How To Write A Business Plan In 5 Minutes

How To Write A Business Plan In 5 Minutes

In this article I will be showing how to write a business plan in five minutes. I’m not among those who believe that a business plan should be hard and overly detailed.

Many will argue that any startup serious about business should make its business plan as detailed as possible so as to attract bank loans and investors.

There are many entrepreneurs that would have started their business a long time ago but the fear of sitting down to write a business plan frustrates them. And I ask: why does it have to be like that anyway? Why should you follow the rigid rules set by others? Seriously, you don’t have to. Life is too short to start spending hours and days writing a business plan. Don’t let the thought of it takes away the excitement of launching your startup.

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Certainly, writing a business plan will help you achieve your business goals. A clear and compelling business plan provides you with a guide for building a successful business focused on achieving your personal and financial goal.

BUT writing the most detailed business plan on earth does not, again, does not guarantee success in business.

Hello! Did I shock you? Please take a glass of cold water. I didn’t mean to.

A business plan is only a GUIDE and not some Mosaic Law that you have to follow or die.


You’re free to break the rules and create new ones.

It may surprise you to know that there are entrepreneurs that started their business without a business plan and also there are others who wrote a very detailed business plane and never followed it.

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You see?

You don’t have to be hard on yourself losing precious sleep just to write a business plan. In fact, you don’t have to spend $100 to get a professional business plan.

So, here you have the simplest business plan sample in the world that will only take you five minutes to create:

In this business plan will be included 5 points which are:

  • Business Name
  • Vision
  • Mission statement
  • Strategy
  • Service/Product

Business Name: this is the name of your company

Vision: this is a clear mental image of what you want your business to be at a point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations. Having a vision will give your business a clear focus and can stop you heading in the wrong direction.

Mission Statement: it is like a goal for what the company wants to do for the world. It guides the actions of the company, spell out its overall goal, provide a path and guide decision making.

Strategy: it is a summary of HOW your business plans to achieve its goals and improves and sustains its position in the industry. Usually a short single page full of bullet points.

Services/Products: These refers to the items/ goods you will sell or the services you will offer to customers to make money.

Maverick Excel  Business Plan Sample

Business Name:

The Great Farm


  • Educating and training farmers and individuals on modern agricultural practices and how to make good profit from farming.
  • Helping farmers, individuals and organizations to invest in agriculture with good ROI (return on investment).
  • Creating employment opportunities for our youth both educated and non-educated in the agricultural sector in Nigeria.
  • To be a major exporter or agricultural products around the world.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide food enough for the citizen of Nigeria and to export to other countries and also to make agricultural practices look enjoyable, attractive and classic while creating jobs for all.


  • Register The Great Farm under Cooperate Affair Commission (CAC) to legalize our business and to give customers a sense of trust.
  • Set-up a farm for experiments, teaching and training.
  • Employ well seasoned agriculturalist ranging from, crop scientist, animal scientist, agricultural Engineer, Accountant, Manager, Web Developer/Designer and Marketers.
  • Getting volunteers who will work for free for sometimes before placing them on a paycheck.
  • Study modern day agricultural practices in order to reduce risk and maximize profit.
  • Build a strong management team.
  • travel to all part of the country to meet with farmers and know their challenges and provide solutions.
  • Create an online, hence, a global presence by building a website/blog for our company.
  • Give online training for a fee.
  • Charge each farmer a registration fee to form a network of farmers.

Our Services/products:

  • Training farmers on modern agricultural practices.
  • Buy from local farmers and sell it to big cities.
  • Online training and support for young farmers.
  • Help individuals and organizations invest for a commission.
  • Create investment plans for all ages.
  • Offering one on one training for farmers.
  • Selling agricultural produce such as maize, cassava, garri, cassava flour, yam, vegetables, poultry, fruits, goat, poultry feed, cattle feed, soya bean etc in wholesale and retail.
  • Help farmers set-up farms and manage it.
  • Carryout free seminars for farmers before requesting for payment for subsequent one.


That’s it. We’re done.

It’s that simple…

You will notice that I did not use any other type business but agriculture to show you that you can apply it to any kind of business no matter how simple or sophisticated it is. Online or offline business. Even a barbing saloon, a laundry shop, a restaurant, poultry or just any kind of business.

Comment below if you need the business plan in pdf format…

Disclaimer: I would like to expressly state that the content provided here is for informational purpose only. You use the information provided here at your own risk. If the need arises, seek professional and legal advice concerning your business. I am responsible for what I said; you are responsible for what you understood. I am no business or legal expert.  

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  1. I really love the way you broke down the ways. Surely with this tips one can easily write down a business plan in 5 mins.

    I also hope to drop a detailed article about a business plan here in Maverick Excel Blog.

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