions that I had the courage to pursue, led me to the moment where I realized that my purpose was to empower people and that coaching would be a vehicle for that.

I started my career in marketing and while the medium was different, I realized the work I was doing was still empowering brands and creatives by getting their messages out to the world.

The key is to do something and listen to the whispers.

It took following those whispers to lead me to where I am today.

So, just start with your passions and it will lead you to your purpose.

'just start with your passions and it will lead you to your purpose. ' - KevinClick To Tweet

Phinnah Chichi Ikeji | Founder, STANDOUT Communication Academy | Facebook | Twitter

About: Phinnah is a Communication Strategist/Coach-Mentor for Tweens & Teens/ Parents/Writer/ Speaker/Magazine Publisher.

This sheer fact that you are asking ‘How you can discover your life’s purpose’ is a first step because it shows me that you acknowledge that you do have a purpose in life.

Your Purpose is not lost. It is within you. Discovering or let me rephrase it, identifying your purpose is a process.

It is important that in that process, you don’t miss the moments. It is important that in that process you don’t miss the instincts that come your way.

It is important that in that process, you don’t miss out on your strengths. I mention the above things not to miss out on very intentionally because those are points where your Purpose shows up.

Your purpose is unique to just you. Your purpose is not about what someone else tells you to do. Your purpose lives within you. You have carried your purpose right from the moment you were born.

All you need to do is tap into your strengths and gifts and make it work for you.


Tune out the noise.

It takes time.

It takes self –awareness.

It takes discipline.

It takes determination.

It takes sheer will power and faith to be able to tap into and embrace your purpose.

A lot of people may find their purpose, but because they don’t believe in working the process, they give up along the way. You have got to believe your purpose is a journey that you dare not give up on. You have got to believe that without your purpose, you cannot and will not be fulfilled.

Your purpose is what makes you who you are today. Your purpose is what drives you. Your purpose is what leads you to Kings and Queens.

Don’t be shy about your purpose. Don’t let your purpose be invisible. Let your purpose shine. Let your purpose do what it is supposed to do.

Let your purpose serve and Let your purpose represent you.

'Your purpose is what makes you who you are today. Your purpose is what drives you.' - Phinnah IkejiClick To Tweet

There you have it.

I’m sure the journey to finding your life purpose has been made easier from the insights from these experts.

In conclusion, there’s no magic formula for discovering your life purpose.

It’s a journey and a process.

Enjoy the process. Embrace your journey. Live your best life now!

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