8 Things You Must Do To Play A Bigger Game in 2018


The new year we all have been talking about is getting old.

It will be somewhat embarrassing to tell someone, “Happy New Year” by this time of the year.

This is my first blog post for the year, so, I want to use this opportunity to thank my readers, audience and everyone who has read my blog post, listen to my podcast, attend my webinar, commented on my blog post, send me a message, bought my course or just simply have a good thought about the Maverick Excel brand.

I am grateful.

This is me and my entire team wishing you a Happy Christmas in arrears (winks) and a fruitful new year.

It’s been almost 3 years of sharing my thoughts and being a blessing through this platform.

The year 2018 is the year of playing a bigger game, going a step further, embracing new possibilities and taking hold of new opportunities.

I want to share with you quickly, 8 things you must do to play a bigger game in 2018.

#1. Set goals that scare you:

If your goals do not scare you, then your dreams are not big enough and you’re not ready to play a bigger game.

In 2018, you have to raise the standard.

Move away from doing the things you’ve always been doing, going to the place you’ve always been going.

Set big and scary goals.

When you do that, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.

You cannot achieve anything worthwhile outside faith.

So, you have to dream dreams that scare mere mortals.

Big goals expand your mind and open your eyes to see new possibilities.

It stretches you to move from your comfort zone and do the things that will put you in the spotlight.

If you feel like adjusting your gaols after reading this post, go ahead.

Yes! Yes!!

You can only achieve as much as you can see.

#2. Upgrade your life

A container can only take as much water as its size or capacity.

Now you can’t play a bigger game with the tool of 2016/2017.

You’ve got to upgrade baby!

Old things have passed away…

All things are now upgraded.

What you knew about Facebook marketing last year is probably obsolete now.

You can’t depend on what you learned ten years ago to play a bigger game in 2018.

You have to upgrade…every freaking thing about you has to be upgraded.

Upgrade your business.

Stop receiving payment with your personal account in 2018.

Register your business with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC). It costs just #10,500 to register a business name.

Outline a clear and smooth process for your business.

In 2018, start sending receipts to clients after every purchase of products.

Change the pattern and method by which you operate your business.

Eliminate unnecessary operation that doesn’t benefit your business.

Know why you’re on social media. You’re not there to get likes and be popular.

You’re there to get leads and win clients.

Upgrade your knowledge and skill.

Go for training again.

Take a higher course.

Upgrade your relationship too. Avoid time wasters and negative people in your life.

Upgrade every part of your life that you’re not doing well in.

#3. Build better relationships.

You are one person away from your success and breakthrough.

Ensure that you build better relationships in 2018.

There are certain things in life money can’t buy. But with the right connection, you can have almost everything you want.

Join online communities and forums of like-minded people. Make a genuine connection with people that matter to you.

Attend events. Take contacts of people.

Resolve to make a genuine connection with someone every day.

As a business person, you know what that means for you.

New leads. New clients. More business.

As you are striving to build a meanigful relationship with people, flee from those that drain you.

Avoid the scoffers. Those people who laugh at you anytime you share a new idea with them.

They’re not worth your time. Cut away from them.

#4. Pursue excellence

The world is already filled with average people.

To get noticed, you have to stand out.

You have to be phenomenal or be forgotten. There are no two ways about it.

Pursue excellence in your personal and business life.

Demand excellence from your staff.

Do not give 100% of your awesomeness.

Make it 199%.

Resolve to be the expert, go-to guy in your industry.

For this to happen, you have to know your audience.

Don’t be good enough. Be phenomenal.

#5. Be time conscious

It’s just like yesterday when we were all shouting, “merry christmas and a happy new year”.

But look at where we are right now.

How time flies.

There’s never enough time to do what is right.

There’s never enough time to be phenomenal.

Seize the moment and make good use of every time you have available to you.

Avoid time wasters.

Avoid people, places and things that waste your time.

Use the social media wisely.

Don’t go there to while away your time.

Use it to your own benefit.

It takes a whole bunch of time to play a bigger game. Don’t waste it on mundane things.

#Make audacious requests.

The year 2018 is not the year to be shy and scared. Nobody cares.

You have to make bold and audacious requests.

When you’re stuck, ask for help.

You can reach out to any high and mighty expert.

You just need to know the right message, the right time and channel to send your message.

A lot of people are scared of reaching out to the person that will help them breakthrough in life

Send that tweet.

Slide into that DM.

Send that email.

By all means, make that request.

What’s the worst that could happen?

They will say “No” or ignore you.

You can choose to follow up if it’s that important to you or move on.

#7. Talk Less and do more

It’s easy to say, I’ll do this and that.

The real work lies in doing.

It’s ok to make your goals known to whoever cares.

But don’t stop there.

Move into action.

The best and the biggest goal in the world means nothing without an accompanying action.

Wake up every morning and work on your goal.

Avoid too much talking and thinking – just do it.

#Go Global

The last but not the least is to go global.

Go global with your message.

Go global with your business.

Don’t be a local champion.

Use the international platform to showcase your stuff to the world.

The internet doesn’t start and end with Facebook.

There are other platforms you can leverage on to grow your visibility and influence.

Don’t limit yourself to sharing your contents on Facebook groups alone.

Try blogs, magazines, podcasts, Medium, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn groups, Slideshare, Google+ communities, BuzzFeed, Tumblr and so on.

Publish your book on Amazon.

Get interviewed on an international podcast or show

By all means…go global

The year has started already.

What will you do differently this year that will take your life and business to the next level?

Remember that this is not a one-way conversation.

I will like to read and respond to all your comments.

Do have a great year ahead.


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