An Interview With Musa Tukurah: The Accountant Who Turned A Passionate Photographer


An interview with Musa Tukurah: The Accountant Who Turned a Passionate Photographer

In our previous interview section I was privileged to interview an exceptional doctor from Abuja, Nigeria who is both a Doctor and a Jeweler.

And today, I am bringing to you the inspirational story of an accountant who turned a passionate photographer. He practically dumped his Degree as an Accountant and went all out for his love (photography). Since then he has never looked back.

Now enjoy…

Good day Sir

Tukurah: Greetings. Hope you’re doing well?

Yes I am. And You too?

Tukurah: Good

How’s your day going?

Tukurah: Good so far

Permit me to steal 10 minutes out of it (your day).

Tukurah: Sure.

So, let’s go straight to business. Tell me about YOU.

Tukurah: That’s a broad question. Is there something specific you you want to know about me?

Just a brief bio about you.

Tukurah: Well I am married, with two daughters. I am a photographer in Jos (Nigeria). My portfolio is mostly weddings, portraits and landscapes.

Is Photography something you studied in school?

M. Tukurah photography
M. Tukurah photography

Tukurah: No. I actually studied accounting. I learnt photography from books and practice. And lot of Youtube videos.

What prompted you to pursue a career in Accounting in the first place?

Tukurah: That time I didn’t care much about photography like I did later.

That’s to say you had no passion for accounting, like your dream career?

Tukurah: Nope. I cared less about accounting then like I do today. I did it just to bag a degree.

Wow…I commend your honesty.

Tukurah: Thank you

You said that you didn’t care much about photography like you did later. Does that mean that for a long time in your life you didn’t actually figure out what you wanted (in life)?

Tukurah: No. I meant at that point I chose accounting to study…photography was just there. Photography came more in play in my last year of university.

And what really awaken the artistic part of you…talking of photography.

Tukurah: I don’t know if there is something that awaken it. I just at some point cared about how my photos looked like. And I saw beautiful photos online by tons of photographers. And wondered how in the world did they do that?

Kind of an obsession for good photos?

Tukurah: You can say that.

So, who is/are your mentor(s) in photography or generally?

Tukurah: Adrian McDonald or Lexonart on Instagram and a few others.

What inspires you most about him? And what great impact has he made in your life?

Tukurah: His work has meaning. You look at his photo and you know that you are not just looking at a picture. His photos have life. It has meaning. The composition is well done. The lighting is right for the mood.

That’s what attracted me to your work. You are your mentor!

Tukurah: hahahaha…thank you..

Your photos are like novels. They tell deep stories that only the soul can understand. What inspires you?

Tukurah: Sometimes it’s spark of the moment. Sometimes it’s deliberate thinking and putting the idea into a photo…sometimes it’s a line from a book. Sometimes the photos bring themselves to me

What makes you different from other photographers in Africa?

M. Tukurah photography
M. Tukurah photography

Tukurah: I don’t know if I’m different from other photographers.

I’ve seen photographers but you seem to give life to photos. You must be exceptional.

Tukurah: Well, I do what I do. I wish I could give my photos more life than I do now.

How does your family care about your career choice? (Photography)

Tukurah: Well, my wife is a big contributor to where I am now. She believes in my idea of taking photography way more serious than I did. Or probably, still do.

In a scale of 1-10, what’s your level of passion for photography?

Tukurah: 10 being the highest…somewhere around 17.

Wooow…that’s massive…. Now tell me about your photography company/business.

M. Tukurah photography
M. Tukurah photography

Tukurah: Well, M. TUKURAH PHOTOGRAPHY caters to mostly wedding photography. We like to do portraits for our personal projects.

Which class of people have been your major clients?

Tukurah: well…couples getting married…and lots of families…for family portraits.

Do you have employees working with you? Or you do it all alone?

Tukurah: Nah…I have assistants. I have one standard assistant who is always with me as much as possible. But now and then we have even extra help. Or I he is unable to make it.

Where do you see M. TUKURAH PHOTOGRAPHY in the nearest future?

Tukurah: I see it doing photos for clients like companies and likes. Traveling, shooting on assignments and things like that.

Great dreams. I hope you achieve all and more.

Tukurah: Amen. And thank you

When will you say, “yes, I’m successful”…like: what does success mean to you?

Tukurah: Lol…probably “never”. Success is when I feel I still need more to learn.

That feeling of wanting to be more and do more I guess?

Tukurah: Wanting to do more and learn more…yes. if I want to do more it means that I was successful to that point that I need to move on some more.

Yeah right! How often do you read?

Tukurah: read photography books or just books?

Hmmmm….books generally.

Tukurah: I am not much of a reader…but I try every now and then

You seem to have a huge following and a very engaging Facebook page. What’s your secret?

M. Tukurah photography
M. Tukurah photography

Tukurah: I tag a lot of people I take photos of. That way their friends see the post too

“Tagging”…. I’ve learnt something now

Tukurah: hehe

How has the internet and social media helped your business?

Tukurah: Young people like being on social media and thanks to having social media, I can reach them more. And not just young people, I have been able to do work for some clients/ companies who need some good photos.

What have you given up in life to be a photographer?

Tukurah: hmmmm

Sounds like….”yeahhh a lot”

Tukurah: yup

What’s your secret of becoming successful in life?

Tukurah: For me, I do what I like to do.

Your advice for young people out there? Those who are pursuing their dreams despite what people think or say.

Tukurah: They have to stay strong in their endeavors…even when it seems it going dark. And they have to realize that it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.

Define yourself in one word.

Tukurah: “ME”

That’s amazing. Wow…it’s been a pleasure and honour to chat with you. Thanks a lot for taking the time out.

Tukurah: No worries. Enjoy your afternoon

You too. I’m greatly inspired by your story

Tukurah: Thanks

That’s it guys. I hope you’ve learnt a lot from Musa Tukurah. Share your thoughts with me. Which part of the story speaks more to your heart? Are you still struggling with choosing the best career path for yourself?

You can view more of his work on his Facebook Page Here: M. Tukurah Photography

Share your thoughts below. Would love to hear from you

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  1. Great guy, his photos are stunning and to think he didn’t study it in school sends a big message, it’s not about a degree, passion can bring you up I guess.

    Thanks Excel for this interview and thanks again for sharing, keep up the good work.

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