How Quitting My Job Made Me Cry


Never for once did I imagine that quitting my job will make me cry. About four weeks ago I quit form my job because of some irreconcilable differences I had with the organization.

It was a big shock to the organization because the resignation letter came impromptu. I don’t know if I was thinking that morning but I had to do what was on my mind that fateful morning.

Though, I had spoken with my best friend earlier that morning who discouraged me from quitting but my mind was made up already.

The next day I applied at another organization where my mother had told me there was vacancy. And after the rigorous test and oral interview, I emerged as the best candidate; in fact, I was given the position higher than the one I had applied for.

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When I was told the arduous terms and conditions that will qualify me as a staff, I almost threw up (not literally).

I went back home feeling so frustrated but this experience was not the one that made me cry. After, about two weeks, I was approached by a lady (my neighbor actually) to come work for her saying I was really smart.

Finally, my prayer has been answered, I thought to myself. On reaching there, I was told what shocked me to my teeth but I acted as if everything was ok.

The salary was ridiculous.

Another shock was when I was shown the work I’ll be doing (which I love anyway) but the amount of work compared to what she agreed to pay was unbelievable. After, the work that day I felt really stressed out.

When I got home I cried until my eyeballs yelled for mercy because it just occurred to me that where I was working before I was paid higher than what I’m about to be paid even with a lesser work.

The work in this present organization is three times more than what I am doing here.

Though I cried a lot and regretted over why I left the previous organization, I learnt really valuable lessons that I think will benefit a lot of entrepreneurs and employers out there.

Moral Lessons:

Always be contented:

It was my discontentment (oh Lord forgive me) that made me leave my former organization because I wanted more. Little did I know that I was actually in the best position.

Always be contented with what you have, no matter how trivial.

Be patient:

The patient dog always eat the fattest bone. Don’t be in a haste to achieve your dreams.

Stop complaining:

Never complain to others or feel overly agitated over your present condition. My agitation led to impatience which led to discontentment.

Appreciate your boss:

Always appreciate the ‘peanut’ your boss is giving you because he also has bills to pay. So, if you can’t work for him, start your own business.

Don’t be too quick to make decisions:

It’s always best to think over a matter over and over again before making a crucial decision. Think before you act but don’t act before you think.

I hope you have learnt from my mistake?

Experience is not always the best teacher because you won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes in the world.

Has this happened to you before? Share your experience with us. we love to hear from you.

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