Are you Embarrassed by Your Hustle? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t


One morning, I came out from my house to buy stuff needed to make breakfast for myself.

As I got there, the shop owner was folding her hands looking surprisingly at two beautiful women with hand gloves.

Of course, as a human I became curious.

It wasn’t long she started saying, “see work wey this fine girls dey do” meaning, “Lookig at the kind of job these beautiful girls were into”.

I was still curious because I couldn’t imagine what job they were doing with hand gloves.

Immediately, I saw a young man coming out of a gate with garbage (dust bin). And one of the ladies helped the man put it in a red tricycle.

That was when it occurred to me that their business was carrying garbage in the neighbourhood.

I assume they are graduates because their level of professionalism and packaging is not something you’d expect from any random business women.

And I can tell you from their faces that they were shameless about their business.

That reminds of what a friend told me a year ago when I told him that I was ashamed to tell people that I was a classroom teacher since it seemed everybody I knew online was earning hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly from their blog.

His response was, “bro, there’s dignity in labour”

That statement changed the way I sw my job as of that time and how I treat other people’s job.

See, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing to earn a living as long as it is legal and profitable.

It doesn’t make sense to be embarrassed about your hustle when that’s what put food on your table.

Will embarrassment feed you? No

Will shame pay the rent? NO

A writer who is making N30,000 monthly is as important as a doctor who earns N300,000 monthly.

Let nobody despise your hustle because they have an obscured view about how an ideal work/job should look like.

Like someone said in a business networking event I facilitated, “it is ok to be scattered when you’re starting”

it is Ok to be broke.

It is ok to be clueless.

It is ok to wear not-so-fancy clothes and shoes.

It is Ok not have all the awesome gadgets other guys have.

It’s ok to look hungry and lean like chewing-stick

So, why should you be embarrassed about your hustle when others are not embarrassed to showcase their vanity?

If people smoke and drink openly why should you be ashamed about your hustle?

If prostitutes (excuse my french) roam about the street shamelessly looking for “clients”, why should you be ashamed to tell people you do so-and-so for a living?

You do yourself and humanity a disservice when you hide away and try to play small to avoid embarrassment and shame.

What would happen to those ladies if they become embarrassed about their hustle and decide to stay at home?

They’d probably start sleeping around with men or die of starvation.

So, that means you should talk about your brand shamelessly.

You should promote your product or service like it is the cure for cancer.

You should keep talking about your work like it is the only thing you have to say.

You should not be embarrassed about your hustle whether you’re making N2,000 or nothing.

It is a process – a journey you must enjoy.

Let people say you’re full of yourself but how shall they know how awesome you are if you don’t talk about what you do.

This is a call to shamelessly promote your stuff but be careful about annoying and spamming people.

Promote the right thing to the right people at the right time and they’d love you for it.

Don’t be embarrassed by your dream because your dreams are valid.

There are times you’ll find yourself doing things you don’t particularly enjoy to achieve a certain goal in life.

Whether it’s working as a classroom teacher like I did a year ago or selling recharge card in your street, there’s a lesson to be learnt in all you do.

Sometimes you might need to work as a barman on weekends to buy a domain name or hosting. 

Or you might have to work in a Fastfood as a lobby boy to afford a premium theme. 

Whatever you do, be clear about the why. Keep your long-term goals in mind and forget about who is talking.

Doing menial jobs to support your dream isn’t a step backward, but a step forward in the direction of accomplishing your big goals.

As long as you’re not stealing or cheating, there’s dignity in that your menial job.

What you find degrading could be other people’s only source of income.

As Oprah once said, “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”

Forget about the glorified Facebook and Instagram big boys.

Do whatever it takes to support your bigger dreams.

Some of those guys you see posting cool pictures on Instagram are broke.

Don’t measure your success by what you see on social media.

The social media has a way of making us believe that that girl always posting beautiful pictures on Facebook has her life all figured out.

Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet has this to say:

But a side hustle is not a failure, nor is it a sign that you’re not a “real” version of whatever you are striving to be. Side jobs allow us to pursue our dreams, and spread our time out more generously than with one full-time job, or to make ends meet when in a bind. Side jobs let us diversify our skill set and increase our financial security by having multiple streams of income. They let us build the life we want on our own terms, even if the intermediate might be a little unglamorous.

Your side hustle has nothing to do with your future or what you’d become.

Don’t feel that you have to explain to anybody what you do because those that matter don’t really care.

That I said you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your hustle does not mean that you should publicly declare on social media what you do by the side.

Only say it when you have to and be honest and shameless about it.

This does not rule out the place of packaging 😀

Perception is more important than reality, so it is your responsibility to mange your reputation online and offline excellently.

If you know telling someone about your side hustle will give you a job, why hide it away?

Whether it is your side hustle or main hustle, it is totally useless to be embarrassed about what you do even if it is not glamorous.

Red what Gary Vee has to say:

“Taylor (put your name there), you need to do me a huge favor. If you really wanna win and you wanna come to New York in eight years, and shake my hand, here’s what you need to do.

You need to stop giving a sh*t about what anybody else has and realize that if you put your head down and just work for the next years, no glamor, no new f*cking car, suitcase, jewelry, trip, event, no Coachella, no f*cking new f*cking sneakers.
Like f*ckin’ work, you will have it.

Every time you care about one of the things I just mentioned, it will slow down your process of having it.” – Gary Vee

Every time you feel embarrassed by your hustle it distracts you from your bigger goal and forces you to do those things that do not take you closer to achieving your big goals.

Do you feel embarrassed by your side hustle? You should look at the image below


Have you ever been embarrassed by your side or main hustle? Share your experience in the comment box below


2 thoughts on “Are you Embarrassed by Your Hustle? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t”

  1. Hi Promise, I completely agree with you. If you too big to start small then you are too small to be made big. After all Jesus, the greatest started as a baby. I am proud to be a teacher and a new blogger. And with my commitment and industry, I will get there someday like you.God bless you.

    1. Joseph, I really like this quote: “If you too big to start small then you are too small to be made big”. It makes lots of sense, we shouldn’t be ashamed by our humble beginning

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