How To Sell on OLX and get Buyers in an Hour


Gone are the days when you have to travel thousands of miles to sell your goods. with the help of the internet anyone can buy or sell anything and anywhere around the world without leaving his bed.

I have noticed that many people do not know how to sell or buy on OlX, that’s why i have come up with this brief but informative tutorial on how to sell on OLX in just 5 MINUTES and get buyers in JUST AN HOUR.

This post is not based on what i heard from someone or what i read somewhere. This is based on my experience in using OLX to buy and sell without any stress.

I have sold my Blackberry Bold 5 through OLX, i almost sold my Laptop through that site and just recently my friend, Eric sold his Blackberry Z10 at the rate of #22,000 (cash).



Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “My Account” to register if that’s your first time

Step 3: Click on “Register”.


Complete all the registration requirements and create your username and password.


Step 4. Log in. Go back to the home page and click “Log In.” Input your username and password.


Step 5. Click on “Submit Ad”

Step 6. On the page that appears, fill in the required field. Take pictures of your item. Since most buyers won’t be able to actually see what you’re selling, taking good pictures of your item is key. If you take bad and blurry pictures, your chance of selling this item is very slim. upload at least 3 real photos because buyers want to how what it looks like.

Step 7. Click on “submit”  and wait for your ad to be approved by OLX moderators.

Step 8. Wait for a minute or two. Got to you email inbox to get a notification if your ad is approved or not.

Tip: ads with real photos have a higher chance of getting approved very quickly. If your ad does not meet up their requirements, you’ll be told what to do in the email sent to you.

Step 9: Congrats! You’re now an OLX seller Guru.

Step 10: Wait for calls and emails from buyers. Sometimes, it doesn’t take an hour for you to get a buyer. It took my friend just a day to sell his BB Z10 in OLX. If he can, you too can.

Warning: If you’re buying a product from OLX, the process is a bit different and a lot easier but beware of scammers! Never meet a buyer or seller in the night or in a dark and secluded place. And also don’t make any cash deposit. even if it’s a kobo.

If you still don’t understand the whole process you can drop your comments in the comment box below. I’m here to help.

Share your experience. Have you ever sold or bought an item on OLX?

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2 thoughts on “How To Sell on OLX and get Buyers in an Hour”

    1. There are some things that you need to set properly…Just make the necessary adjustment, they will approve it. I’ve been in a situation where they rejected my ad for over 7 seven times. I made the necessary changes until it was accepted. SO, check the pictures again or the description and most importantly the title. I hope they approve your ad soon.

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