How To Build A Successful Business And Brand Online Using The Social Media

How To Build A Successful Business And Brand Online Using The Social Media

Many people join the social media for one reason or the other. For some, it is a place to meet and chat with friends and family. There are others who see it as a place to display all manners of indecency and vile.and e

Then there are other few smart guys who do not only use it for meeting new friends but also use it to build a brand and successful business online

Just recently, I was opportuned to attend an online seminar on facebook hosted by Enyindah Alexander Okwakpam, an entrepreneur and social media expert and co-hosted by Dalu Owulu and Steve Lawson.

It was the most exciting and educative I’ve attended online. It was titled: “Social Media and Business”. I will like to share with you some eye-opening lessons I learnt from this event.

Now, fasten your seat belt and take a bottle of coke with you because I’m taking you on a social media ride…

Are you ready?

Here we go…

Dalu Owulu shared with us his story of how he struggled as an entrepreneur (as it’s typical of every entrepreneur just starting) until he discovered something he called “TARGET MARKETING”…honestly, that was the first time I got to hear such term.

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At first he was going to everybody to pitch and shove his product down their neck until he realized that you can’t sell pork to a man in Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that the mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they don’t sell to a specific target market, hence failure is inevitable.

He also advised that entrepreneurs should use the social media which is a great tool at our disposal because virtually everybody has a mobile phone connected to the internet with a social media account (especially faceebook).

If you don’t have huge budget like the big companies, he suggested that entrepreneurs can use their facebook profile. And if your facebook account is messed up already, you can wipe out your friend list and build up a new one or open a new account and start afresh.

His simple formula for facebook domination is this:


A-AUDIENCE- You have to build a strong audience of people that are interested in your product or business.

I-INTERACTION- build a connection and interact with them to know how you can be of help.

E-ENGAGEMENT- establish your brand as an authority by showing some kind of knowledge on the business or product you offer.

R-RELATIONSHIP- if you did the first 3 right, you have built a following with your audience. Now, it’s time to close and make the sale but don’t be in a hurry (to make money) or you lose them.

And finally from Dalu….he gave the best definition of value I’ve heard:

Value simply means giving people great information about a topic for FREE…

This is his tips on how to get engagement…

  • Like and comment on other people’s post.
  • Post value people with relate and engage with.
  • Use curiosity in your posts to get attention

And I add mine…

  • Do not post every now and then… give people a break
  • Be controversial but respect others’ opinion on the matter..
  • Talk about a trending topic and ask an intelligent question.
  • Be funny
  • Be real
  • Be practical……and the list goes on and on

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And finally Enyindah Alexander talked about: “SETTING UP THE PERFECT FACEBOOK PROFILE”

One thing I like about this tips from Alexander is that it is completely practical…you can put it in practice while reading this post…..don’t you like that?


  • Use your real and known names. Avoid ambiguous names (like sexy, hot, diva, dope, fresh blah blah blah).
  • Use profile pictures showing your face with a (friendly) smile…..after all, it’s called “Facebook”.
  • Statistics show that if people don’t like your picture they won’t like to be your friend.
  • Avoid profile pictures with friends, family, company logo, baby or celebrity.
  • Avoid wearing shades on pictures.
  • Don’t change your picture too often, you want people to be familiar with your face on their timeline.
  • Fill your ‘About Section’ with detailed information about you.
  • In business people buy from people they know and trust, so tell a compelling story on your ‘About Section’.
  • Put your personality into it (no faking).
  • Join groups and pages where you can find like-minded people in your industry. Then contribute to the discussion and add people with value from there.
  • Like and comment on other people’s post, 80% them and 20% you.
  • Always post with pictures.
  • Ask for LIKE, SHARE and COMMENTS.
  • Don’t post too much of your business, spice it up (with a joke sometimes).

Alex ended with the charge: TAKE ACTION ON WHAT YOU’VE HEARD

Enyindah Alexander Okwakpam is currently on a project with his team called #PROJECT3000 in partnership with a multinational company new to Nigeria- TheGoodLifeNation. Their vision is to raise millionaires worldwide through the social media.

What do you think; can social media be used to create a successful brand and business? What are your difficulties in using the social media to build your business? Let’s discuss. Alex is here to help everyone.


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