7 Important Things to Know Before Starting an Online Business


Do you want to start an online business but lack the skills and strategies you need on how to kick-start your dream business in the internet?

Or you’ve started but still unsure about what has made you not achieve your desired results?

Okay, don’t worry. Here is a list of steps you need to take or should have taken to achieve better results.

1. Find a niche:

Although, some online entrepreneurs tend to start up with a multi-niche business.But then, as a starter try and focus on one thing.

Why? that makes people easily see you as an expert and you also get enough time to think about how to improve your service or product.

However, before you go into that, you need to know your strength and market.

This can easily be figured out especially if you know your passion, strength abilities and also who needs or have interest in them and their problems.

In knowing what their problems are, you can simply use Google, Bing or any search engine for the sort of problems and solutions people are seeking and the sort of questions commonly searched in your niche(area of expertise).

Once you are able to sort that out by the above method or using a poll, the next thing is to find a solution and develop on how to reach them.

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2. Be Bold and avoid shame

Did I just say avoid shame? Yes, do that!

See, entrepreneurship entails taking risks and daring to do abnormal things(legit though) to give out value for profit.

And you know, taking such a risk may seem weird and absurd because a lot of people don’t like taking decisions as such and will tend to shame, ridicule and mock you.

But no, don’t be ashamed of your yourself or aspiration, dare! And always put it at the back of your mind that even the top-notch entrepreneurs you see or admire were at some point laughed at earlier in their careers.

But you are different, know that it’s more like a test to know whether you are really out for joke or business.

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3. You Must no have a degree

I have not made a lot of fortune yet, but I have at several times written for people with high educational qualifications than me and get paid for that as a freelance writer.

Again, history has it that a lot of billionaire entrepreneurs today didn’t finish school or are school drop-outs.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg left university but he is now successful than most of his mates that finished university and probably have masters and doctorate degrees.

So you don’t really need to bag a degree before you start and become successful.

All you need is the right training(mentorship) which could be in form of seminars/webinars, ebooks, hard-copy books, audio/video tutorials and an open mind to learning new things not necessarily using the formal way — schooling.

4. Write down your vision and goals

After studying and learning from a lot of successful entrepreneurs I have realised that this very habit has contributed immensely to their success.

Why? When you write down your vision, it helps you to know the exact thing you need to start with or next action to take, when to take and also how to implement it.

Because it’s already written down, so you won’t skip the important things to put in place nor will you just do things randomly.

Also, it helps you know the right things to put in place in order to kick-start, strategize, execute your goals and measure your level of success too.

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5. You Must Make Sacrifice

See, most people that go online especially social media networks which are just like alternative hanging out places, do that because they want to catch fun, interact or just meet new people.

So, you just showing and posting ads here and there to patronize your products or services will ward them off and make most of them think “oh, here is another scammer”.

So how do you get them to know about your products or worth? It’s by giving out free value to them. Yes! I said “free value”.

Because the same people who run away by seeing your ads will rush to tap their own “freebie”.

Now, this is a bait you must utilize to get their contact info in other to easily access or reach them to pay for your products or paid service subsequently.

After getting their attention, winning their hearts and trust.

6. You need a website:

Yes, this helps you to get more clients through search engines especially when they are in the stage of decision making on what product to buy or whose service to seek.

So having one will get your site’s name listed on search results page if an inquiry is asked related to what you have to offer.

This method has been a major factor in acquiring more clientele for even the most successful online entrepreneurs.

But don’t panic if you don’t have or can’t afford one at the moment read the next tip.

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7. You Must Have Active Social Media Accounts

This very factor is key and mandatory to both those who have a website(blog) or not.Why?

Because a huge percentage of people who search for information online are always active on the social media.

Even most if not all of the big brands and businesses use these platforms to leverage in order to rake in more sales and profit.

So, you need to create at least one with the major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others.

And having an account will not only make you visible to potential clients but easily accessible.

But you must be careful with the sort of content you post which is why you need a social media manager or the right training on how you use your account(s) as that determines your success.

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Now when you practically apply all these techniques and strategies I have provided above your business visibility and income will be a step better than it was.



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