MEP012: How Ike Okolie Quit His Banking Job With A Six Figures Salary To Start His Own Business


Every day we hear stories of how people quit their jobs to start one business or the other.

However, it is not often you get to hear someone who quits an enviable 6 figure banking job to start a business he’s not even sure of will make him money anytime soon.

Oh boy! Talk about taking a risk! This guy has got some balls!

In this episode of the Maverick Excel Show, I had an amazing conversation with Ike Okolie a Facebook Ad and Sales Funnel experts who shares his story of how he quit his banking job to start his online business which is doing well today.

Entrepreneurship requires taking a huge risk to become successful and Ike Okolie took that leap of faith every entrepreneur has to take to pursue their dream.

This is what we discussed:

  • How and why he quit a six-figure banking job to start a business.
  • How his family reacted to him quitting his job.
  • How he’s managing a new business and a new family (he recently just got married)
  • His advice to anyone considering quitting their job
  • And much more

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re considering whether you should quit your job or not, I think you should listen to this show.

Show notes:

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2 thoughts on “MEP012: How Ike Okolie Quit His Banking Job With A Six Figures Salary To Start His Own Business”

  1. I have always followed the both of you and am glad with the value you dish out.

    I am currently enrolled in Ike Okolie’s training and he is awesome.

    Thanks Promise Excel for bringing him.

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