How to SCAM Yourself to Become Better at Pursuing Your Dreams (Not What You Think)

pursuing dreaams

We all have dreams and desires to make a difference. It’s part of the human code. Deep down, you really want to leave a legacy.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has this represented in parts. Beyond your physiological, safety, and love needs, there are two other higher level of need that most people do not find full expression. The esteem and self actualization need.

Most times, this legacy you seek to establish goes beyond yourself. Most times it’s about serving humanity at a higher level.

The common cycle is that you often get charged up in your head. You are so inspired and you keep thinking and planning but time pass by daily and you don’t really take action. For those  who embrace religion, a larger number get caught up in frequent fasting and prayers backed up with endless confessions with no step of faith.

I have coined what I call the SCAM model which will help you move from living in your head to birthing your desired result in no time.


S for Serious business

So the first is for you to take your life seriously. No one has ever made any significant difference by dreaming alone. No one has ever touched other lives by just discovering their passion.

Beyond the dreaming and the discovery, it has to become a serious business. There is a need to transit from a personal level to a global level. You will have to quit the “I” mentality for the “we” mentality. You would have to begin to see your passion, dream and whatever you call it as a universal mission.

There’s this quote from FelaDurotoye I stumbled upon that helped me see a bigger picture few years ago. He said “Everyone including you suffers when you refuse to be all and do all you can.”

I believe the word “everyone” here would mean all those who would have benefited.

I wouldn’t want you to mix it up. Don’t determine your actions by what people will say or not say, but see how your actions can positively affect people both on a local and global level.

Basically, you need to be full of deliberate and definite actions.


As a serious business, you will be focused on meeting needs by creating surplus value and possibly expanding reach. If it’s possible, I would call this an “appeal post” for you to really get serious about what matters most to you. This would take me to the next concept in my model.


C for Commitment

If it’s a serious business, then you need to become committed. You will have to move from dreaming to living you dreams. You will have to move from discovering your passion to developing your passion.

This is where the real work lies; building capacity.

Do you know that there are hundreds of thousands of people that have equally discovered their passion? That’s just a stage. Unfortunately many people remain there till the end.

I believe your commitment should be at four different levels. This is what we call ‘The Whole Person Paradigm’.

Get committed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I will address them briefly.

At the physical level, ensure you take good care of your body. How does this relate to your commitment? Well, it’s quite simple. No matter what is cooking and bubbling inside you, your body helps you execute most of the actions.

For example, earlier this year, for about two weeks I was getting tired easily, my concentration level was low, and getting out of bed was extra work. It was affecting my daily performance.

After some research, I discovered I had excess carbohydrate which causes fatigue. I had to change my eating habits and it was corrected. You need to be at the top of your game.  Take time to understand your body.

At the mental level, you will have to get committed to developing your mental intelligence. This is beyond just having a formal or informal education. Education will help you develop your ability to plan, reason, solve problems, think abstractly, learn and comprehend ideas which is very important.  But most importantly, you will also have to build a fear and failure proof mind.

For example, your education may not help you deal with the issue of limiting beliefs.

You know the timeless quote that says “as a man thinks, so is he.”Your thought pattern will have to change. You will have to deliberately conform your mind to think possibilities.

I am not saying you might not be afraid, but you will decide to follow through despite your fears. This is only possible if you get committed to feed your mind with the right things.

When I interact with people and they begin to place unnecessary emphasis on negative events, I know what kind of information they consume.

There is this great subconscious resistance that comes with your decision to do something significant.


No matter what you call it, it can be summed up into fear of failure.

Regardless of what people say, you can create your own personal reality. Of course, this is a function of your subconscious thought patterns.

So get committed to reprogramming your subconscious with the images of the kind of reality you would like to produce.

Thirdly, you also have to get committed to developing your emotional intelligence. For basic understanding, see this as the ability to understand, manage, and effectively express your own feelings, as well as engage and interact successfully with the emotions of others.

Why do you need to get committed to developing this emotional intelligence? It helps you to become more sensitive to the feelings of others. If you want to be effective with your goals, you have to deliberately lead yourself which will include your emotion. It’s an important aspect of self-leadership that enables you to make good decisions and communicate effectively.

For example, when you truly recognize the root cause of a negative emotion like anger or anxiety, you would be able to choose the right responses. To help you further, please read out about self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management.

Lastly, the spiritual level. I don’t mean you should assume a ‘meditation’ position and start humming. Well it may work for some people.

However, I am more concerned about your value support system. You will need to adopt values that are based on working principles. Even though I am treating this lastly here, it’s the most important place to get commitment from. This is the seat of your conscience. It’s that tiny voice that tells you what you should and should not do.

When you get committed at the spiritual level, you will find yourself consistently enjoying inner peace. You would make moves and support causes that will benefit others and not just about yourself.

A for Association

There is something so powerful about the law of association. It’s states that for every relationship you keep, you are either strengthened or weakened in the place of your gift and potential.

You are a  strong product of the company you keep. It’s either you are surrounded by people who will make you or mar you. You can surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you or you can encompass yourself with parasites who do nothing but drain you.

There’s is an African proverb that says: “he who eats with the wise will become wise.” If you want to SCAM your way to greatness, I implore you to strategically plant yourself in the midst of people who are exercising higher intelligence and wisdom than you do.

Please note, I used the word “exercising more”. There is no one endowed with supernatural knowledge and expertise, but study and practice makes the difference.

When you associate with this kind of persons, it automatically stimulates in your mind some imitation reactions. In a long run, as you learn from them, you begin to improve upon your present position.

For example, if you belong to a company of friends who complain a lot, you will ultimately be full of complaints and blame. If you have a circle of friends who think and see the best opportunities, you will begin to become like that.

It’s like the Zeroth law of thermodynamics. When you bring a very hot object A near a warm object B, there will be a transfer of heat from A to B until both have the same temperature.

If you bring another cold object C together with A and B, then A, B, and C will undergo heat transfer until all have the same temperature. That’s called a state of equilibrium.

Do an association test. Find out those company of people who bring out the best in you and begin to spend more time doing great stuff with them.

For example, there are certain persons I met earlier this year that I can never forget their role in making me better so far. Though, we spent short time together but they created sparks of great challenges to undertake in this race called life.

Please understand that you need great people in your life to achieve great things.


I remember back in secondary school, this particular academic session, the trending game in the boys dormitory of Lagos State Civil Service Model College, Igbogbo, Ikorodu was chess.

There were certain group of guys that were consistently winning (count me out of them). They were excellent and exceptional at winning the game. Very few people would dare challenge them. We called them “grand masters” (that’s what they call people like that right?)

They were known for their consistent victories. They just knew how to deliver the winning game. They ended up representing the school and eventually the state in chess competitions. I learnt they also went ahead to battle with some terrific Indians in the game of chess.

You see, just like these guys, mastery makes you stand out. Hence, it’s important for people to know you for excellence.

I believe mastery is based on two things – creativity and competence.

Creativity has to do with your ability to always improve on your previous results. You and I can’t afford to be on a spot for so long. If you want to be outstanding, you must learn to always beat your past records.

Competence has to do with your ability to deliver the requested or desired result. If a goal is set and you are able to meet up with requirement, you are competent.

But you must know that as you move up in  life, you must also move up in your creativity and competency. If you want to also double up on your creativity and competence level, then you must also increase your capacity.

Therefore, whatever your hand finds to do, do it well. Always aim towards being fully skilled and knowledgeable at whatever activity you find yourself.

The quest for mastery will help you develop good qualities like discipline, integrity, responsibility and so on- it comes with additional packages.

No one remembers mediocre stuff. We are always celebrating trail blazers and excellent performance.

Become excellent today.



The whole idea behind this post is that if you want to change the world, start by becoming better then spread to others.

The things I have mentioned above may not be new to you but the benefits comes from practice and not reading.

So consider yourself re-schooled today. Take a bold step to decide to commit yourself daily to things that will gradually take you closer to your desired end.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you make up your mind today to SCAM yourself. You definitely can’t report yourself go the police.

You Just got scammed!



This is a Guest Post by Ologundudu Abraham

Abraham Ologundudu is the founder of – where he shares actionable tips to help individuals seeking to make a difference with their ideas & stories execute intentionally. He is the Author of No Excuse Challenge – A definitive guide to break mental limitations in less than 30 days. (


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